Road ID Giveaway

For today’s Fitness Fashion Friday I’m talking about a piece of gear you should wear on every outdoor workout – a Road ID. road ID pinik

Road ID is company that makes bracelets, shoe tags and ID tags for outdoor exercisers. The tag has your ‘in case of emergency’ contact and can include important medical info.


If you walk / run / hike / bike solo – you should have one. One of my friends was hit by a car while out on a run, another crashed on her bike – if it happened to them it could happen to me or you.

And remember a reader recently wrote to me that she got hit by a car?

Luckily she was okay, but it’s another reminder that we need to be careful because drivers might not be.  Again – we should all have one.

 IMAG2661 (450x800)

Go to Road ID to get yours today! The company is giving one RER reader a free Road ID. But, if you don’t win this contest please make sure you get one.IMAG1304 (800x450)

Enter to win a free Road ID by leaving a comment in this post answering:

Question: Name one person that would be happy you have a Road ID for your safety.

Contest open to residents of the US. Closes 5/5/13 6pm PST. Road ID provided me with a bracelet for this review. All opinions are my own.

Winner of the Keurig Coffee Maker is:



  1. Renee says

    Who would be happy – my husband. He works late and I run after work (i.e. when it’s dark). He begs me to take pepper spray, but I remind him that I’m a ninja and don’t need it. Although getting hit by a car with no ID would be a whole other story… I’d probably wear this on my shoe which would be awesome.

  2. Amy says

    I just started to ride my bike to campus (6 miles each way), so I know my mom would feel much better knowing that I had a RoadID. I got one for my bf last year and he always wears it, so it’s about time I do the same

  3. Heather says

    My mom and dad would be relieved if I had a Road ID, especially because I’m away at college, and will be away for the Summer too.

  4. Laura says

    My husband would definitely like me to have one. I often run by myself or with our 18 month old in the jogger stroller. I do sometimes worry what would happen to the baby if something happened to me while out on a run.

  5. says

    Def my husband. He prefers the treadmill, but I like the road. I’m surprised iI don’t already have one. I’m way paranoid about getting hurt or abducted.. Thanks for this! I’ll be buying one for sure!

  6. says

    My husband–he is always worried about me when I go running and says “be safe” when I leave. Road ID would help me to do so.

  7. Scott says

    My wife. The first part of my runs from home go along a road with no sidewalk, so I’m running on the edge of the road. Cars and deer are both legitimate hazards (deer will charge you if you’re not careful), and my wife would probably appreciate me having something like this in case something were to happen.

  8. Kailey says

    My dad. It won’t stop him from buying me can after can of pepper spray, but it would definitely put his mind at ease… At least a little:-)

  9. Carleigh says

    My boyfriend would be happy. I run around campus at very random times, so it would definitely keep me safe.

  10. Amy says

    My dad has wanted me to get one ever since I started running again- I’m graduating college in DC this year and just ran my first half marathon!

  11. Stephanie says

    My boyfriend would be happy to know I’m safe. Also, my parents worry when I’m traveling alone.

  12. Bambi says

    I would be happy to have one for my OWN self and safety. So that if something had come up and I was somehow in someway injured my family could be notified quickly 😉

  13. says

    I would be happy if my girlfriend had one – she’s an airline pilot and runs – usually solo – all over the country on her layovers.

    And I’m sure she would be happy if I had one – I run alone while she’s out of town for work.

  14. says

    um, why did you blur out your address? i was really hoping to get some good window peeping in this weekend. you ruined all my fun! you big fat RUINER!

  15. says

    I love my road ID. It was a must after coming just a few seconds away from being killed by a motorcycle cop while out on my run. Seriously was so scary and he was PISSED. Then even more Peaved that I didn’t have any ID on me. He was going to give me a ticket for “j-walking”.

  16. Molly says

    I need one after almost being hit today! Good thing almost doesn’t count but it still scared me pretty good.

  17. says

    My best friend! He always reminds me to be safe on my runs. And he’s seen me have terrible reactions to antibiotics! (It would be so useful to have my allergy info on a bracelet in case I get injured and can’t communicate).

