What’s Happening NOW Giveaway

How’s it going? Are you off tomorrow for the Fourth of July?

So here’s what’s happening NOW in my lil life…

1. I was late to get running this morning because I couldn’t find my house key. Then, I realized I had left it in my handheld water bottle pocket. Get it together Monica.

runner handheld water bottle

2. I had a baking fail last night when my cornbread came out ‘eh’.

Then, I added a big squirt of honey to a dollop of butta and my life will never be the same. I wish I didn’t know how easy it was to make honey butter. Yes, I’m sure the ratio of honey to butter should be different, but that’s how I like it.

cornbread with honey butter

3. We have to irrigate Vegas’ cut 2 times a day and it is disgusting.

cone of shame

4. Operation China 2014 is underway. First step, get passport renewed.

new passport(Instagram RunEatRepeat)

Winner of the Chobani New Top Secret Flavors Giveaway is Zoe


NOW Giveaway

NOW Foods recently sent me an awesome package with some of their protein powder and other supplements.

whey protein from NOW sports (800x450)

In keeping with the ‘Back to Basics’ theme for this month I decided to be wild and just try the protein powder in a smoothie instead of in some weirdo recipe.

I blended it with almond milk and ice – it’s good!  They also sent me some Raw Energy Nut Mix, which I added to the protein shake after it was blended. Mmmm! (It’s the same nut mix I featured on my vlog yesterday.)

back to basics NOW protein shake giveaway (800x450)

NOW Foods is giving on RER reader this backpack full of snacks and supplements to try too! It’s a really sweet backpack, I’m pretty excited about it. (The glass container is mine. I couldn’t wait to open the nut mix, busted!)

Now sports backpack prize (450x800)

To Enter: Leave a comment with what’s going on with you NOW. What are you eating / doing / reading / other NOW?

Open to residents of the US and Canada. Closes 7/5/13 at 8pm PST. NOW foods sent me these products with compensation. All opinions are my own.


    • Marcee says

      Yeah …. weekend too. Tryin to hurry up with the workday.

      Monica …. what the hey happened to Vegas? Ohmygosh. Poor kitty cat. Did he get into another fight? Jeesh. Vegas thinks he’s SuperCat.

  1. karen says

    Im watching my three boys, trying to keep them entertained without going insane. I’m also thinking of being in Vegas next week sans those three kiddos so I guess I’m smiling too.

  2. Jenny says

    I’m pretending to work while at work. I’ve already mentally checked out for a vacation weekend where I get to visit my nieces and nephews (1 niece and 1 nephew are brand new and I’ll be meeting them for the first time tomorrow!).

  3. Ally Turner says

    I am currently reading my study materials for personal training! I just ate a delicious almond poppy seed muffin from the all mighty Costco. I am trying to be patient for the long relaxing weekend ahead!!

  4. says

    I, too, am “working.” Aka: watching Netflix, reading, and being on FB, Twitter, and the internet in general :) ahhhh love my job!

  5. Jackie says

    Currently eating a So Delicious coconut yogurt and drinking a RW Knudsen cranberry spritzer. This is the most exciting give away you’ve done. I LOVE NOW!!!!!!!

  6. says

    Eating roasted green beans and okra from the farmers market while catching up on reading blogs and resting up for tomorrows race!

  7. kathleen says

    right now, I’m watching How I Met Your Mother… it’s a rainy summer afternoon, so it’s acceptable!

  8. Kat says

    I am NOW reading this post while mentally preparing for my 4th of July race tomorrow morning and wishing I had some of that protein powder (seriously anything with the word fudge in it has to be good!!!!) to put into my post run smoothie for tomorrow 😉

  9. Ivy says

    Right now I’m pretending to clean up the house but in reality just watching my new labradoodle puppy play with her toys :)

  10. Suzanne says

    Right NOW I am on my work laptop at home because the power went out in our building on a sunny day! Yay! Someone REALLY wanted to leave early, I guess!
    And NOW I am getting ready to go to the gym so I have the rest of the night to chill!

