Just The Tip–The Best Iced Coffee In the World

This morning I woke up bright and early for a quick 3 mile run – that’s all I had time for but you gotta work with what you got Smile

Then, I hit up John Wayne (the airport, not the guy) to head to San Francisco. The Orange County airport is so much easier to use than LAX!


Iced coffee and oatmeal brought from home (ate eggs at home too).

IMAG3230 (450x800)

Made it to San Francisco!

Quick wardrobe change…

IMAG3283 (450x800)

And the first thing I did when I got there was Mission: Iced Coffee

I dropped my stuff off at the hotel and headed to the Ferry Building…

IMAG3266 (800x450)

IMAG3278 (450x800)

Just the tip: The best iced coffee in the world is from Blue Bottle Coffee Co. in the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

IMAG3274 (450x800)

IMAG3269 (800x450)

I am an iced coffee connoisseur and I support this message.

IMAG3272 (450x800)

Then, I grabbed some cherries and headed to my meeting Smile

the Best Iced Coffee In the World

Question: What’s your local airport?


  1. LT says

    John Wayne is also my local airport, and I agree, it is waaaaay easier than LAX. I’d rather fly from SNA with a layover than fly direct from LAX – it’s just chaos over there.

  2. Christina says

    They have blue bottle coffee in Tucson at a coffee shop called spark root! Sooooooo good! I also hear they have if in NYC. My local airport is good ol Mccarran in Las Vegas

  3. says

    Oh I need to get cherries soon, there my favorite! I wish they weren’t so expensive. At school the local airport is lexington and its so small, it’s nice because you can get there like 20-30 minutes before the flight and whip right through the security.

  4. says

    Since I live in SF, SFO is the local airport here. When I go down to San Jose, it’s the San Jose Airport.
    I love Blue Bottle Coffee from the Ferry Building!

  5. says

    Ooh, those cherries look awesome! I’m so excited that cherry season is coming around…time to find where I hid my cherry pitter. :) My “local” airport is Chicago Midway. I’m glad it’s closer than O’Hare, because O’Hare is way crazier and tougher to deal with.

    • Jen @nutcaseinpoint says

      Calgary! And every time I go there, I think of the scene from Cool Runnings when Sanka leaves the airport wearing all his clothes and his duffel bag! Haha

  6. april says

    my local airport is burbank – so much easier than flying out of LAX!

    i agree that blue bottle coffee is pretty amazing! my friends and i went on a search for it when we were visiting NYC in december – we tried their hot coffee, though, since it was 30 degrees outside! :)

  7. Noel says

    I also live in OC and John Wayne airport is my local airport. The absolute best iced coffee I have ever had is the Kyoto drip iced coffee at Portola Coffee Lab at the OC Mart in Costa Mesa. So yummy!

  8. Michele says

    Local airport is MSP – Minneapolis, where there always seems to be some sort of construction going on!

  9. says

    When my friend owned a cafe she said that in order to serve Blue Bottle coffee, she had to go to Blue Bottle University and had to use a certain type of espresso maker! They’re hard core about their coffee 😉

  10. Sami says

    I’m not sure how long you’ll be in SF, but you must, must, MUST try Philz Coffee here!! There are several locations in the city. If you go, try the Iced Mint Mojito!! The baristas grind, slow drip your coffee then mash fresh mint leaves with sugar (a la mojito style) in your cup, mix in a splash of cream, and serve it on the rocks. Sweet, creamy, and refreshing. There is a Philz on Van ness!

  11. rhonda says

    ATL is our usual airport….I’ve been through LAX just a couple of times – had a terrible time trying to get to the International terminal going to Guam. Ever since then I’ve gone to great lengths (layovers, extra stops) to avoid going through there!!

  12. Lindsey @ OneMotherofaDay says

    Gotta love a good iced coffee! I always scout out the local coffee shops before I go on a trip. My local airport is Ontario international in Ontario, ca. It is very close and very easy to get in and out of. I try to avoid LAX like the plague.

  13. Erika says

    Ontario is my local airport, although when I go to Chicago in June I’ll be flying out of LAX. LAX is so freakin’ huge!

  14. says

    I guess Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah but it’s really small and are used for small planes (eg ATRs, Fokkers etc). The other 2 airports are KLIA (main airport) and LCCT (budget carriers’ terminal). So it depends on which carrier I’m flying.