  18. Michelle B says

    My boyfriend would love for me to have one of these. I get a lecture every time I go out for a run and a call if I’m out too long :)

  19. says

    That looks like a good idea. I don’t take my phone or wallet with me when I run and who knows what might happen. Just have to find me one that’s a little more man friendly 😉

  20. adria biasi says

    My mom, I think about her everytime I pick to run on the sidewalk over the road, I know it would make her happier :)

      • walkerm says

        I think it’s from a motivational quote from a Nike ad – “All your life you are told the things you cannot do. All your life they will say you’re not good enough or strong enough or talented enough; they will say you’re the wrong height or the wrong weight or the wrong type to play this or be this or achieve this. THEY WILL TELL YOU NO, a thousand times no, until all the no’s become meaningless. All your life they will tell you no, quite firmly and very quickly.

  21. Lisa says

    My whole family!!! We had a women murdered while out running a few months ago, she lived in the next county over, but 20 min is too close for me. I run alone a lot. This would give my family more peace of mind!!

  22. kayla says

    Most definitely my mother! It must be those instincts! She’s always worried when I go running alone!

  23. Jenn says

    My mom! We were debating getting them for me and our dogs (I run alone with them) at the Nashville expo!

  24. Abi Langham says

    My community. I’m entering a Convent on the 20th July, my community don’t want to lose their Postulant when she’s out running in the Sussex woods…and yes, I really am going to be a Nun, a running Nun! : – )

  25. Debbie says

    my wonderful husband… he is a wildlife biologist/ pilot & his job keeps him away from home…I always text him before & after I run to ensure I get home safely!

  26. Diane says

    My mom. Sure, my husband cares but mom definitely worries more. Actually I should buy one for my little sister too. We train for the same races but we live a few hours away from each other so only get to run together very occasionally. I almost always run alone outside in the wee hours of the morning and I lost my last ID over six months ago. Whoops!

  27. Melissa says

    My mama!!! And my husband. He always asks me if I am bringing my phone but I sweat so much that I would ruin the phone.

  28. Audra H says

    My sister would be so happy if I wore a Road ID- she does and has been telling me to buy one forever!

  29. Sam P. says

    MY Momma, even though she doesn’t live near me…I have heard it every day for 26 years! She wants me to take my phone, pepper spray, my dog, a police force…I say where would you like me to store all of this stuff, Ma? There is only so much room in the sports bra for the ladies!!! 😉

  30. Lindsay says

    The Hubbs, my parents, my dogs (maybe). But I’d really want one for my dad. His 55 year old self is considering training for his first marathon, and I think I’d feel better knowing he had proper ID on him for those long runs!

  31. Lucia says

    My sister. She runs too and she always reads the stories about the bad things that happen when runners are out alone.

  32. Jackie says

    The hubs! He has one but I just recently ventured off the treadmill into the great outdoors alone so have never needed one until now.

  33. Meg says

    My hubby! I have to leave an estimated time of return for my runs and if I am late or pokey he scours the neighborhood!

  34. says

    My mom…you never know what could happen on any day..hopefully I will never have a need for Road ID :) Great to know that people know a bit about you if you do have a need though.

  35. Ashley E says

    My husband. He usually quizzes me on my route so that he knows where to come looking for me if I don’t get home when I say I will.

  36. says

    Ooh, I need an updated Road ID (mine still has my city and state from before I moved). My fiance always likes to know that I’m safe when I’m on my runs and generally likes me to let him know when to expect me back. Thanks for hosting this giveaway–having proper ID when you’re running outdoors is really important!

  37. Andi M says

    My mom would think this is a great idea. She has always been one of my best running supporters and yet one of my biggest worriers. The ID would be a great idea to her. She doesn’t know about my first half marathon coming up tomorrow at nine.

  38. Lisa says

    My mom is obsessed with my safety even though I’m thirty and have lived 2,000 miles away from home for almost 10 years.

  39. Jeanne T says

    My husband would be happy to know I’m wearing Road ID. Such a good thing to have; safety first!

  40. Amanda says

    My husband. He does make me tell him my route and if not home by certain time he comes to look for me!

  41. Laura says

    My mother would def feel better about it. She is always asking me to be safe and making sure I have my cell and everything.

  42. Serenity says

    Logically my husband, But my cat and I have been together for 10 years. My husband and I have only been together 4 years. When I go out for a run, he climbs in the window and meows me off. He waits there until I return and meets me at the front door looking so concerned. Everyone knows that if something happens to me he will quit living. Give me the road ID so Trinity can have some feline peace of mind….

