NEW Top Secret Chobani Yogurt Flavors – Giveaway

Last week I got a knock at my door with a mystery package from Chobani Greek Yogurt.

It was packed with four of their new flavors. There were strict instructions NOT to guess and/or share the flavors inside… (or you risk being re-tweeted on the internet machine).

new chobani flavors (450x800)

But I found out in New York that I’m a “super taster”, meaning my taste buds are super awesome so I knew I could figure it out.

See? Testing our taste buds without our sense of smell. (That’s me in the pink on the left.)

hold your nose(photo credit: Smith Bites)

So, I knew what I had to do…

I opened all 4 new Chobani flavors to try them. I understand that opening 4 yogurts might be scary for some of you, but I was brave. I took one for the team, Team RER.

new chobani yogurt flavors


My guesses were – Lime, Coconut, Tangerine and Orange Crème…

The whole month of July Chobani is playing a fun #WTFlavor promotion on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Follow Chobani on Facebook throughout the month as they reveal the new flavors.

But, then I realized that you can peel off the lid and see the official names!!!

And yes, I’m going to tell you because you’re my friend / complete stranger who reads about the random stuff I do on the internet. But, I trust you. I trust you to keep this secret…

you secret is safe with me

So, I peeled the lid stickers away and took a peek:

new chobani apricot flavor annoucement (450x800)

The TOP SECRET NEW CHOBANI flavors are : Lime, Coconut, Apricot and Orange Vanilla. I would say I got 3 out of 4 correct.


A Chobani rep offered to send one RER reader a case of the new flavors too. (Hopefully they won’t renege on this offer because I announced the new flavors!!)


Want to win a case of the NEW Chobani flavors?

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post with the new flavor you’re most excited to try.

Disclaimer: Open to residents of the US. Chobani sent me yogurt. All opinions are my own.  Please consult your doctor or therapist before eating 4 yogurts at once. Closes 7/3/13 at 8am PST

*I found an announcement about the flavors on a press release online so anyone with the ability to Google, should have been able to uncover the mystery too.


  1. says

    SO excited about coconut! I love the chobani flips with the coconut/almonds/dark chocolate, so I’m stoked they are making a coconut flavor!

  2. Meredith says

    The Orange Vanilla! I feel like this flavor might taste like a Creamsicle and/or an Orange Juilius…and both remind me of my childhood, so good!!

  3. says

    I am most excited about their Apricot flavor. It is my favorite fruit and it brings up wonderful childhood memories. Although the orange vanilla sounds wonderful as well.

  4. says

    That is AWESOME! Great flavors. I love pretty much every flavor they have except the blood orange–it freaked me out.

    I cannot wait to try the coconut and then maybe throw some mini chocolate chips in there :)

  5. Nikki says

    Coconut–hope I win. I am also wondering what the calories are on these yogurts..sometimes the greek yogurt is higher in calories than the typical snack (160+ for yogurt!)

  6. Anne C says

    I can’t wait for coconut! My 2 year old eats Chobani al oust everyday with breakfast and I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying orange vanilla in bulk for him

  7. Brita says

    Coconut!!! This is going to be like dessert, breakfast, vacation, and heaven all in one little container. Nom nom.

  8. Emily says

    Coconut! But I like the idea of apricot because it’s not a flavor that is used often. And they’re soft and fuzzy.

  9. Sara Lester says

    I can’t wait for the full cups of Coconut- they have it in the Flips already and it’s super yummy!

  10. Julia H. says

    Definitely excited about lime…mostly because I fully plan on crumbling graham crackers into it and making it taste like key lime pie. YUM.

  11. Sarah says

    I’m so excited for the lime and coconut! I love them both in the flip cups and I’ve been waiting patiently for this:)

  12. says

    I almost always love anything that comes in Lime flavor so I cant wait to try it as a greek yogurt! (also the coconut flavor for some smoothie action? Sounds perfect)

  13. Meg says

    Oooh these sound so delicious! I would love to try them all, but lime sounds particularly good on this hot day.

