Watermelon Carving and Running and Eating


{Disclaimer: Please don’t try and carve a watermelon while you are running or eating.} You may have heard a little rumor that I am the wildest gun in the wilderness best watermelon slicer around. Guilty as charged. Exhibit A: My watermelon cutting video. Exhibit B: My instagram watermelon skills. Unfortunately the artistic gene skipped me and I am not a talented … [Read more...]

Marathon Training and Half Marathon Training


Happy Monday! This morning I did my usual Run / Eat combo. Yep, I like to keep it nice and predictable after 5 years… Marathon Training stuff I mentioned last week that I am running 4 marathons in the Fall and am not training for one of them specifically as my ‘goal race’. I think there was a little mis-communication with people thinking that I was not using a training … [Read more...]