  43. Lindsay says

    My husband! I love running outside but I go in the am when it’s still dark out which always worries him- this id is such a great idea!

  44. Marisa says

    I should say my husband, but my puppy will miss me most–who else is going to walk her a few miles a day?

  45. Christine says

    My boyfriend always makes sure I run with my phone since I usually run early in the morning when it’s dark. He would be thrilled if I had a road ID I’m sure!

  46. says

    My mom…. it doesn’t matter if I only tell her I did a 1 mile run around a track she still always needs to be assured that I was super safe and secure! This will basically be a little piece of the bubble wrap she wishes she could have me in lol

  47. Kay says

    My grandma was concerned about me running on the trails at a park nearby by myself but I’ve never felt concerned

  48. Dede Owens says

    I wear one already, courtesy of my hubby who bought me one for Christmas. I really want my son to wear one. He skates at a skatepark, and has a phone, but I’m not always there, and a road ID would be great.

  49. Kristen says

    My husband would be thrilled if I got a road ID. I always run alone, so I should have one anyway. If I don’t win this one I am going to order one!

  50. says

    I have one!! I got mine about two years ago. I also gave my sister one for Christmas. We pretty much wear it everywhere. It never comes off because, well… first!! I suggest it to anyone. You can also make them for kids so if your in a large crowded and the little gets lost, officials can call the number or at school if something happened they’ll know of any medical issues. RoadID is genius.

  51. says

    My puppies! They have awesome lives now that I have rescued them. If they don’t technically count as “people” then I have to name my sister. We are each other’s lifelines.

  52. Kate says

    I’m sure my mom would be happy for me to have a RoadID – she’s always checking up on me while I’m running!

  53. says

    It’s funny how blog contests always seem to be for things I am thinking about buying soon. Perfectly convenience! My mom would be pretty thankful for my road i.d because she worries since I am 20 hours away from her. I would love to get one of the shoe tags. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  54. says

    my dad! he’s the one who get’s the “dad, I’m going trail running at such-and-such location, if I’m not back in four hours call the police.”

  55. Natalie says

    My husband will be happy! He is always worried when I go for runs longer than an hour because he starts to wonder when I will be back…

  56. Anna Lintern says

    My hubby would definitely feel better that if I had an ID on me. I plan on riding my bike a lot this summer and I’ll be solo riding too.

  57. Brooks says

    My husband. He is always worried I am going to get hurt (or lost probably) on my runs. We have 4 children under the age of 6, so I really think he is just worried who is going to fix dinner;)

  58. Shannon says

    I’m really bad about never carrying ID, phone, money or fuel….. So I think I would be most happy to have something to keep me safe! :)

  59. Chanelle says

    My boyfriend would be relieved. He always thinks I’m going to turn up dead! Oh, the morbidity.

  60. Julia says

    My mom would be so happy if I got one of these, she is always worried when I’m out runnin’

  61. Rachel C. says

    My mom
    I have a bad habit of running with no id and no cell phone unless it’s a long run

  62. Alyssa says

    My husband. He just made me get a personal alarm (he wanted me to get pepper spray but I thought…yeah I would spray myself a million times before I got the person I meant to spray!)
    I just was bitten for the first time by a dog running and I took a run into an unsavory neighborhood in error…so yeah he would be very pleased if I had more “safety” features installed on my person! 😀

  63. kim says

    My dad because he’s the one who always tells me to stay safe and watch out for the loonies. He bikes and walks by himself so this would be a great gift for him too

  64. Rebecca says

    My husband Ryan! He is ALWAYS worried from the moment I leave for a run to the minute I walk back in the door!

  65. Tina says

    My family, especially because I live an hour away from them. They always hear about me running, biking and hiking around the boonies. It’s the one time they don’t hear about it that they would worry.

  66. Deb says

    My mother-in-law!
    She’s the one who insisted that I start carrying my phone.
    She was right. <3 her!

  67. Denise P. says

    My future husband is always concerned about my safety when I’m out and about. And I need an new RoadId to update with his info and eventually my new last name.

  68. says

    Thanks for this – I’ve just been to their website and ordered one, as they ship to the UK! I’ve been meaning to find something like this for ages. Purple band, on its way!

  69. Katie says

    My mom and my son – I live in the country and run on a highway with tons of truckers so you never know what could happen. My mom always makes me take my phone and has advised me to get pepper spray. Oh ya and I usually run after 7pm or around 4am depending on my day – so usually its getting dark and is still dark.

