Stop the Fat Talk or no one will be your friend


I am packing for my travels, but someone is not being cooperative. FTR – I just put Vegas on RER so much because he bugs me a lot but I’d rather he was a dog. Or a live in masseuse. Tomorrow morning I am headed to San Francisco for a day long round table about a new weight loss prescription pill (not for me to take, only for my thoughts). Not sure how much I can share about … [Read more...]

FlapJacked Protein Pancake Mix Giveaway


Hello and Happy Monday! I normally think of pancakes as a weekend food (hello I used to live for Pancake Sunday) but the owner of Flap Jacked recently contacted me about their Protein Pancake Mix. It is a “just add water” protein pancake mix – love it! She let me choose the flavor I wanted to try and I picked the Banana Hazelnut. QUICK FACTS 200 calories/serving (4 … [Read more...]