  11. Kathy R. says

    I don’t envy you. I’ve had to do the irrigation thing on our cat when he had gotten in a fight. Disgusting is definitely the right word for it.

  12. Laurel Poole says

    Right now I’m reading your blog while sitting at work and contemplating how I’ll survive the 4th of July 5k tomorrow in Orlando!

  13. says

    awesome giveaway. and you’re going to china? thats amazing (ive been a bad blog reader lately).

    right now im signing up for the vail hill climb this saturday…7.5 miles uphill woo hoo! sounds terrible haha

  14. TiffanyLynn says

    Well.. I’m supposed to be working, but it’s pretty obvious that I’m slacking off at the moment. :)

  15. says

    Since both my son and I are on break from school/work I am NOW working on taking good care of myself! I am cooking more, eating healthy, exercising more (and loving it!), had a massage last week and want to get my nails done soon!
    NOW is my time, and I would love to incorporate those supplements and proteins to my routine now so I can maintain them in when all the crazyness start back. But seriously, I am just enjoying this moment and don’t want to think about that now!

  16. Jessica says

    I am trying unsuccessfully to organize the food in my kitchen because I have NO room for anything. 😀 Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. Melissa says

    Right now i’m praying my cramps go away before my run tonight. Also hoping Vegas gets better soon, he looks pretty bummed out. Sad cats are sad (poetic, I know).

  18. Meg says

    I’m eating a big spoonful of almond butter, drinking my third liter of water, and perusing tilapia recipes for dinner tonight while I wait for the last 5 minutes of work to be done! :)

  19. Cindy Newlun says

    I just made a tropical dream Chia seed dessert and stuck it in the refrigerator. I am addicted to those seeds. I am reading your blot and excited I discovered it because it has been helpful in my pursuit of better running and health.

  20. Caroline says

    You caught me. Right now I’m taking a break from editing papers to read your blog and am hoping hoping hoping I will win your giveaway! Now, back to those papers… :)

  21. Kristyn Sorber says

    Right now I am in a car (passenger!) on the way to the Adirondacks for a family vacation packed with running, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities. I am stoked! How sweet would it be if I had that backpack to fuel me for all of this outdoor fun? Maybe for the next trip? 😉 ps Congrats on your weight loss – go you!

  22. says

    At work, waiting for the day to end because I’m ready to be home! :)

    Is it just me, or does the day before a holiday/vacation seem to go by slower than a normal day?

  23. Kaelin says

    Right now??? I’m sitting on the couch. Today is my wedding anniversary, and I have been busy cleaning the house and baking my husband a treat!

  24. Shannon B. says

    Watching the clock waiting for 4:00 or there abouts…smile.

    Did I miss what happened to poor Vegas? Hope he gets better soon and you don’t have to keep cleaning the owie.

    Happy 4th!!

  25. says

    I’m taking a break by reading your blog, eating a red white and blue popsicle (co-workers birthday treat), and getting excited to see my brother, sister-in-law and little nephew this weekend!

  26. says

    I’m one hour away from a 4 day weekend and can’t wait to get in a run tonight! Then concerts, fireworks and fun for the next 4 days!!!!

  27. says

    Right now I’m finally getting in the shower…had a nice run this morning, did a little baking and some crafty stuff with my daughters! Now it’s time to get clean!!! Thanks for having yet another awesome giveaway!

  28. Rae Anne says

    Right now I’m counting down the miuntes (29) until my 4-day weekend starts! Then off to a picnic for my husbands’ birthday!

  29. Emily says

    I am eating a large spinach salad. Contemplating which how chores I must do NOW and which ones can wait for some other time.

  30. says

    Right NOW I am sitting at work, munching on a rice cake covered in honey peanut butter, and reading your blog trying to pass the time! It’s been a rather slow day here and I’m ready to go home.

  31. says

    Right now i am counting down minutes until my actual day-off paid Fourth of July holiday! I never stop being excited by no longer being in the “you have no life of your own” service industry. Also, reading When “Spiritual But Not Religious” is Not Enough by Lillian Daniel.