  70. Rebekah Patin says

    My man, my kid, my sister, my neice, my boss, my co-workers, my favorite bloggers. Wow I’m so loved!

  71. Kelly says

    My mom has been pushing me to get one ever since I moved to a new city a month ago and don’t know anyone here. She still makes me text her every time I leave and get back from a long run (no matter what age your always their kid)!!

  72. Rebecca says

    My mom, who freaks out if i say i’m running without my cell phone, would definitely be happy if i had a road ID

  73. says

    My husband would be so relieved if I finally got one! Especially after I almost got hit by a car a few weeks ago. It is really terrifying!

  74. Ebernst says

    Ryan Gosling. He doesn’t know me yet, but one he does he’ll wan to make sure i’m safe. :)

    Or my sister. I think she is positive I’m going to die anytime I leave the house to run, bike, buy groceries, etc….

  75. says

    I hope all my friends! But especially my fiancé since he would be the first one to notice that my 5-miler has gone on exceptionally longer than usual.. He won’t let me leave the house for a run (or anything) without a ‘goodbye’ kiss :)

  76. says

    My Parents…they worry a lot, and I’m sure my dad would find it helpful as he used to run and knows it can be dangerous at times!

  77. Jamie says

    My momma would be happy I wore one. :)

    I actually had one last year and it broke. I haven’t gotten around to getting another yet.

  78. says

    I can’t enter the contest but I know my whole family feels a little bit more at peace knowing I have one, and/or running with one themselves. I’ve been lucky enough so far (touch wood) to not have a need for it, but the fact that I wear one makes me feel a little more secure that I’ll be able to get the right help if I need it.

  79. Rachel F. says

    Ah I keep meaning to get one! My Mom would be happy I had one. She always asks if I have my license with me when I run.

  80. says

    My mom would be happy, of course! And so would I, since I’ve been meaning to get a Road ID for a long time now. My brother has encoraged me to get one as well. He wears his all the time!

  81. Delia says

    My fiance, who worries about me running and bike commuting to work, and probably my friends who ran in the Boston Marathon recently. They all have them and after the marathon incidents, where lots of people became separated in the hours after, it is important to keep track of one another.

  82. Kim says

    My husband! He travels a lot, and that means I’m running and biking without someone knowing exactly where I am all the time. It would be great to have an extra “layer of comfort”!

  83. Dot says

    My husband of course. But also my dog, because most likely we would be out on a run or walk together.

  84. Amanda says

    Me! I run many trails around my house alone and many times my boyfriend doesn’t know what trail I’m on. So, I guess my boyfriend too 😉

  85. says

    Wow, those are really cute. I’m sure my husband and kids would be glad I had this wristband for when I go on my runs. Thanks!

  86. Sarah H. says

    I would be so relieved if I could win this for my wife. We both have type 1 diabetes and are quite active. I already have a RoadID and LOVE IT. I would feel so much better if she had one too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  87. Lauren says

    My parents would do a happy dance if I got one of these!! they hate that I run so far and always alone and don’t take my phone with me (I don’t want to get it all sweaty! I know, bad excuse…).

  88. Hannah says

    My mom. She gets pretty uneasy about me running 20 miles away from my house. Sometimes it’s better not to tell her :)

  89. Barbara says

    my mom- i still live at home and run before work, and i know how worried she gets watching me leave

  90. Helena says

    My boyfriend! He’s always asking me to take my cellphone with me when I run, especially for long training runs!

  91. Stephanie says

    My parents would be happy they’re all the way in New Mexico, and I’m in California, it would definitely put their minds at ease!

  92. Lindsey A. says

    My family would love it if I wore one and I’ve been looking at getting one for my kids too. Great product!

  93. says

    My husband would probably be the most sad if I got hurt on a run, but my mother-in-law would probably be the happiest person if I got a Road ID because she’s always super concerned about my running (darling, it’s so hot! darling, you take water, right? darling, don’t overdue it… etc…etc…)

  94. says

    My mom bought me one after flipping through a Runner’s World magazine (I was so proud). She said she was surprised she hadn’t thought of the idea. Ok, mom….

  95. Trina says

    I know my husband would love it if I had one, but I’d probably be the happiest about it! Safety is a big concern of mine since I’m usually out when it’s dark, and sometimes it’s really hard to figure out how I want to carry my ID with me.

