I don’t always run a Marathon…

Hello! I just wanted to peek in and tell you I finished the OC Marathon and didn’t die (I think I’m going to die at some point during all fulls. Seriously).

I even asked Skinny Runner to take care of my cat if I did kick the bucket. For the record, she refused. Thanks buddy.

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Not only did I managed to survive another marathon –

 I PR-ed with a new time of 3:36:25. I know, another PR. I don’t know what my problem is, now I just feel like I’m annoying. Race Recap coming soon!

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Any, I am off to a Cinco de Mayo party and I’m going to drink all the margaritas Jose Cuevo has to offer!

the most interesting man in the world margarita

Have a Happy Cinco De Mayo!


  1. Angie says

    Congrats on another mary!!! Congrats on being an aunt. Saw your bros instagram post. Wow a wedding and a baby! how exciting.

    You would give your cat to SR…why not your husband?

    Btw, noticed you are looking thinner and more toned lately. What are you doing?

    • emily says

      I was wondering the same thing. I feel like the last time we saw ben on the blog was around the holidays.

      Also had been thinking that Monica is looking thinner/different. I keep waiting for her to divulge her secret or changes she’s made, but all we got was an april fool’s joke about sriracha sauce.

      What gives, Monica??

  2. april says

    whoa, congrats little miss speedy! that’s so exciting! enjoy several watermelon margaritas today – you earned them!! =)

  3. Sarah says

    Wow, that’s wonderful! You’re getting super speedy! How the heck do you do it? It’s taken me forever to get down to a faster pace, and I’ve tried everything…diet, losing weight, speedwork…ugh! You look REALLY good!!

  4. Lora says

    Congrats on the PR, you rock!

    Hopefully it didn’t take you a gazillion hours to get out of the fairgrounds, was that traffic crazy or what??!!!

  5. says

    Dang, you are a running machine these days – races all the time and PRs at so many!!
    Great job!
    Hope the margaritas were good – you totally earned them!

  6. Tara says

    Nice! But didnt you go into this saying you were going to run slow for training? And then you PR? NICE, maybe that is the mindset I need to have for my First half this weekend, take it nice and relaxed, like just another weekend long run out with my husband and maybe I will do great, haa!

  7. says

    Hi Monica!

    Congratulations on your PR! That is an incredible time. You have been FLYING lately!

    Anyway, I had a question for you…I have been running for 10+ years, and did the OC 1/2 Marathon yesterday. It was my 10th half marathon. I am in pretty good shape (I average 1:45-1:48 on minimimal training, 1:40 yesterday with slightly more training). I trained for my first full a couple of years ago, but due to over-training I killed both of my IT bands and got an DNS. Sad. I am contemplating extending my training to knock out my first full in about a month (Rock N Roll San Diego). I think if I get an 18 miler and a 20-22 miler in the next few weeks, I can do it. Do you have any advice for a first-time full-marathoner but a long-time half-er?

    Thank you!

  8. Nicole says

    You are so awesome!! It’s like you completely turned a corner in your running when you decided that you were going to give up marathons….now, you’re conquering them. So inspiring! Nice work!!

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