Local Half Marathon and Sole Runners Starts

Hello! Yesterday was super busy so it was nice to get out for an 8 mile run this morning. So cheesy, but it makes me feel better .

8 mile run in brooks

Run Fun

Reader Sam sent me these pics of her Ragnar Cape Cod Team. Their team name – America Runs on Ragnar! Don’t you love it?!america runs on ragnar teamamerica runs on ragnar

These girls know the way to my heart…

run drive sleep repeat

Southern California Local Runners:

The Laguna Hills Half Marathon is Memorial Day May 27th.

The course is challenging since there’s a stretch that’s kinda trail-y. But there is also a 5k and a 10k – pick your fave.

I’ll be there –will you? Register here.

SOLE RUNNERS starts up again this Saturday!

You guys know my 7th favorite person in the world is Coach Steve. He leads the Sole Runners – a running group in SoCal.

coach steve sole runners

Sole Runners’ 2013 season starts this Saturday in Long Beach. They are training for Long Beach, Marine Corp and Chicago – all around the same time.

I’m a big fan of the group because they were super nice and welcoming to me. And if you sign up, but have a busy life (hello, me) you can run with them when you have time and run solo when you don’t. BUT… knowing the group is meeting every Saturday is some added motivation!

Sole Runners Registration here.

Question: Do you work Memorial Day?

If not, what are you doing that day?


  1. MartinaNYC says

    I won’t be working on Memorial Day :) There are a 5K and a 10K scheduled for that morning right on the island where I live and I think I’ll run one of them… it would be a waste not to 😉

  2. says

    totally not cheesy! It’s your cheerful attitude toward running that keeps some of us newbies excited for the next race.
    I’m not working Memorial Day, but I am running the Laguna Hills 10k.

  3. says

    I’m SO excited for memorial day, I have a long weekend off so I’m going home to see my fam who I haven’t seen since New Years hooray! Also, joining a running team sounds really fun I might look for one closer to LA

  4. Sarah G. says

    Love those Ragnar shirts!!

    I am off Memorial Day and have NO PLANS! That is like a first ever for me so I would like to keep it that way and just sleep in!

  5. says

    We are celebrating our 17th anniversary that weekend!! I wish it were a beach trip this year but it will be great no matter what!!

  6. says

    Assuming sunshine, I will be by the pool – so ready for summer! I only wish we had some races out here to add to my calendar (besides 5k), I swear you guys have so many to choose from – so lucky!

  7. Allie says

    I’m running the Laguna Hills Half, too! I’m actually flying back to LA from a wedding in Milwaukee on Sunday afternoon, and then doing the race on Monday morning. Thank goodness for day-of packet pickup.

  8. Denise P. says

    I have every Monday off so having a holiday on one just cramps my style.

    I’ve wanted to run that half for the past few years but something always held me back- this year it’s the money (Im paying down my debt for my future family) and frankly I’ve lost my desire to run a gazillion half marathons a year like I did in 2011/2012.

  9. Nicole Drewry says

    I’m running my very first marathon on Memorial Day! I’m excited and nervous:) I followed a 12 week training plan but missed out on a week and a half of running due to a nasty bronchial infection:( I’m busy trying to play catch up now so I can rock it!

  10. says

    I’m kinda diggin’ that Laguna Hills 10K. I’ve been doing a 10K training program to work on my speed and it’d be fun to “test” myself at a race. Plus, now my hubby runs too, so we could do it together! :)

  11. says

    I do not work on memorial day! I will be recouping from ACL surgery, mehhh. My pool opens that weekend! In fantasy land I’ll be head in 5 days and be able to attend : )

    PS I live in DC and just signed up for a race in San Fransisco! If you have an interest in running the North Face Endurance Half Marathon Trail run you should probably sign up and we can run together. Just a thought, just to see how it feels…

  12. Nat says

    I have received nothing but good vibes from SOLE Runners. I trained solo last year for the LB Full Marathon and even though I’m not part of their group they still smiled and cheered me on as I passed by them every Saturday morning. I might just have to join them this year, hhhmmmm….. 😉

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