  96. kelsea says

    i’ve been thinking about getting one of these for years but never following through… my bf would definitely be happy if I got one and my mom who is on the other side of the country.

  97. Holly S says

    My husband would be happy. He travels a lot for work, and I run alone on trails that also run along busy streets at some parts. I always make sure I text him before and after every run so that somebody knows where I am, but the ID band would be good so that someone could contact him immediately if something were to happen.

  98. GraceG says

    My husband would be stoked. I run alone and am super clumsy so he is constantly worried I have tripped and fallen into a ditch.

  99. Shannon in Tustin says

    My hubby would definitely be glad. But so would my brother; he’s in law enforcement and he sees way too many accidents with injuries.

    Do you think they’ll off a little spiff for the non-winners? 😉

    Thanks for a good reminder, Monica! I was honestly thinking about buying one this week (even had the order half done–yeah a lot of good that will do me…)

  100. Rebecca S says

    My boyfriend would be happy since most of the time I either run in the dark before work or in the dark after work.

  101. Julie R says

    My husband would love if I had one since I usually only take my Garmin and leave my phone at home.

  102. Anadel says

    My husband is always reminding to carry my ID with me. This would be a lot more convenient and I’d remember more often too!

  103. Nicole says

    My husband. Hes in law enforcement so Im sure he can picture all the bad things that can happen :)

  104. Sarah G. says

    My husband would be SO happy if I had a Road ID (and I plan on getting one, regardless of whether I win the contest or not… though winning would be much cooler!)

  105. Margaret says

    I would be happy! It would give me peace of mind when I’m out, especially for long runs.

  106. Kate Mayeski says

    Who would be happy – my family and my boyfriend, they’re always worried when I go out for a run by myself even in the daytime.

  107. says

    My husband for sure. He worries about me when I run before the sun comes up even though I’m dressed head to toe in reflective gear. This has been on my wishlist for a while. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  108. says

    The one person I’d have to pick would be my mom. She worries enough about me being 6 states away, much less running without any ID or phone. (cause I don’t – I’m terrible)

  109. Dacia says

    I have one so this would be for my husband. I would be happy to know he was wearing one out on his runs.

  110. elizabeth says

    My mother! I have been hit (lightly) by a car once while running, and should already have one of these… just keep putting off getting one.

  111. Meagan says

    My parents! They hate that I go running at 4:30am alone and live far away!!! They tell me all the time to get one in case of emergency!

  112. gassmama says

    My husband! I have one and so does my daughter, bought hers for disney world incase we got separated!

    • gassmama says

      ha! I answered the wrong question – hehe I already have one so noone is too worried, I would just get one for my husband. reading comprehension…..not my strong suit.

  113. Nikki F says

    My husband. He always tells me before I go for a run: “be careful” “take your phone” “don’t wear your headsets” He would still say all those things but might feel a bit better if I had a road id!

  114. Maria says

    My parents, especially my dad. I recently moved away by myself and they are always worried something will happen when I am out running/biking, etc

  115. jenny says

    my mom would be super happy. i’m sure she’d still want me to call her after i got home though…she hates that i run alone.

  116. Megan says

    My husband would be really happy to know that I’m safe, especially since he’s about to deploy for 9 months.

  117. says

    My lovely mom! She’s the one that encouraged the purchase of my running strap-on pepper spray. She also periodically sends me newspaper articles of terrible things happening to runners out on the road. (Am I supposed to feel encouraged??) Help her sleep a little easier at night. :)

  118. Amber says

    My boyfriend. He often reminds me to take my cell when I go running so a road id might be nice as well. :)

  119. Ann says

    My husband and I are living in two different towns right now. With my running, sometimes on a whim, he would like me to have a road id!

  120. Lindsay h says

    My grandmother gives me pepper spray and worries about me out on trails. I know she would love to hear I’m taking extra steps to be safe!

  121. says

    My husband. I bought one to wear while I was running during my last pregnancy. I need to get an updated one now that I’m not pregnant anymore. It’s great to have all the allergy information so handy too!

  122. Sara W says

    Oh my parents would be thrilled! I live an hour and a half away from them and it’s still hard…even though I’m 28 and have been out of the house for almost 10 years! They worry about what “the big city” will do since we’re from such a small town.

