The Boiling Crab in Garden Grove

My brother’s birthday on Wednesday he wanted to go to The Boiling Crab. It’s locally famous and there are a handful of locations in SoCal and a few in TX and Las Vegas.

The wait was 45 minutes on a Wednesday night! I thought that was crazy for around here. I mean we were in Garden Grove, not LA.

the boiling crab in garden grove (800x450)

Normally we have a “Only eat seafood when you’re within 15 miles of the sea” rule that I don’t actually stick to and this just made it!


We started with oysters which probably actually came from Alaska or wherever oysters hail from.

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Remember I tried my first fried oyster a few weeks ago in Ventura? Well, it was time to step up my game with a RAW oyster. I wasn’t a fan, but everything once, right?

my first oyster at the boiling crab (800x800)

Happy Birthday Michael.

the boiling crab (800x450)

The Boiling Crab in Garden Grove

The menu is very simple – just seafood and a few side options.

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We had sweet potato fries to share. the boiling crab sweet potato fries (800x450)

They bring you your seafood in a bag full of juices and spices. It’s amazing, but MESSY!!! I ordered crawfish and a corn with “the works” and medium spice. It was delicious!

the boiling crab crawfish (800x450)

This is the ‘Before’ picture of the table. I couldn’t take a pic of the ‘After’ because my hands were dripping.

the boiling crab menu (450x800)

Since we did cake on the Fourth of July we did fro-yo instead.

yogurtland carrot cake flavor (450x800) yogurtland in garden grove (450x800)

Overall, I loved it! And the prices are good. But, I need practice peeling crawfish. This was only the second time (the first was in NOLA in Feb!) but I needed a refresher course and it was still a little frustrating.

Question: Raw Oysters – Yes or No?


  1. says

    I like steamed oysters, but not so much raw. I have to say that I had tried just about every type of seafood, but whole crawfish is one thing I haven’t ever tried.

  2. Monica says

    Wow I can’t believe you got raw oysters AND crawfish! Are you secretly from Louisiana? I’m from there, so these are a natural part of my diet (or were anyway) I love them!

  3. Laura says

    Love, love, love raw oysters. If you’re ever in Monterey there’s a local spot where they have the best oysters – raw, fried, BBQ grilled (those are amazing)!!

  4. Shannon F. says

    Yummy…….looks so good. I have to check this place out soon. My husband and I went to The Kickin Crab in Santa Ana, on Bristol, close to South Coast Plaza, and it was super duper yummy. If you go here you must try their garlic noodles. Happy Birthday to your Bro!!!!!

  5. Shannon says

    Thank you for sharing your dislike of oysters because I was starting to think I was the only person who doesn’t like them. I do not get the obsession. But I could definitely get behind carrot cake froyo. Yum.

  6. says

    My bf’s bday is in 2 weeks and we’re planning to go to the Boiling Crab! I hear it’s great. I always get that one confused with the Kicking Crab. I think they’re similar but I’ve heard the Boiling Crab is better.

    Also I’m dying to try that carrot cake fro yo. Happy Birthday to your bro!

  7. Gillian says

    Big fat no on oysters. Eeew. But I actually considered skipping dinner and just hitting up Yogurtland after my run today

  8. says

    No to raw oysters. I’m not keen on the idea of raw meat or fish. Veggies yes, meats no. Now, raw puddings (ok, I mean cake batter) yes!

  9. kay marie says

    I am from Louisiana, so I am very familiar with peeling boiled
    crawfish. Try oysters chargrilled. Non-raw eating fans love it. I am amazed you guys were able to eat them in California. The restaurant has definitely been added to the list.

  10. says

    I’m vegan but before this, I loved oysters raw (with a squeeze of lemon juice). Sometimes my dad would buy back “oh-chien” ie omelette with oysters from the hawker centre or stalls for supper.

  11. says

    That’s a typical south east Texas meal! LOL. I was reading this and it just so reminded me of things around here. Crawfish = too much work for not enough. My husband is from TN and he doesn’t get the fuss about the seafood and crawfish, but it’s second nature to us coasties.

  12. Denise says

    I like them raw. There are so many types and some taste more metallic or earthier then others. I prefer them grilled then dipped in butter and Tabasco. I realized the other day that I dont like them fried.

  13. says

    No raw oysters for me thanks. When I saw the picture of the map with Garden Grove I smiled. I was just on vacation in Cali last week and we drove down 405 from Los Angeles toward San Diego where I noticed the signs for Westminster! I also saw a sign for John Wayne Airport and immediately had an image of you taking a pic of yourself while traveling in/out of there. I kinda sorta think I need to move to the Left Coast soon. It’s so lovely out there.

  14. says

    Very jealous of your meal. There is a Crab Shack place a couple of hours from me I really want to try. Also jello of the froyo! I just got my wisdom teeth out and craving soft serve…which is not available in my town! Raw oysters yes.

  15. Terikay says

    This place looks awesome! Your brave to try crawfish. I think they’re too much work. I prefer oysters over an open fire.

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