  15. says

    I’ve flown in and out of John Wayne multiple times and it is an easy airport to navigate! My airport is MSP and they have the best wine bar – sometimes I want to buy a flight just to go there and have a wine flight 😉

  16. says

    Lucky for me, my two local airports are Kennedy and LaGuardia. lol…So that iced coffee is better than Dunkin? I need to somehow try it!

  17. says

    We have Lambert Airport here in St. Louis. I flew into LAX once and I will tell you, I LOVED it. Coming from such a small place I may have felt a little bit like a movie star. :-) I flew out of San Diego though so I didn’t have to fly OUT of LAX.

  18. says

    AUS in Austin is our local airport. So tiny and easy to fly out of!

    Also, I looooooooooove Blue Bottle! When my husband and I went to SF a year ago, the first thing we did was get coffees from there. And as soon as they were done, we had a second. Then we took a third on a walk with us. We stayed right across from the Ferry Building, so we made sure to stop in at least once per day for a coffee.

  19. says

    LAX is such a nightmare! Also, when I lived in Pasadena, it was often cheaper to fly out of Burbank! Cheaper, less stressful, and closer. Perfect!

    Now Seatac is my airport. It’s a pretty good airport – not dirty like LAX, not stressful, and they have free wifi.

  20. Debbie says

    Born and raised in OC, so I loved flying out of John Wayne and Long Beach. Now I’m a DC transplant (hubby’s job) so my airports are Reagan Nat’l and Dulles. I live across from the Metro so I prefer Reagan but Dulles offers more flights. Need to find that Iced coffee!

  21. Shannon in Tustin says

    OC–John Wayne! Oh how I love being 7 minutes (w/out traffic) right down the freeway from the airport.

    I love iced coffee I make at home. I get the proportions just right and it’s so much more affordable! I’ll definitely stop at a Blue Bottle should I ever find myself in view of one.

  22. says

    Just another tip: the stop directly facing BB there sells ice cream and it’s delicious! I’m lactose intolerant and generally have to avoid ice cream all together, but wow their stuff is amazing!

  23. Sarah G. says

    All those pics of iced coffee make me want some RIGHT NOW!

    Philadelphia International (PHL) is my local one airport.

  24. Susie Le says

    My airport is PDX (Portland International Airport), but I used to go to school down in LA. My favorite airport to fly into was definitely Long Beach. They were no fuss, quick in and out! And I love flying JetBlue.

  25. nicole says

    Blue bottle is good, but if you’re still in SF, you must, must, MUST try Philz’s mint mojito iced coffee. Life changing.

  26. Karen says

    It must be exhausting to constantly take off your wedding ring and pretend your not married to Ben anymore.

  27. says

    Phoenix is my local airport, but we do have a new one about 5 minutes away. They only fly to a few select places, but it’s SWEET having it so close. I still can’t quit laughing at your ‘just the tip’ title…it’s an inside joke with Kimball and I. 😉

  28. Dana says

    Did you manage to get your iced coffee from home through security at the airport? Howwwww? You’re my hero.

  29. Shannon says

    Hi! I dont know what it is you are doing but for the last few months you have been looking like you have lost some weight, pictures dont lie :)! Way to go….will you share a little on how you are doing it?

  30. says

    My husband orders Blue Bottle Coffee from SF and the mailbox smells so good when it arrives!

    Washington Dulles International is our closest airport. It’s pretty easy to get in and out of.

  31. Lissa Wilk says

    John Wayne is fancy now, I remember flying into it in the 80’s and having to walking down the stairs since there weren’t any gates back then I think. I’m a CoffeeBar in SF gal myself.

  32. says

    Those cherry bins… YUM. My local airport is DCA (Reagan Washington National) I actually live like a mile from it and see it all the time running. There is a park off to the side that my running trail loops and it is a bunch of fields that sports are held during the weekend. PLUS lots of people come to have picnics on the hill and watch the planes take off over them. It’s pretty neat!

  33. says

    PDX and I love flying home to see the view. I always fly to John Wayne when visiting family, a few trips to LAX was enough for me. Now back to me iced coffee :)

  34. says

    I can not wait to move out to the west coast just so I can drive two hours to San Francisco for that iced coffee! (Yeah, I would do that, too.) For now, though, my airport is Reagan National.

  35. Sam says

    Try ritual coffee in the mission and Tartine, sit and drink it in Delores Park :) you could take the f-market from in front of the ferry building, it goes along market street. Jump off at the Safeway at church and market, and walk down (or change to the j line).

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