Silk Visit Day One

Good Morning from my lovely hotel room in Boulder, CO.

omni hotel in colorado

I love having a fresh room all to myself so I can dirty it up. I’m messy.

omni hotel in colorado

I arrived in Denver yesterday and the reps from Silk whisked the group off to the White Wave headquarters in Bloomfield.

IMAG4815 (450x800) IMAG4816 (800x450)

We started with an info session about the company and core products. Did you know Silk started out as a tofu company?

IMAG4817 (800x450)

We’ll save the rest of the trivia for later Winking smile

I scored the best loot bag ever too!

 IMAG4820 (450x800)

Amazing snacks (that I want to eat right now, but I don’t think they make for the most balanced breakfast?)

justins chocolate nut  butter

and a hardcore new foam roller! My IT band has been super tight and I almost dragged my roller on this trip!! Ha! This is one of those killer ones with ridges I haven’t tried yet. Wish me luck it’s going to be rough. IMG_20130612_144531 (602x800)

We went on an afternoon hike at the Marshall Mesa Trail

IMAG4823 (800x450)

It is gorgeous here!!!mesa trail coloradoIMAG4835 (800x450)IMAG4839 (450x800)

My little friend Tina from Carrots N Cake is here too!

IMAG4832 (450x800)

After the hike we enjoyed the new Silk Iced Latte drink.

IMAG4842 (800x450)

I already tried the mocha because my mom buys Silk like it’s the only beverage on Earth. It’s dee-lish! Added bonus: It has the same amount of caffeine  as a cup o’coffee if you’re into that sorta thing Winking smile

IMAG4843 (800x450)

Then it was time to head back to the hotel for a wardrobe change for dinner.

IMAG4853_BURST001 (450x800)

We went to Salt in Boulder.

IMAG4850 (450x800)

The meal started with a Silk ‘adult beverage’ – Strawberry Crush. Silk has some good cocktail recipes on their website under the Silkology label. (I think the Strawberry recipe is coming soon – I’ll let you know.)

silk soymilk cocktail

Tina and I actually tried a bunch of their Silk Cocktails at Blogher Food last year! <- that was a fun night

Dinner at Salt was delicious.

IMAG4857 (800x450)


IMAG4860 (800x450)


IMAG4862 (450x800)

I ordered the field greensIMAG4865 (800x450)

and salmon.

salmon at SALT

For dessert I thought the Dark Chocolate Carmel Salted Tart was appropriate since I love chocolate and was at a restaurant called SALT.Dark Chocolate Carmel Salted Tart

I also stole a few bite’s of RJ’s blueberry shortcake.

gluten free blueberry shortcake

I’ve been on vacation and in lalaland and am behind on the news. But, the Black Forest Fire is all over the news here. It’s not contained at all and dozens of  families have lost their homes.  Please keep those affected in your prayers.

Gotta run –  I’ll be back in a bit!


  1. says

    Looks like a very good time! The view doing the hike was sooo gorgeous!!! I want to visit CO. Looks really pretty!! I need to look into being an ambassador for companies so I can go to fun conferences/trips like this lol

  2. Bryanna says

    I just moved to Broomfield (not Bloomfield, lol!) and work in Boulder. It is beautiful here! Hubs and I will have to try Salt!

  3. says

    MMM, I love Silk products. Very interesting fact that Silk started out as a tofu company, I am a tofu eater, I’ll have to check them out in my local g-store. I also enjoy the Justins products, yumm you made out girl! Looks like a you had a great trip.

  4. Emma says

    Monica! I’m from Boulder – I even recognized your pics from your trail run :) Hope you had a great time! I’ve been a reader for a long time!! P.S. I just signed up for the US Half in San Fran in Nov and I think you need to come run it too! I’ll bring the watermelon?!

  5. says

    I almost fainted when I saw the form roller. I have one (but not painful looking like yours) and don’t like to use it because it hurts. Well, it hurts because my IT band is tight too. Boo. :(

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