Muddy Buddy Recipe for One


I made Muddy Buddy mix around the holidays last year… Then, I proceeded to eat it all. Okay, my family may have snuck one or two little Chex pieces when I wasn’t guarding it with my life. The FDA hasn’t approved any claims on this treat, but I have heard it can cure Needchocolateitis when you have no treats in the house. So here’s a one serving recipe of the amazing … [Read more...]

SportHooks Giveaway–Race Medal Hanger


Happy Monday! I had my first low key weekend in years. It was nice, but I got bored by 2pm on Sunday. Luckily there was a fun RunDisney twitter chat to keep me busy for a bit in the evening (see below). This morning I did an easy 6 miles and enjoyed an avocado breakfast quesadilla. We have SO SO SO many avocados it’s sick. And by sick I mean awesome. And because I really … [Read more...]