Day in Oxnard and Pasadena Half Marathon Recap


Yesterday morning I woke up before the sun to get in a run. I wanted to do back to back long runs this weekend so I did 13 Saturday and had the half marathon on the calendar for Sunday.  Round one done. Hot but gorgeous. Thank you SoCal. Then, Ben and I hit the road north for our mini-road trip. First stop – the Pasadena Half Marathon expo to grab my bib. I met … [Read more...]

Running Fashion Don’ts – Brooks Running Gear Makeover


Ah! You made my day with your Brooks Running Gear Makeover pictures. I loved going through all of them. It was extra fun because I feel like I know you too, but I don’t get to see ya as much as you see me Thanks for all the submissions!! I had over 70 entries and can’t post them all here your boss / SO / kids getting mad at you for spending an hour looking at funny strangers … [Read more...]

Good News and Bad News


Hello from Starbucks! My internet at home isn’t working so instead of freak out I grabbed my stuff and headed to the ‘bucks. This was the perfect time to try their new Orange Spice Iced Coffee too! Eh. Didn’t impress. I had jury duty this week and called in every day and wasn’t picked to come in! My one friend thought that was ‘lucky’ but I wanted to go – is that … [Read more...]

Must Read List and Reunite the River


Hi! How’s your week going? Mine is A-okay except I have call-in jury duty and I’ve dodged the bullet all week. I have a feeling I’ll have to go in tomorrow. I did not let myself run this morning since I take 2 days off of running a week 96% of the time. Instead I took a lil walk. It was nice Food has been the usual suspects – eggs, tortillas, trail mix. I’m going to start … [Read more...]

How to Make Watermelon Flags


Here is a super easy, healthy and fun recipe for the Fourth of July How to Make Watermelon Flags Enjoy! Other healthy Fourth of July dishes: Confetti Salad Herbed Quinoa Tabbouli <- from my Marathon Meals series  Coleslaw with TJ’s Peanut Dressing Skinny Watermelon Margaritas Question: What are you doing (or eating) for the fourth of July? … [Read more...]

Brooks Run Happy Makeover Giveaway


You guys know I’m super not fancy. Exhibit A:   I call myself a “Messican” because I am such a mess when it comes to dressing cute. But, I’m very lucky and thankful that Brooks has brought me on as an ambassador and hooked me up with gear so I can ‘get it together’! Going outside for a run is my favorite part of the day / only time I’m out so I have been trying to make a … [Read more...]

SkinnyLicious Menu at Cheesecake Factory


My trip to NYC happened to be during my anniversary. So, this Sunday Ben and I fought about it decided to celebrate a few days late. We hit up the Irvine Spectrum for dinner and the Improv. Fun! For dinner we went to the Cheesecake Factory because it’s a special place to us. Well, anyplace with 30 kinds of dessert is special to me… I perused the dessert case while we … [Read more...]

Raw Vegan Flat Bread


I am a sucker. Yep, if I see a “NEW!!!!” product on the shelves or on a commercial I throw my dirty green paper at the nearest sales person and have that new item in my grubby hands faster than you can say ‘Snuggie’. So, when I spotted these Wrawps at my local health foods store I had to have them. But, I was stopped by the price - I think they are something like $8.00 for a … [Read more...]

Just the Tip: Fruit Ice Cubes


Hello and Happy Tuesday! Yesterday I had a lil ‘NSV’ aka ‘non-scale victory’ when I finally went to yoga! Are you guys familiar with ‘NSV’ from the ol’ weight loss message board days? No? Just me the weirdo, okay. Anyway- good job Monican   This morning I did a sad attempt at speed work. I’m still not feeling it, so I make a compromise where I do the planned run even if … [Read more...]

June Outtakes and Randomness


When I travel I seem to take a bunch of pictures that never make it on RER. That is probably for the best, but here are some random outtakes that I found on my phone to share with the class… Randomly spotted this when I was walking out of the Latina Blogger’s Conference lobby… From the Whole Foods Cheese Event / #FitblogNYC event via Fitness magazine – I needed a lot of … [Read more...]

Skinny Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

oatmeal cookie

Remember when I did that interview with Ruby Gettinger on her journey to lose 50 pounds? Well, she recently lost that and more using the Visalus program. You may have seen the “Vi-Shape” or “Body by Vi” commercials on TV or the internet machine – it’s the same company. (source) Ruby completed the 90 day weight loss program successfully and lost 50 pounds! A company rep … [Read more...]

Team New Skin


Hello! I am trying to get back to 80% healthy eats and hit up the store for some essentials. Ignore the beer, it’s not for me. The cat litter is for me though, don’t ask. Summer is here! I’m a warm weather girl, so I’m very happy But I’m also a runner girl so I know the hot summer temperatures mean sweaty, chafing long runs. Boo.    I recently shared my Summer Must … [Read more...]

Get Waisted Challenge


It’s the weekend and I’ve been living eating it up way too much! Here are the highlights: First there was the “Get Waisted” challenge. Smarterita sent me a bottle of their low calorie margarita mix and the SkinnyGirl Margarita. The challenge was just to try both and see which I prefer. Smarterita was the winner Both of these are great options for low calorie margaritas. … [Read more...]

Home is Where the Watermelon Is


Hello from my parent’s house! I made it to SoCal yesterday and was greeted with this sight – a HUGE container of watermelon and Sabra hummus. Ha! I can’t make this ish up, my mom knows what I like love. I’m staying here because my mom and dad are both traveling so I’m watching my little brother. This morning I did 10 miles around my old neighborhood. Then, I attempted to … [Read more...]

Our Global Kitchen at the Natural History Museum


Hello! Today was my last day in New York so I wanted to get my fill of running in Central Park this morning. I did 2 loops around the park for a total of 12 miles. Oh, and a reader on a bike spotted me at mile 11 when I felt like crap so I think my response was that of a sick cat. Sorry friend! Then, I went back to my room to get ready. The Sabra team didn’t have a … [Read more...]