National Ice Cream Day and Sunday Set Up


Happy National Ice Cream Day!!! I celebrated hard with a throw back – went to Thrifty’s Rite Aide for a double scoop cone. That is mocha almond fudge and mint n chip. I am a super nerd and when I was there it took all my effort not to announce to the other customers, “Today is National Ice Cream Day!!! Did you know?! Is that why you’re here too?!” Sunday Set Up It’s … [Read more...]

Protein Waffle Recipe


I told ya I was thinking about waffles yesterday. So when I woke up this morning breakfast was an easy choice – WAFFLES! Protein waffles to be exact… It’s been a long time since I’ve made waffles in my waffle maker – throwing a frozen one in the toaster oven is just so easy! But, I wanted a fresh one and threw together a protein waffle recipe from memory. Remember when the … [Read more...]