Training for a Marathon, but What Marathon


So I don’t know who I think I am, but I have been a running fool this year. I have already run 13 races in 2013 and I still have four more half marathons / marathons on the calendar for the rest of the year! Maybe I think I’m Forrest Gump? I mean, I would run across the county and I can see the resemblance… (image source) After my long run weekend before last someone on … [Read more...]

Healthy Business Travel with National Car Rental


I am a crazy traveling alpaca lately and it’s going to get busier as the year continues (see June’s trips: FL, CO, NY)! Traveling is definitely stressful for me so I try to make sure and squeeze in some exercise when I can. My favorite way to get some exercise is to get outdoors and take a walk or run when I’m in a new city. Exercising outdoors rocks because it’s a great … [Read more...]

7 Minute Workout and .7 Seconds on TV


Happy Tuesday! On Friday I got a few messages that readers spotted me on ABC World News. No, they weren’t interviewing me for my opinion on the Zimmerman trial – this was the fluff they put to distract from things like that… the 7 Minute Workout! I made a video of the 7 minute workout a few weeks ago when it first came out. Since then the video has gotten almost 50K views. … [Read more...]