Fitness Magazine #FitBlogNYC Event I woke up feeling 100x better after a full night of sleep. Oddly enough, sleeping in a fancy hotel bed > tweaking your neck on a red eye flight. Shocking.

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Last night we had a dinner that wasn’t noteworthy blogworthy. Then, I convinced Tina to get fro-yo with me. It was an easy sell wlEmoticon winkingsmile3 Fitness Magazine #FitBlogNYC Event

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This morning we hit up Central Park again for a run. The weather is perfection for running right now and there were a ton of people out.

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I ended up doing 3 with Tina and an additional 2.7 alone.

Then, I hit up Melissa’s Gourmet Deli for breakfast. I stayed near here when I was in NYC last June and remember this place having great sandwiches (and tons of options).

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Egg white with spinach and grilled chicken in a ww wrap, grapefruit, iced coffee. Heck yeah I asked for hot sauce packets. #MonicanLikesItSpicy

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Then, we got ready and headed to the Mercedes Club

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Fitness Magazine organized an amazing blogger Meet & Tweet event called #FitBlogNYC

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It just worked out that I was going to be in NYC for the WF event so I got to attend! I was excited because Tina went last year and it looked like a lot of fun.

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There were A LOT of bloggers here! I feel like the east coast has a lot more bloggers than the west – might be a population thing, might be that they’re avoiding me because I’m weird…

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Sometimes I’m RunEatRepeat before I’m Monica…

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The day started off with an into by Fitness Magazine editor Betty Wong…

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Then, Fitness Magazine Beauty Director Heather Muir interviewed Sarah Lucero, Executive Director of Global Artistry with Stila Cosmetics.

She shared a bunch of great make-up tips like:

  • Power Pout is hot right now (strong lip color)
  • Coral Blush – do it
  • Make sure everything you are wearing has a purpose – don’t slap on random makeup (note to Monica, listen up)
  • She swears by misting for a fresh look
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There were also healthy snacks. I grabbed a green juice.

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My ‘blog is my business’ was a super interesting session too. The line up was Smitten Kitchen, Jill Hanner, Possessionista and Erin from Fitbottomed Girls – um, these are the best in the business!

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Sadly, I had to leave early to catch my flight. Boo.

It was a whirlwind trip, but so good to spend time with my favorite Bostonian. Thanks Tina!

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I hit up the salad bar in the Jet Blue terminal at JFK for lunch. I grabbed a pack of hard boiled eggs from the event and added those the to salad too.

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I am soooo spoiled but this is a direct, cross country flight and it doesn’t have wifi. First world problems to the max, but I was hoping to get a bunch of work done on the plane. This must be what it was like to live in cave man times…

time travel is it possible Fitness Magazine #FitBlogNYC Event

Oh well, guess I have to read these magazines my RW friends gave me…

IMAG3567 800x450 thumb Fitness Magazine #FitBlogNYC Event

and enjoy some Pop Corners. I love these.

12 2051E955 731183 960 100 800x450 thumb Fitness Magazine #FitBlogNYC Event

See you later!

Question: Popcorn or Kettle Corn?

I’m going to say 60% of the time kettle corn, 40% regular.


  1. M. Love says

    Ha I might be west coast soon – you can totally hang out with me and show me the ways of the blogging world and help me get faster at running :) am I weird that I’m not a huge popcorn person?

  2. says

    Either! I’m not picky!

    It’s a good thing I’ve started reading more blogs and that they post fashion advice!

    Otherwise I’d be wearing the same clothes I wore in HS.

    …wait, I do!

  3. says

    Kettle Korn 100% of the time.

    I wonder when we’ll have a local fit exercise running or healthy blogging event/conference.

  4. says

    Kettle corn at home… movie theater popcorn at the movies : ) I recently flew from DC to Seattle and was able to do direct on my way west but coming back east I had a lay over. From 6am – 9am EST when I flew out at 10pm PST. Talk about a night / day at work from hell.

  5. says

    I’d have to say both.. if I am presented with kettlecorn, I eat it so fast. But, i rarely ever have it on hand. If I have popcorn, it’s usually a popped bag and it’s gone quite fast as well!

    Jealous of the meet and greet! Looks like so fun :) I’m sure those magazines were able to entertain you on the way back.. but I seriously hate when planes don’t have wifi! Especially long ones! Don’t they know people have work to do?

  6. says

    Kettle corn is so good!!! I view it as a ‘treat’ where as popcorn is just a snack. Make sense? I love both equally, but for different reasons haha.

  7. says

    Glad to hear you had a great time and got good info. I would have loved to be there. But i dont blog enough and am about to deploy so no-go for me.

    I love love love those Kettle Korn Popcorner chips. They are the perfect mix of sweet, salty yet crunchy :D Only place i can find them out here is Staples. Random but worth it.

  8. says

    So glad you had a great time! It looks like it was fun! Still jealous of your running in Central Park (one day!).

    I choose Kettle Corn 80% of the time! Now I need to find those Popcorner Chips!!!

  9. says

    I loved that green juice – I’m not usually a green monster type of girl but this one was delish…We may appear to have more bloggers on this coast but you guys have more race options year round!

  10. says

    I am SO HAPPY you went to Flavaboom. In my opinion, they have the best Froyo in the city. Seriously. I make the trek over there when I really fancy it and have even stopped in the middle of the winter because it’s just that wonderful.

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