Marathon Training and Half Marathon Training

Happy Monday! This morning I did my usual Run / Eat combo. Yep, I like to keep it nice and predictable after 5 years…

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Marathon Training stuff

I mentioned last week that I am running 4 marathons in the Fall and am not training for one of them specifically as my ‘goal race’. I think there was a little mis-communication with people thinking that I was not using a training plan. Not the case – I am using a plan, but I have the ability to tweak it as I go along given my experience and knowledge.

I received a few questions like… “What marathon training program are you using?”  and “Are you not training for the races?!”

Answer: I am creating my own program and tweaking it along to way so there is room for races and summer travels.

At the Road Runners Club of America Coaching class I helped create a complete marathon training program for an example case. The case study was actually super close to my goals so I took that marathon training program home and based my own workouts on it.  I wrote the workouts in my calendar as a guideline for each day. But – I travel a lot and race a lot so I cannot realistically stick to the plan as written. So, at the beginning of each month/week I look at when/if I am traveling or racing then I change up the training plan based on that.

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This week is a good example –

Coach Steve talked me into running the Xterra Snow Valley Half Marathon THIS WEEKEND. This means I have to change around this week’s runs sine a half is less than my scheduled 15 mile long run. I also have to change next week since I’ll need a few days of rest post-half.

Half Marathon Training

As of next week we will be 16 weeks away from the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon (Nov 17). To anyone who signed up to Run for Something Better with me I’ll be emailing you this week to confirm I have you on the list.

Active provides each runner with a half or full marathon training program (you choose the distance you want). I will be sending out emails with tips and check-ins. And I’m available if you have questions wlEmoticon smile3 Marathon Training and Half Marathon Training If you signed up but, don’t get an email by Friday please contact me.

(Susan is making a baby and can’t run with me this year. So sign up and be my friend! Thanks.)

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You can use this link to sign up for the Orange Laces team

or check out this post if you want more info first.

Motivation Monday

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Question: What are your Monday Mini-Goals for the Week?

Share today and we’ll check-in on Friday!


  1. says

    Monday mini-goals:
    1. BUY MILK! How could I have forgotten to get milk? My morning coffee was just not the same:(
    2. Re-implement 12 minutes of strength training in my living room before work on non running days (M,W,F). This is a big deal. I’m turning 40 this year and I need muskles to keep my metabolism going. Note: This is like going to the DMV 3X a week. I hate strength training.
    3. Listen to music instead of watching TV at night during dinner.

    I’m sure I’ll have no problem with at least 1 of these goal =)

  2. says

    Can you just tack on a 2 mile cool down after your half this weekend to make it an even 15? I do that a lot, plus I always recover so much faster when I get some miles in post-race.

  3. says

    That’s sweet you got to create your own training plan. My mini goal for the week is pretty simple, to just get out with friends more have some fun and still make time for my usual pilates and spin classes in between. Oh and try and get up earlier again.

  4. says

    My mini goal is to run at least 6 miles per week day and at least 10 on Saturday. I have been a slacker with my mileage lately but really enjoy higher mileage. I am working my way back up. I also want to do at least one day of yoga in addition to all my normal workouts.

  5. says

    Monday mini goals: have one long run this week (either today or tomorrow as those are my days off from work), limit my junk food/bored snacks (i have been doing well with this one so far!), and don’t sweat the small stuff! i am definitely my mother’s daughter in that i am a huge worry wart and get myself stressed for nothing.

  6. says

    I’m training for my first ever marathon in November, going to drop in a half in September (which will also be a first). Excited.

    Mini-goal: Really take the off-day I’ve scheduled for tomorrow. I’m running so strong right now. New shoes. Killed 20 miles yesterday. Finally got a weather break from the heat. Maybe I’ll bike or something.

