Just the Tip: Ginger always Ginger

I’m sick.

I don’t know what the deal is, but I am going to spare you deets and say I might not make it through the night. Who wants my cat?

Since I’m feeling nauseous I’ve had some ginger chews and mints to help calm my stomach. I wish I had ginger ale, but most of them don’t even have real ginger in them – reminder to check the label!

go steady with giner

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Which leads to my tip of the day:

Just the Tip: Ginger helps your tummy.

NOT 7UP / other soda or ‘binge drinking to kill all the germs in your body’. Yes, I’ve heard it all.

keep calm and eat ginger

See you later.


  1. Shannon says

    hmmmmm….I’m not aware of any flu going around could it be something else? j/k…..hope you feel better soon. When I get a tummy ache I like laying down with the heating pad on my stomach. For some strange reason it it very soothing.

  2. Bea says

    Actually cola syrup is used for nausea…think that’s why people say drink a flat cola. You can buy the syrup at most drugstores. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Luna665 says

    :( feel better! (in case, consider me for your cat :P) I had some major stomach issues last month, It felt like a scene out of the exorcist … turned out to be a kidney stone. =.= Because I run a lot and don’t drink enough (but unlike me you’re good at hydrating!!!) Anyhow, take good care! (Did I ever leave a comment?I don’t know, I am usually a silent stalker … 😉 …I’m Luna, from Italy, thanks for blogging :). Ciao!

  4. Carolyn says

    Ginger People make a great ginger beer that has pressed ginger juice in it–it’s pretty strong. I can only drink it medicinally. Reed’s also makes one, but it’s sweeter and a touch less gingery. Good, not as strong. Feel better!

  5. Nicole says

    Maybe Whole Foods has some *REAL* Gingerale? …plus, you can get some hot bar stuff while you’re there. 😉

    I’m 32 and unmarried. I think I need a cat.

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