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Hello! I am trying to get back to 80% healthy eats and hit up the store for some essentials. Ignore the beer, it’s not for me. The cat litter is for me though, don’t ask.

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Summer is here! I’m a warm weather girl, so I’m very happy Smile

But I’m also a runner girl so I know the hot summer temperatures mean sweaty, chafing long runs. Boo.

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 I recently shared my Summer Must Haves for running clothes, but I left out one very important summer running must-have: anti-chafing stuff!

running in the heat

 I was recently invited to be on “Team New Skin” a program to spread the word about New Skin’s product line. They make liquid bandages and anti-chafing spray specifically for athletes.


Over the next couple of months/ sweaty summer runs I’ll be trying out their stuff.  These are their liquid bandages in both regular and spray and the anti-chafing spray…

new skin anti-chafing spray

In the summer I tend to get irritated below my sports bra area – I haven’t done a really long run in a while and still have some marks now… (I used my camera phone’s front facing view for this so it’s extra-grainy and weird. You’re welcome.)

sports bra chafing

 I’ll check back in a few weeks with an update on if / how the anti-chafing spray helped. (I’m super excited it’s a spray since I’m in love with spray sunblock these days.)



Question: Is the front facing option of your camera phone tragic too?



Disclaimer: I am being compensated to be on Team New Skin. All opinions are my own. I’d pay them if they solved all the world’s chafing problems actually…

New-Skin® recently conducted a survey finding that 66% of people cite general fitness, exercise, conditioning and overall well-being as their motivation or reason for running. New-Skin has been providing active skin protection for over 100 years. Get outdoors and be active with New-Skin.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of New-Skin. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Kim says

    YES it’s like apple get your ish together I’m obviously taking selfless ate least half of time time, INVEST!

    I bought the spray and am kind of super unhappy with it. I even called the line on the box to complain (I’ve literally never done this) but it was closed at the time and I never bothered to call again or save the box. I hope you have better luck with the rest of the line!

  2. says

    I’ve never used anti chafing stuff before. I guess I’m lucky I don’t need it?

    I have an iPhone and the front facing cam is pretty bad, though its better than it having one at all! I’m terrible at taking selfies if I can’t see the photo to align it correctly… I’ll take a grainy photo over a super crooked, off centered photo.

  3. Megan says

    Careful with the New Skin liquid band-aid… I put it on my hand tears from pullups… and I literally SCREAMED it hurt so bad..

  4. says

    I’ve only ever use vaseline for my anti-chaffing needs. I stick with tight shorts so I don’t usually have to worry about that area. I might need to branch out though it the humidity of this weekend is any indication of what I will have to deal with this summer. Sweatastic!

  5. says

    I use Monistat Anti-chaffing gel/cream. It’s really for just your lady parts, but i put it between my toes, on my arches, and in the thigh chub rub area. Also, in my booty crack…you know that gets irritated…don’t act like yours doesn’t…don’t judge. 😛

    Good job on the eats. I’m trying harder than ever to stick to my fruits, veggies, whole wheats (except I’m somewhat sensitive to gluten I’ve discovered), and my spinach/soy/berry shakes. Wish I could get my hubs to get back to eating well. He had 2 servings of every meal this weekend! And half a pie! Bah!!!

  6. says

    Just ran RnR Seattle and chafed on the back of my right arm, horrible painful! Also the top of my foot from the tongue of my shoe and underboob chafe/cut. Oy

  7. says

    I’m trying to get back to healthier eating too (actually, get STARTED with healthier eating is probably a more accurate way to put that). What foods do you think are the tastiest and best for doing that? I’m doing a Vegetable Challenge right now so I’m trying to find veggies that I like and can prepare well!