How I Lost 10 Pounds in 5 steps or 5 million steps on my Garmin


How I lost 10 pounds… in video form because I thought it’s easier to explain myself. And because I’m your peep, bullet points are below for a quick read if you’re at your place of employment. 1. Run. I run more. I didn’t ‘make’ myself run more – it just happened that way. Sometimes when your head or heart aches it helps to make your quads ache instead. So I ran. Like I … [Read more...]

Just the Tip: Running in Hot Weather


This Sunday as I walked past mile 12.9 back to the car I saw a young, fit looking man collapsed on the side of the street. (He was so close to the finish medics were already with him.) He was conscious, but not really responding to questions. I couldn’t help so I moved on. Then, a few yards down I saw another young, fit looking guy collapsed too. There was one medic and a few … [Read more...]