  7. says

    That’s awesome that you’re running 4 marathons this Fall. I hope to get a half and a full in myself. I’ve gotten sort of stuck in the 5k ruts lately, but plan to pick myself up out of it. My mini-goal for the week is to start getting up earlier so that I can run in less heat and humidity. Getting back into some distance this weekend with a long run of 12-15 miles. Wish me luck!

  8. says

    I first read the question as “what is your monday mini golf for the week?” Answer: I hadn’t planned on any but now that you’ve mentioned it a quick 18 holes might be really fun! (but also I plan to do a 7 mile today and some treadmill speedwork on Thursday)

  9. says

    Plyos and meditation are my mini goals. Snow Valley is gonna be a kick-our-ass fun time. Altitude and Elevation. Do two long runs this weekend. Two easy (slow) hours on Saturday and race on Sunday. That will keep you on your plan. I don’t believe in training by miles anyway. Maybe some MTB riding up there or even better wakeboarding Saturday afternoon. Let me know if you are interested in a kick-ass training weekend. “Everything else is just a training run.”

  10. Sarah G. says

    My mini goals this week are to take the “rest week” in my training plan seriously and not overdo every other workout to compensate for my significantly shorter long run this weekend. I struggle with this every time! And also, to eat clean and limit alcohol all week (until hubby’s 30th birthday party on Friday – then all bets are off!)

  11. Tara says

    Mini goal-get in all BBB workouts AND a long run. Having Thurs and Friday off with the husband could easily alter this plan, but I must be strong!

  12. says

    Mini Goals for the week:
    1. Eat more eggs. Why? Because.
    2. Pick up my mileage by 3 this week. (Hopefully without whining about it)
    3. Drop another lb. I have been consistently going down a lb per week and hope to keep that up for as long as I can.
    4. Play with my dogs lots. We were gone this weekend and I know they feel neglected.

    By the DoubleYou, way to go on the 4 fulls in fall. You are a badass.

  13. says

    It’s awesome that you’re doing your own plan for your training. I think (though many of them are still good) people get too caught up in finding the perfect workout plan or training program. I prefer to find it within my own will and determination and goals.

  14. says

    I love this! I don’t really like to follow online training programs because I have a life and things don’t always go as planned. I’ve always made my own! My mini goal is to run 20 miles this week. I haven’t ran in a while because of stress fractures and I’m just getting back into it!

  15. says

    It sounds like you got a lot out of that class! I’m hoping I can find a RRCA coaching class that I can make it to soon–I really want to go through that training! My mini-goals for this week: see how much running I can do without irritating my plantar fasciitis and attend at least 3 yoga classes.

  16. Gillian says

    Decided to do Snow Valley too! We are headed up Saturday and staying on Big Bear Lake. Probably not going home til Sunday night or Monday. I’ll look for you :)

    • says

      Yah!!! Okay. I’m a little worried, BTR was the only other trail race I’ve done. Have you been trail running?

      I’m not sure about our plans yet, might just stay around Snow Valley. TBD. <- Obviously I am very organized…

      • Gillian says

        Never done a trail race. When I lived in Sacramento I used to run on a single track trail (dirt path with some rocks and obstacles like fallen trees) for some training runs. I figure I will just go out and have fun and not try for a PR or anything. Running and racing is fun! Sometimes we get serious when we are shooting for a time goal but I want to do more impromptu fun races in fun places and this seems to fit in nicely ;)

  17. says

    Set up an appointment with a friend who’ll be coaching me for the next 4 months! Excited to start on a formal proper plan where “I’m supposed to follow the plan and leave the thinking to her”.

  18. Denise P. says

    I bet that Xterra Half will be challenging enough that it’ll feel like at least 15 miles.

    My goal for this week is to be able to walk upright for all of it. Sprained some back muscles on the 4th of July and re-injured it last week so I’ve had pretty much zero exercise this month. Awww the joys of pregnancy….

  19. Claire Chappell says

    Was trying to figure out if you are running the Chicago Marathon? My hubs and I are’s our first one. Would love to run into to you if you are there!!

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