  123. says

    I think the happiest person would be my mom. I live halfway across the country and she worries. My roommates are also convinced I might get kidnapped so I think theyd like me to have one too

  124. Emma says

    My mom!!! I mean, my husband would be pretty happy too, but my mom is the one that really worries. I guess that’s what moms do! :)

  125. Nicole says

    My parents! And my boyfriend. But mainly my parents worry so much and always ask me to bring my phone on runs but I don’t. This is a wonderful thig to have I should get one even if I don’t win one from you! Thanks for the info :)

  126. Amy W says

    My husband. I know it would really suck for him to lose me if I were hurt or killed while out running, just like I think it would suck for me if I lost him while he was out riding his bike.

  127. Alicia says

    My husband wanted me to get one of these. I sometimes run with our two year old in the jogger and worry what could happen. I have heard some crazy stories.

    Love the Blog. Great giveaway.

  128. Stacie says

    My mom, because if i’m gone for more than 30 minutes she texts me: “r u ok?” I don’t take my phone…

  129. says

    My BF who nevers knows which direction I will go in when I get to the end of our driveway! He would love to see me wear a Road ID.

  130. says

    I can luckily think of more than one person but definitely my sister. She’s my running partner and since I’m moving away I know she’ll feel better knowing I’m safer when I’m out on my own.

  131. Deb Vance says

    My husband… I’m such a dummy when it comes to nutrition and hydration on my long runs, it’s just a matter of time before someone finds me on the side of the road! Better safe than sorry :)

  132. Kayla Luttrell says

    My dad!!! A week or so ago the night of the day I went on an 8 mile run by myself I got a random text from my dad at 3:24 am saying how I shouldn’t be out running by myself on certain roads. He just randomly awoke and thought about me and had to text me about it. I told him about Road ID after the text and he thought it was a great idea! I would love one for my safety and to keep my parents peace of mind. :-)

  133. Jaclyn says

    My partner of almost 10 years! She trusts me to be a safe runner, but doesn’t trust the drivers.

  134. says

    My Mom would be thrilled if I had a ID bracelet. When I first started to run she bought me a bracelet with a whistle on it. To this day she still calls or texts to check on me when she knows I’ve been out running.

  135. Connie Beard says

    My husband would be happy if I wore one of these. He runs with me most of the time, but there are a few occasions when I run by myself.

  136. Angie P says

    My husband would love it if I had a road id. I run alone all the time with only an iPod and no cell phone. We don’t have kids, just the two of us. So if something happened to me…

  137. Charlotte says

    Absolutely my mom and dad – I am a college student originally from Southern California but I go to school at the University of Michigan. I run by myself when I am at school so a Road ID bracelet would definitely put my parents at ease.

  138. says

    My hubby would prefer I had one. The trail closest to our house os the scene of a recent runner assault/murder and even thought (out of respect for his wishes) I dont run that particular trail alone, I do run nearby alone. I always have my phone but a Road ID would make it even better because what happens if a fall or something breaks ur phone?

  139. Elizabeth says

    I think my husband would be happy if I had one. Although I do find comfort in the fact my dogs who I run with have their tags with contact info. That works, right?

  140. Louisa says

    Don’t tell the hubs, but I think good old Mom would be happiest for this safety measure. I hope to win but might buy one anyway…one more thing to strap on in the pre-dawn. Can they develop a charm for my Garmin??

  141. Gretchen says

    My mom she is always afraid I will be eaten by a bear. She has told me not to look tasty when I am going for a walk.

  142. says

    My boyfriend– I’m really clumsy (despite having done gymnastics for 18 years), and sometimes he’s worried I’ll fall and hurt myself while I’m out on a run 😛

  143. Anne C says

    I’m gonna have to say my two year old even though he may not know it lol. But he’s who I need to be safe for, for sure!

  144. says

    Well I’m sure my mom would be happy but if I won this I’d probably get it for my sister. I only run outside here and there and my town is pretty safe, but my sister recently got rid of her car and lives in Boston where she now rides her bike to and from work. It kinds of scares me so this would be good for her.

  145. says

    My Mom. I run on the highway and alone a lot and I know she worries about me. Having one of these would put her mind at ease, even just a little.

  146. Chrissy says

    My hubby, Pat. He’s also a runner and runs at all hours – but it is always a double standard for when I run:) He would be happy to know I am taking an extra safety precaution.