  14. Ann E says

    I eat their raspberry with chocolate flavor every morning with fruit or cereal. The orange vanilla flavor sounds really good!

  15. Kristina m says

    So excited about the new flavors! Can’t wait to try the coconut or lime! I’m already thinking of all the smoothy possibilities with the coconut yogurt.

  16. Becca says

    I think these all sound fabulous, but I’m stoked about the coconut. I love adding coconut flakes to baked goods – maybe that would be coconut overload? Also I feel like the lime flavor could yield some sort of a cocktail, no?

  17. says

    Lime lime lime! It’s getting HOT here, so I think the lime will be really refreshing… or in that case, maybe the coconut, so I can feel like i’m actually baking on a tropical beach somewhere. Can I get a lime coconut up in here?

  18. Tracy says

    Oh, I want to try the coconut! Passionfruit is my favorite but not many stores ’round these parts carry it – boohoo.

  19. Annemarie/Carmie says

    Such a tough choice – but i will go with coconut! It would be fun to put the lime in the coconut!

  20. Laura says

    I want to try the lime! When I was younger the only yogurt I would touch was the whipped key lime pie flavor, so I’m pretty sure that lime chobani would rock my world.

  21. Marina says

    I’m really excited about the coconut flavor! I love the chobani coconut with the almonds and chocolate mix ins that they recently came out with, and was hoping that they would make individual coconut cups. My greek yogurt prayers have been answered!

  22. Deb says

    They all sound delish!
    Don’t worry…I won’t spill the beans that you’re a blabber mouth.
    LOL :-)
    Seriously, how do they expect you to keep such important information from us? You’re a good friend sharing such top secret stuff with us.
    Thank you.

  23. Leah says

    COCONUT! I love coconut everything, water, ice cream, even my for my candles…and now we get Coconut Chobani? My life is complete.

  24. Elizabeth says

    Coconut! I can’t believe how much I love coconut as an adult, as a child, I would spit it right out.

  25. jess v. says

    all the new flavors sound yummy, but i’d have to go with orange vanilla as my ‘must try.’

  26. Rachel F says

    I have recently become obsessed with everything coconut, but since I’m from Florida I’m going to pick orange vanilla –citrus will always be my favorite.

  27. Crystal F. says

    I LOVE the Chobani flips with the coconut/almonds/dark chocolate, so I’m excited to try the coconut. And if the orange vanilla tastes anything like a creamsicle, I’ll be all over that!!

  28. Sarah S says

    Ummmm coconut! I will probably add chocolate chips to try to make an almond joy. Cant wait to see these new flavors on the shelf.

  29. Lisa says

    I’m most excited for coconut since I love it in the Chobani Flips. I am however intrigued by Apricot.

  30. Jess says

    Oooohhhh I want to try the orange vanilla! I love the chobani flip with coconut, so I already know that is a winner! Hope the feds don’t come after you…

  31. Lucia says

    I can’t wait to try all of them. There’s something about new flavors that makes everything taste better…

  32. Cary says

    Omg coconut yessssssss. Also I live on student loans and think free food tastes one million times better than paid for food hahaha

  33. Amy B says

    Would love to try all these flavors. Don’t worry about announcing the flavors. All their new flavors (14 new releases) are on their website. Can’t wait to try them all!

  34. Daphne Garcia says

    Lime sounds like an interesting flavor! I need something new to challenge my taste buds! 😉

  35. Maria says

    Apricot! I want to try the coconut too, but only if it tastes like an actual coconut and not that artificial coconut flavor that makes you feel like you’re eating sunscreen.

  36. says

    Orange Vanilla hands down – sounds like a healthy version of the orange pushup I used to chase the ice cream man down for as a kid. Maybe that’s where the running started?

  37. Kim says

    Yum… I’m torn between the lime and the coconut… Now the song will be stuck in my head all night…

  38. Mary says

    All the flavors!

    Seriously, though. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the orange vanilla. Followed closely by lime and coconut. Apricot would be losing if it was a race… I should stop rambling now.

