Muddy Buddy Recipe for One

one serving dessert muddy buddy mix

I made Muddy Buddy mix around the holidays last year…

Then, I proceeded to eat it all.

Okay, my family may have snuck one or two little Chex pieces when I wasn’t guarding it with my life.

muddy buddy mix

The FDA hasn’t approved any claims on this treat, but I have heard it can cure Needchocolateitis when you have no treats in the house.

So here’s a one serving recipe of the amazing gluten free chocolate-y

Muddy Buddy Mix Recipe


  • 1 Tb nut butter
  • 1 Tb chocolate syrup or chocolate chips
  • 1 cup Chex  cereal
  • 1 Tb. powdered sugar

Directions: Spray microwave safe bowl with non-stick

Add to bowl: 1 Tb. Nut Butter & 1 Tb. chocolate syrup or chocolate chips

muddy buddy mix one serving (800x450)

Melt in the microwave for 15 – 45 seconds depending on your ‘wave.

Mix. Add 1 cup of Chex cereal. Mix gently to coat the cereal.

muddy buddy one serving dessert mix (800x450)

Sprinkle 1 Tb. powdered sugar on mix. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to set.


one serving dessert muddy buddy mix (800x450)


  1. says

    I do this all the time with Rice Krispies instead of Chex and butterscotch instead of chocolate. Melt the pb and bscotch together, stir in Rice Krispies, and you have a great cereal :-) Add dark chocolate chips in like you would raisins to any other cereal bowl, and you have the best dessert ever!

  2. Shannon in Tustin says

    This recipe could make countless women (with needchocolateitis) happy and free! Thank you for this important contribution to the universe. 😀 You should probably take the rest of the day off–rest on your laurels!

  3. says

    Holy cow, the recipe I always used called for a plastic garbage bag to mix a massive amount…so excited to try a single serving!!!

  4. Sarah says

    For the love of God, do NOT make this with Chex MIX. That would be some nasty shiz…

    To protect the innocent and unknowing puppy-chow-virgins, I beg you to correct your recipe at once!

  5. says

    What a great idea! And so easy! We used to make muddy buddies all the time in college then end up getting drunk and eating the whole gigantic bowl. If only I had known about this recipe then…but of course drunk people have no patience for single serving sizes so I doubt it would have helped. But now it’s great to have around!

  6. says

    So glad you posted the “recipe for one” because I was about to email you and ask for it. Do you have a Chex that you prefer? Rice? Corn? Although the fact that someone posted about Vanialla Chex and that sounds like it could be the winner!

  7. says

    I love Muddy Buddies! Like you, I can eat my weight in these things. I made them for my stepson’s birthday party and I may have been the one to eat the most. Thanks for the single serve version! You’ve saved me from gaining 10 pounds.

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