Fitness Fashions–Brooks D’Lite Tank and Shorts

Hello from Orange County! I made it home Smile

My flight was delayed a few hours last night so I didn’t get in till close to midnight. But, when I finally did get home I had a package waiting for me from Brooks. The company sent me some hot weather running gear!

This is the D’lite Mesh Tank top and D’lite Racer Shorts.

IMG_20130614_070302 (800x800)

The shorts are a bit too short for my booty style, so I’ll probably use them for strength days and walking. But, I did love the lil pocket on the back.

IMAG4958 (800x450)

Brooks also makes D’lite shorts with a 4” inseam that would have probably been a better fit for me, but I picked the racer version because I thought I was cool. Guess not.


The mesh tank is very light weight and ‘see-through’. I’m not one to run topless. I mean, in just a sports bra but this is a good middle ground for someone who wants to wear less without wearing nothing. I def dig the stripes Smile

brooks running tank top

 ProCompression is coming out with a Red White and Blue design! It will be available to order on Monday. But if you want those fun green and pink MJ socks – order today and use code DAD for 40% off!

procompression fourth of july socks for race

I want to wear those Red White and Blues for a Fourth of July race, but I don’t have one planned right now. I actually have NO races planned in July as of right now. Better get on that!

Watermelon Winning!!!

My peep sent me this Watermelon Tequila Popsicle Recipe and I’m just counting down the minutes until I can made them. This takes Watermelon Wasted to a whole new level with me.


Question: When was the last time you had a popsicle?


  1. says

    Love that shirt!
    I don’t eat popsicles a lot but my kids do. I always buy one of those giant box of 100 freeze pops at the beginning of the summer and it’s gone by the end of the summer.
    I would eat of one those watermelon tequila popsicles though!

  2. says

    We eat lots of freezy pops or popsicles after hot summer runs. Delish! I want to make those watermelon boozy ones though (for maybe a little MORE after the run than right away :D).

  3. says

    when my smoothies are too big I always put the leftovers in a popsicle mold and I just ate some berry banana smoothie pop yesterday but dont think that really compares to watermelon tequila.

  4. says

    I can run in shorts… I did a 12 miler in shorts last weekend for some reason I thought it was a good idea…. I have some major burnage going on that turned into a pretty good red burn spot.
    I haven’t had a popsicle in a really long time. I’ve been on an ice cream/ Gilato kick.

  5. Gillian says

    Totally want a Popsicle now! Last one I had was a freeze pop handed to me during the RnR SD marathon. Rocket Racing productions has some small races in Santa Monica and I think either Long Beach or Huntington Beach over 4th of July. I think they have races the 4th-7th and the 4 day combo called Quadzilla! Pick your distances 😉

  6. says

    I ordered two of those d’lite tanks recently too! At first, I was surprised that they were see through since they didn’t look that way online, but now I love them! They are perfect for those really hot days, and will really come in handy this season. Wish I could wear them just going out and about… Would that be weird

  7. says

    I haven’t had a popsicle in months! I like those shorts; I’m a short runner (4’10”), so that shirt would be waaaay too long, as are most on me.

  8. says

    I buy popsicles for my son and I think, if my memory serves me correctly, I might have had some of one last summer. When I succumb to the oppressive NY heat and humidity, I tend to crave an ice pop by the pool.

  9. Jaclyn Rose says

    Come to Atlanta for the Peachtree Road Race! Largest 10k in the world! I’ve got a number I won’t be using!!

  10. says

    Ummm, any ice cream that contains alcohol is a pure win!

    I used to love to go to Chevy’s on the river and have watermelon margaritas in the summer to nurse a hangover. :) I considered them sort of a grownup popsicle… in a glass, that came with chips… I wonder why I had a weight problem!

  11. Katie D. says

    In the most recent issue of Cooking with Paula Deen, there is a recipe for watermelon margaritas!!

  12. says

    Those popsicles look delish! Think it’s been a good year since I last had one. How cute are those pro compressions… if only I had a race to run on the 4th of July!

  13. says

    Come to London in the UK for races! We have lots :) however probably not the kind you are looking for to celebrate 4th of July…and also may be a little cold here for these clothes! But still, I’d love to read something like RER and SR do London! :)

  14. says

    Love your top and the short!! Feels so comfortable! :) I’ve always wanted to try watermelon Popsicle but I just can’t find where to buy it. Ugh, such a loser right? But, who cares? There’s still a lot of time for it. HA HA.

  15. says

    Those popsicles look amazing!!! I actually just had a popsicle on June 1st. They were handing them out at the end of the Sunburst Memorial half marathon in South Bend, IN.

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