  32. Sierra says

    Irrigating my horse’s leg wound! Thankfully he doesn’t have to wear a cone but I have to let te water run over it 10 min 2x/day which gives me pleanty of time to multitask and read RER!

  33. Michele says

    Currently prepping to make jam with the 32# of strawberries I picked this morning, reading RER and thinking about my 4:30am wake up call tomorrow morning for a half marathon.

  34. Cassie says

    Right NOW I am laying out by the pool after yoga and the elliptical this AM. I’m catching up on blogs, drinking sparkling water (watermelon punch flavor) loving my summer break as a kindergarten teacher. Life is good :)

  35. Shannon P says

    Right NOW, I am working. Ew. I just ate an apple cinnamon larabar. Yum. And I wish I were reading Gone Girl, which is currently sitting on my night stand. Sigh. Enjoy your Fourth! :)

  36. Jordan says

    I actually just finished meal planning for the ENTIRE month of July! It’s such a money saver. I’m also watching Army Wives and waiting for a run with my girls! Have a fab 4th!

  37. Laura says

    I am attempting to study for a test I have for graduate school on Monday but mostly just procrastinating!

  38. Caitlin F. says

    I’m eating a dark chocolate coconut balance bar at the moment and 10 minutes from a 4 day weekend getaway with the boyfriend. Life is good. :)

  39. Jennifer Noguez says

    at work (it’s totally dead here) eating plain greek yogurt with a banana. getting amped for my workout :)

  40. Rebekah patin says

    I am reading blogs while I lay here recovering from surgery. It’s been a long few weeks.

  41. Sandy says

    Right now I am at work, pretending to work, and reading your blog. I’m getting excited to start the Insanity workout!

  42. Hayley Hansen says

    I am taking my first hot “yogalates” class this week…NOW I’m scared I may melt into a pool of sweat and tears during downward dog.

  43. Melissa K says

    Right now I am catching up on my “important reading” and thinking about how nice it is to have off this week since my boss is away on vacation :)

  44. Lindsay h says

    I’m waiting for my friends to pick me up and go to a Kansas City soccer game! I’m also currently dreaming about Targets monster trail mix…

  45. MaryBeth says

    Right now it’s my birthday! To celebrate, I’m going out to eat for every meal (no cooking! no dishes!). So right now, I am currently waiting for my parents so we can go out for dinner! :)

  46. says

    What’s going on now?!?! I’m on bed rest waiting on baby to come in the next week and a half!!! 😀 Then back to running and getting fit after postpartum recovery!

  47. Megan says

    I’m currently reading the Game of Thrones book series all while trying to avoid all social media that would ruin what happens for me. Quite the challenge.

  48. says

    Whoa! Best passport photo ever!

    Do you like that Nathan handheld water bottle? I just bought one last week and have only run one time with it. I’m used to carrying a water belt, and I found the handheld thing to be kind of heavy and annoying. Maybe I should just try getting used to it?

  49. says

    Right now, I’m catching up on blogs and trying to decide how early I need to get up tomorrow if I want to get in a run before the festivities.

  50. Marie says

    Ready to start the long holiday weekend with my family; waiting for my husband to finish grilling the fajitas. Have a great weekend! Loved the vlog and info yesterday; very inspirational!

  51. Ashley Conway says

    I am getting therapy for a running injury now in hopes that I will be able to run again in a week!!

  52. Ines says

    I’m working out on my elliptical at home while reading all my favorited blogs and entering an awesome giveaway.

  53. says

    Poor Vegas!!

    Man you have a lot going on!!!

    Me – I am taking my #10Minutesaday for me! I am thinking lots about my future. I am looking for work. I am eating my same boring ole stuff & would love to add NOW to the mix! 😉 I am hoping to see grandkids at the end of summer but for now I am being present!

  54. Kelly M says

    Stress eating clean comfort food(quinoa, pumpkin, honey, cinnamon, plain greek yogurt all mixed together) after a very stressful day at work.

  55. Stacey says

    Just had some chips and salsa. NOW I’m trying to decide if I want to enter a race tomorrow morning.