  147. Katie says

    My parents! They always make sure I take my id with me when I’m out on my run. They also know that cars seem to be attracted to me. I’ve never been hit, but have had some close calls.

  148. katie r says

    My husband and family. They hate that I run solo (I pick safe areas, but as mentioned, you can never be too careful)

  149. says

    My dog would be thrilled to know that I’m running safely. I don’t know what he would do if I couldn’t walk him or play with him. Hrs already a mopey depressed dog when I have to travel for work.

  150. Amy Olivares says

    My husband, he is always worried when I run really early in the morning. This would be such a great thing to have.

  151. Tiffany S. says

    I love my Road ID. I wear it for every run including races. I wear it so much the band is falling apart!

  152. Rachel A says

    My husband would want me to have one. We recently had a man grab and assault several runners in my neighborhood. Scary stuff!

  153. Barb says

    my husband would like it because I don’t always carry ID. And if I win, I’m getting us matching road IDs

  154. Kristy says

    My mom. Even though I’m 34 years old she still worries about me constantly. As I get older I actually am starting to understand her concern because I worry about her too!

  155. Lindsay says

    Definitely my mom. She is into all things safety. I think she would like it if I ran with a helmet too.

  156. Natalie says

    My mom! She is wants to know where I am running and if I will be near people. My husband as well but my mom for sure!

  157. Emily says

    My mom… My husband and I live 4 hours from her and she could use one less thing to worry about :)

  158. Nicole says

    I’d say the hubby, but I know my parents are all over the RoadID! They still tell me to drive safely on my ride home from their house, and it’s only 3 miles away!

  159. says

    My husband has been deployed for a year and constantly worries every time I go running. Although he’s overseas and is in more danger than I am, he worries just the same.

  160. Melissa K. says

    My husband.. I run alone all the time on back roads and it worries him! I do try to be careful but u never know what could happen!

  161. Brooke says

    Definitely my husband! He has even had to go out looking for me a few times when I took a lot longer than I anticipated.

  162. Marin says

    I’ll flip the question on its head–I want my dad to start wearing one! He runs first thing in the morning before anyone else in the house is up. I want to make sure he’s extra safe!

  163. Jordan says

    My mom :) I know she worries about me constantly, so I know she’d appreciate me wearing something like this.

  164. Brittney says

    My mom! She has been begging me to get and wear a Road ID bracelet when I run ever since she saw it online. Guess it’s time to finally get one :)

  165. Deb Holcomb says

    My husband would be happy since I run while he’s at work with the baby in the stroller!

  166. Amy says

    since I run outside without a phone…oops!-I know my husband would be super happy if I had a road ID-especially since I have a habit of going out for a 5mile run that turns into 8!

  167. Kelly M says

    My mom and dad would prefer I own one of those. Being a paramedic, I prefer all runners own one of those!! Especially those with pertinent medical histories, such as diabetes.

  168. Betsey M says

    My entire family would be able to rest better knowing this was on my wrist while I ran solo down country roads.

  169. Sara says

    Honestly I would be the most happy that I have one. I have seen 2 bikes get hit by cars on my runs and it has made me think about what would happen to me if I were incapacitated and my phone was smashed. I pretty much always am by myself or with my 2 year old. Toddlers are not much help in an emergency.

  170. says

    my mom would def be happy if i had a road id!! she always worries about whether or not i am running alone/if i am in not-so-great parts of the city

  171. Kimberly Owen says

    1st my husband, he worries bc I ran alone on country roads. If something happens to me he would not have a partner to eat out with!! ( my cooking is eatable at times, according to said husband

  172. Beth B. says

    My husband! We live in the country so sometimes I won’t see a single person on my runs, and there’s wild animals.

  173. Sara says

    My amazing kids!! Every time I go out for a run
    they always remind me to be safe and watch out for
    crazy drivers!

  174. says

    I’ll name three! All three of my roommates always make me tell them my route and how long they should expect I’ll be logging those brutal miles so they know when to send out a search party :)

  175. sarah says

    My almost husband:) this would be a great wedding gift with my new name. Hint hint, wink wink.

  176. says

    Here’s the funny thing…a couple years ago I bought my sister a Road ID as she was getting into running. I’ve been running for about 4 years (?) and I don’t have one…

    Needless to say, I can’t pick just ONE person but rather my entire family would probably be relieved to know I’m taking that extra precaution.

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