Healthy Business Travel–Outdoors Part II


This is Part II of my Healthy Business Travel blog series. You can see Part I here <- And please tell me you watched my travel vlog because I A.) made a fool of myself in public on that park bench because I almost fell trying to jump over it being funny and B.) had SR and Tina be my videographers on location around the world. Full disclosure - I signed on to do these … [Read more...]

Living A Balanced Life in a Hectic World


Hello! Last night I went to a fancy dinner that I’ll fill you in on soon. But today I’m talking about balance and my fancy time dinner fits in with my thoughts. Thanks to RunEatRepeat I am very lucky to be invited to races, new cities and amazing dinners. I am so so thankful and never take one opportunity for granted. At the same time, since I feel so blessed I have said … [Read more...]