  39. Emily M says

    All the flavors sound perfect for summer! i want the orange vanilla! I am imagining it takes like a orange creamsicle, but healthier 😉

  40. jena says

    omg, coconut! i’ve been loving the dannon and yoplait coconut but i bet chobani can nail it, i love them!

  41. Alli says

    Coconut! I hope it’s the same as those new chobani mixes–the coconut with almonds and dark chocolate…. SO GOOD!!

  42. amanda says

    How fun! I’m definitely interested in that coconut flavor and intrigued about the orange vanilla!

  43. Lorena says

    I would love to try the new lime flavored yogurt. Lime desserts are the best recipes anybody thought up, and now Chobani is going to be my quick, easy, and healthy dessert option, and I guess I’ll need to figure out how to include it in my not-so-healthy dessert recipes!

  44. Amy says

    I hope you don’t get in big trouble! I would love to try the lime, though the coconut is a close second!

  45. Debbie B. says

    I want to try the lime. I have a yummy creamy chicken enchilada recipe that uses lime yogurt to get the creaminess and this would be amazing.

  46. Heather says

    Coconut! I have been eating all coconut all the time in an effort to pretend I live somewhere tropical.

  47. Paige says

    I would loveeee to try the lime! Last time you posted those china I flip
    Cups I went to every grocery store I could bike too to look for them it took about a month or two for me to find them :/ lime seems like. Good summer flavor

  48. Kelsea says

    Coconut, love anything coconut!! Are they all fat free? Not gonna lie, I hate when they make the good flavor a with 2% fat.

  49. Melanie says

    All the flavors! Yum! But if I had to pick only one, I think the orange vanilla sounds delightful.

  50. Allison says

    I am pretty pumped about the lime–coconut sounds awesome, too. My fave Chobani flavor as of yet is the pineapple so something else tropical will suit me just fine :)

  51. julie says

    i am most excited to try the coconut one. i would love to put that ish in a smoothie and blend it up. love

  52. Calais says

    Lime! Lime! Lime! Lime! Lime!
    Chobani is my fav, but…..they haven’t had a lime flavor except for the flips so I cheat on them frequently with other yogurts (ashamed).
    So excited for the Lime! Yay! Yay! Yay!
    Now I just have to hope that they release it in VT asap….we tend to be a little slo won the uptake of new products :(

  53. Robyn says

    I am really excited for both the Orange Vanilla and Coconut flavors. Though…they all sound delicious really :)

  54. TeresaD says

    Apricot! I eat Chobanis regularly (usually borings like strawberry banana and blueberry) with my homemade granola.

  55. says

    I’ve had the coconut yogurt with Chobani’s Almond Coco Loco and it’s delicious! So I would be most excited to try apricot.

  56. Shannon says

    Right now in this hot hot weather the line sounds sooooo refreshing. I would crunch up a small square of graham cracker on top and can just imagine it tasting like Key Lime Pie :)

  57. Jen B. says

    Orange vanilla!! I’m dreaming that it will tast like an orange creamsicle, but with the healthy protein!

  58. Becca McKeen says

    Coconut!!! I am obsessed with anything flavored or scented coconut! I can’t wait til it’s released!

  59. says

    I am super stoked about the coconut! The Chobani Flips Almond Coconut is fantastic and I have been wanting the coconut yogurt sans the almonds and chocolate for my smoothies for a while. So happy. :)

  60. says

    They all sound great but my first thought was the same as several other commenters…mix up a couple flavors! If I were to only get one I’d probably go with lime.

  61. Jennifer Noguez says

    OMG – shut the front door! YES – COCONUT!!
    I’ve been waiting for them to release a coconut flavor!!

  62. Samantha says

    Totally lime! I hope that it is refreshing and can maybe help me with my Key Lime Pie addiction! :)

  63. Carolyn says

    Coconut!!! Actually, I’d try the coconut and then mix it with the lime for a Coconut Lime fantasticness!