GlossyBox Giveaway

GlossyBox is a subscription service to get beauty products straight to your door. Each box comes with 5-6 beauty products hand picked by beauty experts (read: not me).

glossy box review

A company rep sent me their April box to review. And since it’s easier to blab than blog about beauty products here are my thoughts:

The UPS guy and I are best buds at this point, but I still get excited every time he comes by. Who doesn’t love getting a present in the mail each month – it beats a stack of junk mail, right?

GlossyBox Giveaway

GlossyBox is sending one RER reader a free box!

To Enter: Leave a comment voting…

What do you like better a:

Blog or Vlog?

Open to residents of the US. Closes Friday 8pm PST.


  1. Amanda says

    I like a blog that mixes in a little vlog. :) I think you strike a good balance; it’s always easier to relate to bloggers when they show their personality through vlogs.

  2. Carmen says

    I like a good old fashion blog! I like to read and give my own interpretation-Maybe give the writer a Spanish accent, or Italian..Mix it up! Me encanta tu blog!!!!

  3. Kelly says

    For most posts, I prefer blogs since it’s easier to multi-task (e.g., important stuff like watching TV while reading blogs). I think for product demos though, vlogs are pretty great.

  4. Deb says

    Blog! That way I can read it at work when I’m slacking off. Vlogs are fun to see every once in a while to get a real sense of the blogger.

  5. Tina says

    Blogs for at work, but I love your fun sense of humor on your vlogs. :) Either is great.
    I do Ipsy and Birchbox. My daughter and I are like kids at Christmas when our boxes arrive. FUN!
    Thanks for the review.

  6. Kat says

    I prefer a blog, then I can read them on my phone or when I’m supposed to be doing something else :)

  7. Sarah says

    I like a combo of both because if I’m at work I can’t watch vlogs :(

    But… having the option to go back when I get home and check out the vlog is fun!

    (ps. I’m a new reader and I love your blog!)


  8. says

    Blogs are easier to read in public places or when I don’t have ear phones handy (since I usually read blogs on the go) but vlogs are nice to put a real voice to a blog :). Love your accent!

  9. Nicole says

    I love them both on your blog but sometimes it’s easier to read a blog than listen to a vlog depending on where you are.

  10. Karen says

    Blog for your usual stuff but when you have products or food – definitely a vlog. Now I want to go smell that Bulgari stuff!

  11. says

    I love to read blogs but sometimes a vlog is nice too! You just wouldn’t ever catch me doing a vlog, I sound weird ha!

  12. Pauline says

    I vote blog. I do most of my blog reading on the train via my iPhone. Sometimes vlogs don’t load properly an I miss out.

  13. Debra says

    I like blogs just because I am usually reading them while at work (I know, bad employee) and I am unable to listen to a vlog.

  14. says

    Both! I love blogs but I love that sometimes you incorporate videos into yours making your blog interesting! I love RER!

  15. Christi says

    I guess I prefer blogs, not because I don’t like to watch the vlogs but my sad laptop takes forever to load videos. Yay for giveaways!!!

  16. Nicole G says

    It depends on what you are talking about-for this a vlog was perfect! When you are talking weight loss or workouts I like a blog because I can just go back and read for quick reference rather than watch a video all the way through again. I am a redhead too and I say that that blush is a great color for you =)

  17. Bethanny says

    Blog–I can’t watch your vlogs at work when I usually do my “blog stalking” but I try to watch them when I get home if I remember! :)

  18. Kelly M says

    I love the combination! I appreciate that I can read the blog anywhere/anytime, but the vlog is really fun too!

  19. Valerie says

    I prefer blogs since, depending on where I am and what I’m doing, I can’t always watch a video.

  20. Denise P. says

    I’d have to go with blog, because I’m usually at work while reading them and the sound of a vlog would make my “extra curricular activities” more obvious.

  21. Colleen says

    BLOG!!! I may or may not read blogs on my ipad while walking around my clasrr classroom monitoring my students take tests. πŸ˜‰

  22. Hazel says

    blog for sure! i often read them when i’m having my breakfast at work and I wouldn’t get away with vlogs!

  23. Denise says

    I honestly love both— the pictures in your blog are fun but the blog makes me feel like we are sitting down for a chat.

  24. Lindsay says

    Blog!! I can watch tv and read a blog at the same time, if I concentrate hard enough πŸ˜‰

  25. Wren says

    I like a blog better, because I can get away with reading it while at work! Not so easy with a vlog.

  26. Tracy says

    I’m more apt to read than I am to watch a video, but I do like the opportunity to learn about each blogger’s personality through watching them on a screen. Particularly if there are babies involved!

  27. Danielle Johnson says

    if im at work, blog. but at home, love to listen to vlogs and hear bloggers’ voices!