  56. says

    I am currently procrastinating from studying for my anatomy summer course while drinking my favorite tonic of warm water and apple cider vinegar!

  57. Emily says

    Sitting on the ferry to my parents ‘ house on an island near Seattle… Ready race in my hometown Fourth of July 5K tomorrow!

  58. Bobbie says

    Right NOW I am fighting myself over whether or not I want to train for the philly marathon in November. Since I should technically start my training right now I need to decide…..
    Just starting a new job and just wondering if this is the time to check the full off of my bucket list??!!!

  59. Kristen B. says

    Taking a break from working on my inspiration board. It’s been on the to-do list for a while and finally doing it.

  60. tara says

    Ugh… Just got out of a four hour surgery that should have been forty minutes. Putting my feet up, resting for a nice fun on my day off tomorrow!!!!

  61. Mave says

    I’m increasing my run/walk “training;” I’m getting ready to have a not-so-great 4th of July weekend (I work); am following WW the best I can, and hoping to increase my workouts.

  62. Julie says

    Right now I’m catching up on my blog reading, snacking on watermelon and semi watching Robert irvine makeover a restaurant on the food network.

  63. says

    I actually had my tonsils removed today. pretty painful stuff for what I am doing NOW. :) It would make my day to win this. I would love to drink some protein shakes while I can’t have solid food! Plus, the nut mix is something awesome to look forward to!

  64. Michelle B says

    Right now I am eating some delicious cherries! Nothing better :)
    And may I say, you have the most photogenic passport photos ever.

  65. Lisa says

    What’s going on with me now……Icing my first running injury and waiting for Friday to get here because thats the big MRI to find out if I have a meniscus injury. What am I eating……Just about everything I have been able to get my hands on, this inability to run has lead to some pretty poor eating habits!! What am I reading……All of the Niki Heat books, I suddenly have lots of free time now that the first full marathon training is on hold.

  66. Lorena says

    Aww poor Vegas!

    I just finished having english muffing pizzas for dinner, who knew such a simple easy “pizza” could be so delicious! And now I’m off to catch up on Revenge episodes.

  67. Amy says

    It’s my birthday!!! I am chillin’ on the couch reading your blog while my hubby is looking at Facebook. My kids are making me a pita pizza for my birthday dinner. Can you say delish? Instead of a birthday cake I requested watermelon. Are you jealous yet? :)

  68. Kelly says

    Right NOW I’m reading your blog and thinking about the flag cake I’m going to attempt to make tomorrow.

  69. Stacey says

    NOW, we have two recovering patients in our house (daughter – scoliosis surgery, husband – bone spur removal from his heel). We are excited that we registered for the Las Vegas Half in November. AND we are trying to eat in “paleo” fashion….Happy 4th!!

  70. says

    Gchat-ing with my bro in Houston regaling me with their plans for 4th July while I’m on this side of the world working and having lunch at my desk. Not fair!

    And I’m on a roll with cashew nuts lately.

  71. MiaMia says

    I’ve got my feet propped up on a pillow while reading my fave running blogs. A little tea and it’ll be nighty night time!

  72. Aimee says

    Right NOW I just woke up and am getting ready for an early morning wake up on this hot 4th of July!

  73. Amy says

    Right now I am going to have some yougurt and run a youth two miler with my sons, neice, and nephew! Happy 4th!!!

  74. Christine says

    I am reading “A Memory of Light” the last (14th) book in the Wheel of Time Series. It’s fantastic!

  75. says

    Right now, I’m recovering from a 4 mile race this morning with some water and coffee. Recovery of champions :)

    Side note: I feel ya on #1! When I was in college, I left my student ID in my iPod case after a run. I needed it to get in to my sorority house where I lived out that time, freaked out when I couldn’t find it, spent $15 to replace it, then found it when trying to put my new ID in my iPod case when I went on another run a week later. Awesome move!

  76. Natalie P. says

    I am cleaning and organizing my apartment before some friends come over for a dip in the pool!!! Thanks for this giveaway :)

  77. Paige says

    I’m working a cross country camp at the naval academy we just got back from the weeks long run with the kids. A lot of them went their furthest distance ever in a single run!

