Silk Bloggers Meeting Day 2


This morning Tina and I hit the pavement for a 4 mile run. But since we’re in Denver we only ran 3 miles and got credit for a free one since we’re a mile high. That’s how it works, right?

running in denver

The elevation was rough! I live at sea level hello.

IMAG4886 (450x800)

We stayed at the Omni hotel and they had this random thing outside. So, an obligatory “Running out of TP!!” joke was in order. You’re welcome.

IMAG4879 (450x800)

Then, I had an exciting new life experience…

I ordered room service for the first time!!! This was a big deal to me. I was so excited I think the delivery person was super weirded out. Ha. Joke’s on them, I always get that excited to EAT.

Mom, add this to my baby book…first room service

From there we headed back to the Silk offices for a day full of milk alternative talk.

It was interesting to learn about the company and products.

Some of the things I learned today…

1. It takes 77% less water to make a half gallon of soymilk versus a half gallon of cow’s milk.

2. Only 25% of Americans drink plant based beverages right now.

3. All Silk products are non-GMO.

We had a photo session and had a little fun with it Smile IMAG4901 (800x450)

The Silk Blogger Team:

^ Everyone is super awesome and brings something different to the table. Check ‘em out.

We had lunch at the  White Wave cafeteria. I love cafeterias – is that weird?white wave cafeteria

Lunch!IMAG4913 (800x450)


Then, we had a smoothie competition!

IMG_20130613_144954 (800x800)

The company reps put out all the smoothie ingredients you could ever dream of  and challenged us to each make a smoothie with the Silk beverage of our choice.

silk milk alternatives

I really had no idea what to make at first, but then inspiration struck.

IMAG4937 (800x450)

If you know me, you might be aware that I once tried to sell my brother for a Snickers bar. Hey, I’m not myself when I’m hungry.

So, as soon as I spotted this key ingredient I knew what I had to do.

hersheys in a smoothie

I created a Dark Chocolate Cherry Smoothie. I even snuck in some spinach!

dark chocolate cherry smoothie

silk chocolate soymilk

Everyone got to work and even though we all take our smoothie work very seriously, we had fun.

silk bloggers smoothie competition

silk blogger team

We did a blind taste test and voting…

IMAG4943 (450x800)

It totally worked out that all the smoothies were different flavors and colors.

IMAG4945 (800x450)IMAG4946 (800x450)

and my smoothie won 2nd place!!! Recipe coming soon.

IMAG4941 (800x450)

From there we took care of few more things before heading to the airport.

Tina and I had dinner at Udi’s

IMAG4953 (800x450)

I ordered a salad and stole her fries. She didn’t mind because I guilt tripped her since I lost to her in the smoothie competition.

IMG_20130613_173405 (800x800)

Dessert was an Udi’s Gluten Free Muffin. Because who needs gluten when you have sugar, right? Right.

IMAG4955 (450x800)

My flight has been delayed, so I’m sitting here on the airport floor, contracting a disease and talking to you nice people.

Question: Let’s vote – Do I get an extra mile’s credit for being in super high elevation?

We should make that a thing.

Silk brought me out for this trip as part of their ambassador program. All opinions and mile high add-on theories are my own.


  1. says

    That looks like the most delicious day ever.

    And you totally get an extra mile’s credit for running in Denver. When I first moved out to Boulder, CO it took a loooong while to acclimate. Last summer I did the Warrior Dash in Copper Mountain…which is over 10,000 feet or something absurd. Couldn’t even catch my breath until well into mile 2. A very strange feeling o_O

  2. says

    Looks like a fun trip!

    I’m a bit disappointed though that Silk had you guys do a smoothie comp. I feel like that is the most obvious use of alt milks that there is, especially for healthy living/weight loss bloggers. It would have been awesome to see them give you a real cooking challenge to work your creative muscles.

    • says

      We had limited time and kitchen space. We’ll all be working on our own recipes with their products as we see fit though :) I’m not a cooking blogger, so I probably won’t be awesome at it, but a few of the team members are amazing cooks!