  28. says

    I started getting the Birchbox last month and it’s pretty much the same thing. It costs $10 a month. I wasn’t over the moon happy about my first box. There is this eye awakening roll on thingy that I like. I got some lip glaze but it’s bright red and I don’t really roll like that. I need to try my other goodies. The good thing about these boxes is if I get something that I won’t use I can through it in with other stuff for friends birthdays or whatever. Your hair is beachy and cute :)

  29. Heidi S says

    I like a blog because I can read it on my phone when I should be paying attention in class!

  30. Hannah says

    I generally like blogs better. It’s always interesting to hear what people’s voices sound like though! Most are completely different than I expected.

  31. says

    Hi Monica!

    I love both from you! I Love your writing style and enjoy reading your blog, but sometimes a vlog can break it up a bit. You are awesome! :)

  32. Katherine w says

    Typically a blog since I can read it easily no matter where I am. But every now and then I love a good vlog thrown in the mix!

  33. Erin says

    I like the mix you have going — I wouldn’t want to watch vlogs all the time but every once in a while, they’re fun!

  34. says

    Blog! It’s easier to write than for me to edit a video…although I’m getting good at that too.

    Would love to try GlossyBox and see how much better it is than Birch Box :) I’ve heard great things and would LOVE to try!

  35. Ilana says

    That’s tough, but I think I vote blogs since my phone can’t seem to handle video very well!

  36. Ceirra says

    I like a blog with a little vlog thrown in! I like to read the blog, but somethings are just hard to capture in a blog.

  37. mary says

    blog I usually read on my phone and it can take a while for the video to load. I usually give and never watch it. Blogs load a lot easier

  38. Kara says

    I normally prefer a blog but really think the vlog works great for certain things. I thought it was very useful in this instance with discussing the beauty products.

  39. Carolyn says

    Blog, absolutely. Between graduate school and life, it’s nice to be able to read a blog that I enjoy. I would zone out and miss everything in a vlog.

  40. Lara says

    Blogs. But it is always interesting to watch a vlog of someone you’ve been reading for a long time and realize that their voice is completely different than the way you imagined it in your head! :)

  41. Runnergal says

    Blogs definitely. Vlogs are good for demos, but as you see from the other comments, there are too many times when vlogs just aren’t practical. Thanks for your funny and insightful blog!

  42. Steph says

    Liking the blog with a smidge of vlog! I can read the blog at work, and save the vlog for when I get home :)

  43. Lindsey A. says

    I read more blogs, but I always love your vlog posts too. I think you have a great combo.

  44. Gwen Frederiksen says

    Blog. It’s fun to read your stories and try to figure out how you would be saying it.

  45. says

    I’m entertained by how many people choose blog because that’s what they can get away with at work.

    I choose blog because it’s easier to be that obnoxious person who skims everything while reading than watching a video.

    Now I feel like a bad person. Whoops.

  46. Val says

    I would choose blog since I like to read these at work and reading is a little easier than watching a video.

  47. Katie M says

    I’m a blog fan! I’m often not in a location where I can use sound and listen to a vlog, but reading a blog is not a problem!

  48. Holly B says

    I read quite a few blogs, but for whatever reason, will rarely click to play videos (mostly just for cute cats), so my vote goes for blog :)

  49. says

    Good grief. Blog. For sure. I can type, easy peasy. But when I open my mouth, I sometimes embarrass myself with the ridiculousness that comes out.

    I hope I win this! It looks so cool! Thanks for the giveaway, Monica!

  50. Michele says

    I’m a new reader of your blog and I love it! Usually, blogs but I can see why you did a vlog to talk about the products featured in the box. Vlogs are good every once in awhile so your readers can see your mannerisms and hear what your voice sounds like! :)

  51. Michelle B says

    Hm, sometimes vlogs are cool! For the most part though, a blog post is easier to read in all circumstances where a vlog might not be convenient.

  52. emily says

    i definitely prefer a blog! unfortunately i can’t always afford the time to stop and prep to listen to a vlog… blogs make sneaky reading easier :) thanks!

  53. Debbie B. says

    I prefer blogs because I can read them sneakily at work. But vlogs are fun at times even if they are harder to watch.

  54. says

    I like your vlog and your blog. I am not a vlogger, I think I look and sound weird.

    I have been doing birchbox and ipsy. I actually prefer ipsy and they are both $10 a month.

  55. Nicole says

    I dig the blog more than the vlog. Not that I don’t enjoy watching the vlogs, haha, I just like to read while I catch up on my DVR and can’t listen to two things at once!

  56. Katie says

    I like both! When listening to vlogs, my toddler can listen along too and it keeps her quiet so I can listen to the whole thing.

  57. Lynzie says

    I have to say blog because it’s easier to read during the day (read: at work). Vlogs don’t go over well in an open office situation

  58. Robyn says

    I like blogs because I don’t always have enough time to get through it, so it’s easier to pick up where I left off (kinda like a book I guess:)

  59. Melanie says

    Love both – but blogs I can read at work and vlogs I have to wait until I get home, but that probably is best for production at work.. :)

  60. Stacy says

    Definitely a blog – can read it anywhere on my phone! However – when someone posts a video on their blog, I’m usually surprised by how their voice actually sounds compared to what I thought it would be!