  78. Shannon F. says

    I am doing my morning ritual of reading RunEatRepeat, drinking tea…..and now I am watching my kitten climb up the screen door. I hope Vegas gets back to 100% very soon!

  79. Shari says

    NOW: going to go cross train at the gym. This includes reading pleasure novel while on the step mill and reading one of my law school text books while on the bike, plus some weights. I am finishing my last 6 months of my law degree!! woooo hooo!
    Trying very hard to eat healthy: nuts and fruits as snacks, and trying some gluten free recipes.
    Nursing 2 guinea pigs back to health after they got pneumonia.

  80. Jordan says

    Right now, I’m reading your blog and waiting for my family to get ready to head to a 4th of July cookout. Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. Jamie says

    Sitting in bed planning lessons for next year while I read Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech (I’m a 5th grade teacher).

  82. MartinaNYC says

    I ran 6 humid miles this morning and now I’m in bed chilling and eating home made french toasts 😉 Happy 4th of July Monica!!!

  83. Linda says

    I am spending this holiday weekend cat sitting for my daughter’s cutie pie, Jake. (LOVE the sad little face of your kitty who is ailing!) Jakie was none to happy that his peeps were gone and that he’d not been asked when choosing someone to fill in. He was pretty distant the 1st day, but by yesterday he greeted us by sitting in the window and waving. No, really….he did! :)

  84. says

    NOW I am trying to find time to train for my next half. With three kids and hot weather, it’s getting tough.
    PS- how do you like the hand held water bottle? I need something for hydration and I HATE my hydration belt. Ugh!

  85. says

    Right now, I’m looking at recipes to cook tofu in different ways and working on my new blog! I’ve got my feet up and I’m relaxing after a hot/humid 6 mile run this morning. =)

  86. says

    I am in the 5th week of P90X, and I’m trying to detox my body from white sugar. Not fun but I’m sure it will be beneficial to me.

  87. says

    I just started phase 2 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer and today’s leg workout was INTENSE. So NOW I’m relaxing at a coffeeshop with an iced latte.

  88. Emily says

    I’m working up the motivation to get off my lazy butt and make myself some lunch. Cuz I’m hungry. But lazy. 😛

  89. zoe says

    i did some laundry, and today became a rest day rather than tomorrow bc i have to go into work tomorrow and so I figured I’d do my usual gym+ work routine on friday instead!

  90. Ttrockwood says

    I am eating a huge bowl of watermelon and researching a trip to greece that i am planning!
    Awesome giveaway!

  91. Rachel says

    Right NOW I’m relaxing and enjoying my favorite blogs after spending an hour at the gym! Right NOW I’m drinking a bottle of water and listening to the rain outside. :)

  92. Natasha Pattison says

    NOW i am home from a long day of work, about to go relax at the pool until i get the motivation to make dinner!!!

  93. Candice says

    I am training for my first half. Unfortunately I have been sidelined with a stupid summer cold for a week! Ugh! I definitely need all the healthy help I can get!! :)

  94. says

    Waiting for my daughter to fall asleep, and my hubs to come home from work, so we can grill and climb on the roof to see the fireworks!

  95. kate lewis says

    I am Now basking in the glory of a major goal attained….5k PR and under 30 mins. This has been a huge goal for me!

  96. Sarah S says

    Drinking coffee in my pjs. Glad I’m not rushing my boys out the door for school. Long live Summer!

  97. Katie says

    I’m drinking coffee and playing catch up on emails since I didn’t look at any on my day off yesterday! :)

  98. Kristin H says

    Back in work after a wonderful 4th of July celebration. Really wish i was home though with my husband and daughter who are probe still in bed!

  99. Becky says

    I ran my first offical half marathon yesterday! The Twin Cities Reed, White and BOOM! I am also training for the Twin Cities marathon in October and planning for my wedding in September! :)

  100. says

    I’m currently typing up meeting minutes at work and finishing up my blog reading on feedly. Oh, and I just ate a cookie dough quest bar. 2nd one in two days. Happy Friday! <3

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