  3. says

    Congrats on second! I would say that is still fabulous. Silk has some awesome products and if I buy a milk like product it is always almond milk!

  4. says

    I just moved from Flagstaff (7,000 ft) to Aspen (7,800 ft). I thought I’d be good with the elevation change – oof! Still adjusting even with just an extra 800-900 ft!

  5. says

    Yes, you get an extra mile. I did some cardio at a higher elevation and it was ROUGH. The sad thing is that I forgot I was at elevation and was so confused as to why it felt so difficult.

  6. Ebernst says

    I ran 11 miles one time on a work trip to Denver (I live at sea level too!) and it was so difficult due to the elevation! I totally counted an extra mile since I was running a mile high! :)

  7. says

    I dunno… What about when it’s like 100% humid outside? It’s equally hard to breathe.

    Haha, the White Wave cafeteria is catered by Bon Appetit, the company that also serves food at my school. I recognize that signage.

  8. Chloe S says

    Was there any talk about phytoestrogens in soy milk & what that means for women’s health? I’m all about cutting down on animal products (vegetarians unite!) but I al so worry about replacing animal products with too much soy. Almond milk is my favorite alternative for that reason, but I’m just curious if anyone brought that up?

    • says

      Yes, we did talk about this and there are no studies that prove there is a negative correlation between phytoestrogens and women’s health. But, I’m reaching out to them to give you further info :)

  9. says

    Looks like so much fun so far! What a neat event to attend.
    And a delicious day too.
    Congrats on your second place smoothie win, I’d say that’s pretty impressive;)

  10. says

    Oh my goodness I love ordering room service. I pretty much never do it but we were fancy when we went on our honeymoon cruise in September and room service was included with the room we booked. It was fantastic. We totally ordered pre-breakfast every morning before heading to the restaurant deck to eat real breakfast.

  11. says

    You definitely get a credit for that high-altitude running! I’m going to Peru in July…I’ll report back post-altitude sickness.

  12. says

    I vote yes. Like how I used to credit myself miles going back to school in the fall from the flat midwest to hilly central new york. It’s harder!

  13. Andi M says

    Silk Almond is my drink and cereal choice, can’t wait to try the fruit and protien varieties. Yes, count an extra mile, definately.

  14. says

    LOVE the group photo….geez. 😉
    Running here is definitely a whole different ballgame. I ran a 10k a few weeks after I moved here and thought I was going to die. My time was a good 20 minutes slower than my PR. We’re about 5500′ above sea level here- and I’ve also ran out in Breckenridge- at 10,000′! THAT is tough!
    Great meeting you- see you in Portland!

  15. Jenny says

    I was curious about if they addressed how soy affects the thyroid. I used to used a lot or soy products and had a lobectomy years ago and was warned to limit soy intake. Any info would be great.

  16. Stephanie says

    I love silk products. I haven’t tried their ice latte yet but will pick it this weekend in the grocery store. I will be stalking the Pro Compression site for those red white and blue compression socks, I want to wear them to the Marine Corp Marathon in the Fall.

  17. says

    Are those sweet potatoes fries on Tina’s plate? They look really good! And I wished I had that goodie bag from Silk – so many great stuff I could use.

  18. Katie Keen says

    Yes you for sure get extra mile credit!! I ran 6 miles twice this week while camping in the Lassen Nation Forest in Northern CA. It’s 5000 ft elevation! It was so challenging but the most awesome view ever on a trail right next to Eagle Lake.

  19. says

    Congrats on coming 2nd place! Chocolate cherry smoothie with spinach – mmm sounds yum! Love sneaking in greens into my smoothies, most of the time you can’t even taste them yet you still get all the vitamins! Will give Silk a try next time – thanks for the heads up.

  20. says

    Ooh looks great – i’ve been mainly using almond milk in my smoothies but will try out Silk next time to see how it goes. And yes, you DEFINITELY get an extra mile credit for being a mile higher 😉

  21. says

    Room service is the best! We went to an all inclusive recently, and got room service breakfast everyday. It was the same price and the same food, but something about having it all laid out so nicely + those mini condiments made it so much better!

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