  61. Deb says

    I have a Kona Kase (endurance products) on its way. I hope it doesn’t show up today or tomorrow – I’ll miss the delivery – and I agree with you, it’s partially about the delivery! Anywho, I’ll let you know what was in my box and if I liked it.

    I’m not good at picking beauty products – so winning would be awesome. Please sign me up!

    Sometimes you just have to vlog – like this review. I love both your blog and vlogs.


  62. Lindsay says

    I prefer blogs, only because I can read them stealthily at work and headphones are a little more conspicuous. However, I do like when blogs feature vlogs on occasion to mix it up (like yours)!

  63. Lyndsey says

    Blog, there are usually no opportunities for people to make me cringe by feeling uncomfortable with their speech, gestures or rambling. You know that part in Dirty Dancing where Baby says “I carried a watermelon.” That is the type of vlog thing that I call “cringe” worthy.

  64. Anna M says

    Blog! I read at work so try to be a little discreet… although I do love knowing what my favorite bloggers sound like IRL! :)

  65. Allyssa says

    I like blogs better. For multiple reasons: I can read it when it needs to be quiet, I’m a very visual learner so sometimes I space out when I’m just listening to something, and with blogs I can step away in the middle of the post if I need to and easily come back to it.

  66. says

    I prefer the blog because I can read it anytime-sometimes I can’t with a vlog. When I do have the opportunity though, I like them!

  67. Paige says

    Vlogs always throw me off…the voice I hear is never the same as the one I read in! (Weird I know..) So yeah, I’m a blog fan. :)

  68. says

    I definitely prefer blogs for reading and doing on my own. It’s just easier to sneak in some blog time while I’m at work!

  69. says

    Blog for sure… I can catch up on blogs at work (as many of you have mentioned) – but I tend to miss alot of the vlogs as they are not as easy to “get away with viewing” on company time. (which I don’t use to catch up – of course, I *only* view blogs on lunch or break…cough cough)…

  70. Nicole says

    Ditto comments that have said, “I can read a blog at work, but it’s harder with a vlog.” πŸ˜‰

  71. Tayler says

    Definitely a blog! I am usually trying to creepily read my blogs while doing other things I should be paying attention to, and I hate missing info because I can’t watch it because I am busy leading people to believe I’m doing work! But that is just my uber lazy self.

  72. Jennifer Lewis says

    I love both for different things! Vlogs are easier for how-to’s and workout videos, but I love reading blogs with lots of pictures and when the accompanying text is funny (like yours) :)

  73. Nicole says

    Agree with the above comment, all about blogs so you can read wherever you are! But you are a great vlog-er :)

  74. says

    Vlogs are cool so you can put a voice to a person and see facial expressions. BUT if I’m reading e-mails at work I prefer regular blogs because I can’t get away with playing a video. :) Shame on me. ha

  75. Heidi M says

    I like blogs because they are easily accessible. Sometimes I have issues with the vlog loading…maybe operator error? Who knows?,

  76. says

    thanks for the giveaway, ya little redhead.

    i like your vlogs. i enjoy hearing peoples’ voices. i feel like i know them a little better after i do. ha. buuuut, the convenience of reading anywhere makes the blog more appealing.


  77. Suzanne says

    I like a blog because I secretly catch up on blogs at work and it would be super obvious if I watched a lot of vlogs.
    Though I can’t thank you enough for doing a vlog of the travel hair rollers–changed both my sister and my lives! (ok, that might be stretching it…but I think you understand.)

  78. Emily says

    I prefer Blog. You should review your monthly goods from Glossy Box! I am interested to hearing what you think.

  79. Kristin says

    I like blogs better because I can read them any time. But the vlog was great for the glossy box because it’s fun to see your thoughts on the products.

  80. Amanda W says

    I would typically say blog because I’m usually catching up while nursing a baby to sleep and listening to something isn’t optimal.. But I’m starting to come around to vlogs. I think blog still wins it for me, though.

  81. samantha s says

    I prefer a blog because I’m the type of person who likes to Read words. Watching videos is just not as appealing to me.

  82. Johnna says

    I like BLOG…because then I can read at work and no one knows I’m not working! Plus I can pause if I need to and come back and finish reading whereas a VLOG I feel like I need to listen to the whole thing at one time.

  83. erin says

    Blogs are great since I’m usually multi-tasking so I can easily revisit or reread as need be. It is also nice to read on the go in public. An occasional vlog is great to see and “get to know” the author behind the stories we all read for hours on end. :)

  84. Becky Blair says

    Vlog for beauty! It really does feel more personal and I subscribe to a few on YouTube and I love them!

  85. says

    Personally, I like the blogging (though I do love vlogs) because I usually read at my student job! I’m not allowed to use headphones though.
    xo, Maria

  86. Ricky says

    Sometimes I am at work and can’t listen to a video, so I like to read better. Keeps me from getting caught.

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