The Girl Who Tossed Race Bibs


There is something wrong with me. Okay, there are probably a lot of things wrong with me, but the one that affects my day to day life the most is I have a heart condition I haven’t told you guys about… Tiny Heartitis Yes. I was born with a tiny lil black heart – or so I’ve been told. On more than one occasion in my life I’ve been called “the Grinch”. This is NOT because I … [Read more...]

Just the Tip Tuesday– Healthiest Chorizo


Sometimes RER masquerades as a healthy living blog. Shocking, I know. Well today I am about cancel out all my chia seed loving posts with some real Mexican food talk. Today’s “Just the Tip” is all about the healthiest chorizo to eat. Growing up my mom would sometimes make chorizo on the weekends. My brother and I loved it! Then, I went through this hippie dippie … [Read more...]