Long Run Report

20 facts about my long run…

1. 5am. Early wake up call to beat the heat!

2. Pre-run rituals = iced coffee, some kinda bread situation, nuun.

what to eat before a long run marathon training

3. I started out with my fuel belt packed with 4 bottles but it was super bouncy so I ditched 2 after one loop.

fuel belt with nuun for marathon training

Refilled two times.

refill at fountain how to run a marathon

4. I haven’t run this long with Brooks Pure Connects so I brought my Flows in the car in case I needed to switch out.

5. Brought along some New Skin Anti-chafing spray too. I should have reapplied, but I forgot.

 new skin anti chafing spray for marathon training

6. Running for 3 hours gives you a lot of time to think. Things I thought about on my run:

A.) A new blog idea for when I retire from RER!

B.) No bake lemon bar recipe <- in the fridge now.

C.)  Saw a barefoot runner, but he had socks on. So he was a sock runner?

7. Around mile 19 I was stopped at a light and a guy asked me how much I was running. Telling someone “I’m running 20 miles.” Makes for some funny reactions. I know, I know it’s ridiculous to run 20 miles.

But he didn’t judge and told me there is some race on Catalina Island where you kayak and then swim and then drink. I swear he said it was a race, but that just sounds a good time. Can anyone confirm this race thing?

8. 20 miles done.

20 mile run to train for a marathon

9. Went to Whole Foods after the run. This is my favorite post-run ritual.

whole foods in tustin after a marathon training run

10. Around mile 14 I decided I was either going to quit or get some cake after the run. I opted for cake from Nothing Bundt Cake

nothing bundt cake bag

what runners eat after marathon training

Oh, I guess that was only 10 facts. But I’m busy eating cake so that’s all I got.

Question: Are you eating anything fun today?


  1. says

    A barefoot runner with socks…weird. Socks just seem wrong. Was he a vibram runner with socks? I’m a vibram runner and I can’t stand socks unless the temperature dips below 30 degrees. That said, I really need to try actual barefoot running one of these days.

    In terms of your whole foods salad mix – I swear I had the exact same salad for lunch yesterday (at least the part of it’s thats on the left of the picture)….SO GOOD!

  2. says

    I wish I could imagine the idea of running 20 miles (in my case 32 kilometers). The top number ran in 10 km, so… 6-point-something miles… sounds sooo pathetic by comparison. Do you have any tips?

  3. says

    Just started a blog to document my weight loss and that little yummy confection just inspired my next post :) love the blog as always! Oh and you’re looking fabulous btw!!

  4. says

    I love it when someone asks how far you’re running and you can just casually say ‘mmmm, 20 miles today’ and wait for their reaction!!! :)

  5. says

    I say “hooray!” to everything about this long run! Esp: waffle + iced coffee + no bake lemon bars! I LOVE lemon bars. Can’t wait to read this recipeeeeee :)

  6. april says

    yum, i love WF :)

    i’ve never seen a barefoot runner with socks (that seems very weird!), but i did see a guy running while dribbling a basketball during a half marathon. we were running around the same pace and he kept dribbling up to the very end.

  7. says

    Love all the randommess that happens during long runs. I’m not eating anything exciting today, but I’m drinking a Kahlua coffee beverage the moment, and it’s quite tasty.

  8. says

    Made and ate some delicious lasagna rollups. 8 mile run for me tomorrow morning hopefully it will go as we’ll as your 20 miler.

  9. says

    I love Whole Foods after a run! Which makes me weird, I know, to crave salad, but especially when it’s hot I don’t want anything heavy! My cookie cravings start later in the day after I’ve cooled off.

  10. says

    Nice running!! Glad you got cake afterward! I always crave sweet delicious things while I am running. I am having a very boring food day.

  11. says

    We had a belated 4th of July meal today…just simple, traditional but good whole foods (barbeque chicken breasts, sliced avacado, Maverick Farms hot dogs, deviled eggs, sliced cantaloupe and tomatoes, fruit salad with fresh farmer’s market blueberries, strawberries and pineapple, and baked beans :)
    I’m so envious of all the Whole Foods meals so many bloggers post about…there’s not a Whole Foods anywhere near me, and it looks delicious!! I ate lunch there once in Oakland, CA and shopped there with my mom in Birmingham, AL but that’s the extent of my Whole Foods experience :(

  12. says

    We don’t run so much anymore , must be getting old sadly but both my partner and I love long mountain bike rides now and the reward at the end of the ride is always worth the effort:)

  13. says

    haha! I love people’s reactions when you tell them how far you’re running… it’s like they thought you were running up your driveway only or you ran out of gas and had to go the the gas station to buy some or something! ;P
    That cake looks delicious! :)

  14. Lucy says

    Made dinner tonight. BBQ ribs and mashed potato with truffle oil. Gateau Basque (cookie with pastry cream tart) for dessert! I did a long run of 18 today, so rewarding myself this one day…

    The cake looks delicious! You are a speedy gal for a long run!

  15. says

    Way to go on 20 miles! Do you run on the sidewalks or did you just find yourself at a random light? I’m always worried that having to stop at a light will break my concentration and I won’t be able to start running again… thoughts?

  16. Sarah B says

    Whole Foods and bundt cakes?? Did you go to the giant Whole Foods in Irvine?? That store is my absolute favorite in the whole entire world. Not even kidding. I’m thinking about buying a motorhome and squatting in the parking lot. 😛

  17. says

    I’m going on a longish run this morning (5:15 wake up call), and I made myself a batch of blueberry corncakes with iced coffee. Yummy

  18. says

    You are amazing and I aspire to be you when I get better at running. I’m also a red head (canadian, not mexican) and am training for my first half marathon. I hope one day I can run 20 miles for fun, because I love cake. Holla.

  19. Gillian says

    Ok if you get the chocolate version of that cake and heat it just enough that the frosting starts to melt it is AMAZING! I’m running long today but only 13. I took a few slow weeks after RnR San Diego and am not back up to speed yet. When’s your next full Mary? I’m trying to stay focused during July/August when it seems there aren’t many races.

  20. says

    Not eating anything exciting today, but going to try protein pancakes tomorrow. It might not qualify as exciting, but my first try.

  21. Michelle Pearson says

    Great post on the long run day! I was just looking at those 4 bottle hydration belts yesterday – so thankful you included the comment about being super bouncy.

  22. Jackie says

    My cousin is coming home from college so one of my aunts is making spaghetti! Which I have not had in awhile but I made my weight goal today so i deserve it! :)

  23. Kelly says

    Leftover Triple Chocolate brownie minus the a la mode from dinner last night. Great job on your run!

  24. says

    How does celebrating BIL’s birthday at Hard Rock followed by the most awesome berry cake sound? Pics are up on my blog!

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