Motivation Monday and Team Refuel

Hello! I am feeling surprisingly good considering a ran a sick PR yesterday! I thought I’d be sore, right?!

I did my usual easy walk to keep from getting tight, but other than that today is a REST day.

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I’m actually working from my mom’s today since my power is out at home. Boo.

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Motivation Monday

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I’m motivated this week because I was chosen as a finalist for Team Refuel!

Even though I’ve worked with Team Refuel in the past I have never made a video for them to apply to the ambassador team. Well, I randomly decided to make one at RnR San Francisco and it was chosen as one of the top 10!

From May 1-30 you can vote for your favorite video once each day and $1.00 will be donated to the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation for every vote cast! The winner will be announced early June.

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Go here to see my video and vote.

Question: What are your Monday Mini-Goals for the week?

Mine are:

1. Not have a nervous breakdown even though my power is out and all the food in the fridge is spoiling and I have to work from my mom’s.

2. Do some Yoga

3. Eat clean. Be mean.

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  1. Nicole says

    Its crazy to see that your motivational picture is along the wash in Tucson. My barn where my horse is kept is like right behind that bush. :) Glad you got to run there while you were here :)

  2. says

    Mini-goals for the week, 1.) keep up with month long ab challenge, 2.) stop thinking such terrible things about the 8-minute abs guy (it’s not his fault I can’t do abs for 8 minutes without wanting to beat him up), 3.) Get back into spinning.

  3. Tara says

    Congrats, I will be sure to go vote!

    My goals are to get my workout gear out and ready to go for tomorrow to make the 530am spin class.

    try not to stress about the possibility of a rainy first half marathon this Sat : (

  4. says

    Congrats on your PR! That’s so awesome! Is it sad that I’m actually really excited to run my first marathon in October and today it’s mostly because you gave me the idea that I’m going to eat an entire box of chocolates after? I deserve it…. already.

  5. Sarah G. says

    I voted!

    My mini goals for this week are:
    1) Foam roll. Like, right now. (I am so stiff from my race yesterday it is not even funny)
    2) Meal plan so I’m not scrambling to find something edible and relatively healthy every night
    3) Save drinking my calories for the weekend ;) This one is hard since my hubby recently acquired a beermeister so we always have good beer ON TAP in our house now. Wahhhh

  6. says

    Goal for the week: get this butt to a spin class (or two). I just re-joined my gym last week and am excited to get back into group classes.

  7. Elisenj says

    You rock! I don’t know how you do so many marathons in a row. I did my first one yesterday and it was a killer. It might most likely be my first and only one, I will stick to halves and smaller races. :). Congrats on your new PR!

  8. says

    Thats exciting! I can only imagine what your legs must feel like after a marathon PR so it must feel great to get some rest. My mini goals for the week are to run every day and get in some strength training, and not eat after 9pm any night.

  9. says

    Just voted for you! Good luck ;) I was asked to make a video at a race expo once, but was passed since I don’t do so well in front of a camera…

  10. says

    I voted! Great job on the video! That seriously stinks about your power – I can completely relate – today, in my apartment, plumbers had to turn my water off to do a repair, a criminal tried to hide in my basement and got arrested, and painters came to paint my front door with me stuck inside (no idea that was going to happen). I really hope you get your power back soon!

  11. says

    Voted! My mini goal is to eat clean since it is a rest day. I donated platelets today and it took a lot more out of me than I expected! Hope you get your power back soon.

  12. says

    I lost my power this weekend too! And the worst part was that literally nothing worked: no hot water, no gas stove, nothing! And it was 52 degrees in my cabin when I woke up! GAHHH!!!

    Monday Mini Goal for the week? PR on my 5k on Saturday. And run sum total 20 miles for the week. :)

  13. says

    Mini goals! (I love when you mention these since it reminds me!)

    1. Sell my bed.

    2. Not lose my sh*t this week with planning the move and cross country trip next week.

    3. Quit getting all of my calcium in the day soley from frozen yogurt/ice cream.

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