Five Fun Friday Fings–Runners World Boston Marathon Cover


1. The July Runner’s World is dedicated to the Boston Marathon. Here’s a sneek peek at the cover and the process behind covering Boston. 2. I always thought if I was an animal I’d be a tiger, but maybe I’m more like a wolf. 3. Last night I went out for Thai food and had Pad See Ew with Lamb. Maybe I really am a wolf. Do wolves eat lamb? Also – I had fried bananas with … [Read more...]

Summer Running Gear Must Haves


I don’t know where you are in the world, but Summer has reared it’s gorgeous head in Southern California! Which means it’s time to put away the long sleeves and running pants and bust out some summer workout gear! Lately the #1 question I get after every race is “Why do you keep doing that cheezy runner pose?! I’m going to stop reading your blog and tell my mom you’re a … [Read more...]

Are UltraMarathoners Crazy and a Big Head Band


Confession: I want to run another ultra-marathon. This is me immediately after the BTR 50k contemplating life, liberty and running… Immediately after BTR I told Steve this was my first and only ultra… Click here for me post-run at 11:43 or jump to 11:43 in the video below But on the way home I was already talking about running another one. Who am I? Well, maybe I’m … [Read more...]

Stuffed Protein Crepes Recipe


I bought a new container of protein powder last week and have been dreaming up recipes with it ever since. Some of them, okay MOST of them flop. But this afternoon I threw this Clean Eating Crepe Recipe together and it was good! Protein Crepe Stuffed with PB and Cinnamon Recipe For the Crepe: 1 scoop protein powder ( I used Muscle Milk Banana Whey), 1/4 cup egg whites, 1 … [Read more...]

Measure Weight Loss without the Scale


Weight loss Wednesday is back in action today because of a tweet I received this morning… Ugh. I’ve been there. You wake up feeling great, step on the scale and in seconds your day has turned from fantastic to FAIL. This is actually part of the reason I stopped weighing myself for a long time. I didn’t need that weighing on me all day (ha, weighing on me). I finally weighed … [Read more...]

Random Running Blog


I have a million things I keep meaning to share with you but then I forget because I’m spaztastic. So, this is a mish-mash of all those Running / Eating / Other related things… 1. I want churro cereal. Should I get it? Vote Yes or Yes. 2. Free 5k in San Antonio. There is an awesome FREE family fitness program in San Antonio. If you are in the area – check it out. 3. Race … [Read more...]

FitnessGlo Giveaway


Hello! I woke up feeling great this morning. So, I did a little online workout (see below) and started my day with a delicious breakfast. Banana and PB while I cooked Breakfast quesadilla with laughing cow and Sriracha for days. In honor or Fitfluential’s anniversary they are spotlighting some of their members this month and I was featured! If you are a healthy living / … [Read more...]

Laguna Hills Memorial Half Marathon Recap


Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half Marathon done! My 2013 goal was to run 13 ‘13.1’s and so I had to count up my progress so far (a few people asked how I am doing on this so far and I had no idea!). Luckily I have a  little online weblog to keep track Half Marathon Race count:  3 in January, 2 in February, 1 in March, 1 in April (and Ragnar) and 3 races in May Total Races  … [Read more...]

Confetti Salad Recipe – Black Bean and Corn


How’s your day? I am trying to take it easy breezy today and not work or run or do anything that resembles cleaning. It’s nice. Since I have the half tomorrow I am enjoying some Memorial Day BBQ action today with my fam and keeping it low key. (RunEatRepeat on Instagram) I have some bad news... The Slutty Brownies didn’t turn out well because I used TJ’s gluten free … [Read more...]

I’d Run 11 Miles for Slutty Brownies


Hello! This morning I woke up ready for a long run, but I’m still a little tight from the 50k. Between the longer distance with the tough terrain (and getting sick this week) it has taken me A LOT longer to recover from last Saturday’s race than normal. So I did 11 miles and called it good. Run Eat (watermelon) Repeat It was such a gorgeous day I had a walking date … [Read more...]

Fun Friday – How to Cut a Mango Flashback


Hello! Before we all start our fab Memorial Day weekend I wanted to share some fun stuff. 1. How to Cut a Mango – flashback video! Someone brought mangos to the aid station at the race last weekend, but no one was sure how to cut them. Luckily, I’m an expert in eating (and cutting) fruit. So, I gave a quick in person tutorial that went like this: 2. Reader Rebecca wanted … [Read more...]

Fitness Fashion – Janji Running Gear


I saw The Hangover Part 3 last night. I’m not usually one to go to opening night of a movie but I had nothing else to do and have been in a comedy drought, so Hangover it was! I liked it! I went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised Let me know what you think when you see it. Fitness Fashion – Janji Running Gear Janji is a running apparel company with a … [Read more...]

How To Wash Running Shoes


Hello! I finally feel normal again today!!! Thank 8lb 6oz tiny little baby Jesus! I am so grateful just to feel like a human again This morning I actually went on a run – the first ‘real’ run since the 50k this weekend! I’m still tight, need a massage – anyone up for it? I’ll trade you some eggs for some quad rubs. Anyone? Confession: I NEVER wash my running shoes. I … [Read more...]

How to Eat Like The Best Runners Who Ever Lived


When I read Born to Run back in 2009 I wanted to pack up my stuff and move to the Mexican dessert to be just like the Tarahumara. I fell in love with the culture, food, running philosophy – all of it. The book speculated that the Tarahumara are the best runners who ever lived and I believe it. The book was a huge reason for the barefoot running movement becoming … [Read more...]

Brooks Run Happy ID Jerod Hontrath


Hello! I am not feeling 100% just yet, but my fam says my 70% is like a normal person’s 100 so it probably evens out I am considering going for a run to help get some normalcy but that’s still up for debate. Updated: Ran 2 miles, walked back 2. My stomach started to hurt again. Okay, time to Run Happy with Jerod… As part of my partnership with Brooks I had the opportunity … [Read more...]

Just the Tip: Ginger always Ginger


I’m sick. I don’t know what the deal is, but I am going to spare you deets and say I might not make it through the night. Who wants my cat? Since I’m feeling nauseous I’ve had some ginger chews and mints to help calm my stomach. I wish I had ginger ale, but most of them don’t even have real ginger in them – reminder to check the label! (image source) Which leads to my tip … [Read more...]