June Outtakes and Randomness

When I travel I seem to take a bunch of pictures that never make it on RER. That is probably for the best, but here are some random outtakes that I found on my phone to share with the class…

Randomly spotted this when I was walking out of the Latina Blogger’s Conference lobby…

marilyn monroe (450x800)

From the Whole Foods Cheese Event / #FitblogNYC event via Fitness magazine – I needed a lot of caffeine that trip!

gimme some coffee and no one gets hurt (450x800)

Oh no. oh no dont buy that (450x800)

Just taking a walk and spotted this.

scene of the crime (800x450)

From my recent trip to Denver with Silk

hugs not drugs (450x800)

Running outta TP fail

running out of teepee (450x800)

During the visit to Silk’s offices we also did a photo-shoot. Not sure where these will end up, probably on a milk carton – almond milk carton if I’m lucky Winking smile

blurry photo (800x450)


what what what (800x450)


  1. says

    I found a marilyn poster, framed and all, out by the dumpster at my old apartment building. It was of her on the bench press looking awesome in jeans and a bikini top. It is currently hanging in my bedroom. Who throws that out?!?! I plan on keeping it forever.

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