Just the Tip: Safety Reminder

Yesterday I had to take care of something near my mom’s so I spent the day working from there. Then, I hung out, ate her food and talked to the dogs. It was a nice change for a Monday Smile

workout safety tips

This morning I made myself go out for a few repeats. I have not been feeling the speed work (okay I never do) but it was on the schedule and I didn’t have a good enough excuse not to do it.  It wasn’t great but I tried. Sometimes you don’t want to exercise and you make yourself and end up feeling GREAT and dominating your workout!

Sometimes you make yourself run and it sucks the whole time just like you figured. But at least you did it. The end.

running safety reminder

I ran in my Brooks Drifts. These are the super duper light weight shoe that I only really use for speed work. I have decided I LOVE them. I like the feeling of a minimal shoe (for short distances) lately. I bet it’s my Tarahuamara blood that’s trying to get me to go barefoot. Yeah, I’m not that cool but I dig these.

brooks pure drift shoes for running (800x450)

*I love these shoes, but I don’t think I would buy a separate pair of shoes for speed work – Brooks sent me these. They are about the same cost as my ‘everyday’ running shoes and having my core shoe is more important to me. You should get new running shoes every 300-500 miles depending (I do about 500).

Have I shown you my lil patio tomato plant? It’s growing!

my patio garden tomato plant (450x800)

Breakfast was eggs and oatmeal. I had a banana with SF butter before I left for my run too.

eggs and tons of ketchup (800x450)

Housekeeping: This weekend I was updating a few things on RER. Sorry if my instagram flooded your reader. #Fail

Also, I may be adding a new page or two to the top. After checking out my recent searches and google searches it seems A LOT of people want to know what/how to eat for half marathon and marathon training. Stay tuned.

Just the Tip: Stay safe!

It’s been a while since we’ve talked runner safety.

The other day someone asked me ‘Where did you run?’ and I said, “The same place I always run and I’m so tired of it…”

I haven’t changed up my route in a long time! Oops. This is a reminder to make sure you are taking safety precautions when you exercise.

Runner/ Walker Safety Reminders:

1. Change up your route / time so you’re not super predictable.

2. Let someone know where you are going and when you’ll be back. If no one is around to check with – text your mom/sister/neighbor/cousin’s dog before and after so they know you got back.

3. Be aware! – On your next run notice 5 new things you don’t really pay attention to. When I run somewhere new I’m more aware, but at home I tend to ‘zone out’. Do your homework and pay attention this week!

Question: When was the last time you changed up your walking or running route?

Does someone know when you will be back?


  1. Jenn says

    Everyone should check out the new Road ID app! It texts someone of your choice, or multiple someones, when you’re leaving and again if you stop moving for more than 5 mins. It includes GPS tracking so they can find you if need be. Obviously not a fool-proof plan, but it is great for what it is! Oh, and you can set your lock screen to display your emergency contact info, allergies, etc.

  2. says

    I need to be better about being safe when I run. I always forget to tell the hubby where I’m going and when I’ll be back. Fun day at your mom’s. :)

  3. says

    Theres also an app called glimpse and if you run with a smartphone you can give people permission to see where you are so sometimes I send it to my mom or roommate so they can track me down when I get kidnapped.

  4. says

    Jealous of your little tomato plant! I need to start growing something.
    I need to be a little better with my safety. I don’t run everyday but do walk each day but I usually go the same route. Um, oops. Maybe I need to change it up.

  5. Sarah G. says

    I tend to do all my morning runs in the same general area (because it’s at an ungodly hour and I am incapable of driving/thinking/etc that early) but I switch up which roads I take and loop through the neighborhood differently each time – typically my route is dictated by which streets have the most streetlamps on and fewest possums waddling across the road.

    My hubs is still asleep when I leave for my runs during the week, so he’d know if I were not home by the time his alarm goes off, something’s up. On the weekends I drive out to different places for my long runs and I always tell him where I’ll be and how many miles I’m running so he has an idea of when I’ll be back, just in case.

  6. Patty T says

    I just started changing up my running route because my dog was getting bored and would drag behind me and not run (she gets a little lazy). I still run in my neighborhood but now loop around different streets or go into the cemetery and run. My runs actually seem a little easier now because I don’t know exactly how far I’m going unlike my last route that I knew exactly what house marked each mile.

      • Tara says

        Sometimes I will reverse my loop-so instead of starting on back roads, and finishing on main roads, I start on the main and loop to the backroads.
        Really tricky : )

  7. says

    I have a few “normal loops” (of varying distances) but I never really run them all at same times daily or whatever. My schedule is kind of hectic so I never run at the same time every day so it doesn’t really bother me having a normal loop. I say to my fiance (if he is home, if not a text) when I leave and say my “normal 4”, “normal 5”, “normal 8” etc and he knows what I am talking about for the most part. I actually just made a few more “normal loops” because I need to incorporate some more hills.

  8. Betsy says

    I live in a city where I don’t know many people and I usually text my mom to tell her what I’m wearing, where I’ll be, when I expect to be home, etc. when I go for a run. Most people think I’m paranoid – glad I’m not the only one who does this!

    • Valerie says


      You aren’t paranoid. When I was younger I used to walk to work each day. One day a guy walking on the street said that he had noticed that I hadn’t walked the day previous and then asked if he could walk me to my office. It was a creepy feeling. He ended up being safe, but after that I never went the same way each day again. I used to notice that I would see many of the same people each day, so I think a lot of people forget that they should switch up their routines.

  9. Kelly says

    Not the question asked but about shoes. I got Brooks PureConnect2 at Nordstrom anniversary sale for less than $60. And love them. I usually wear adrenalines but wanted to try the lighter weight shoe. I am tempted to wear them all the time but not sure they can do distance.

  10. says

    I’m guilty of running a specific route on certain days of the week…

    If you haven’t already, download the Road ID app to your phone. It’s free and it’s awesome! It leaves eCrumbs for you! :-)

  11. says

    I almost always run along main roads so I’m always in view of passing cars and other runners. Other than that, I never ever run trails alone–the thought of who/what could be hiding in the forest terrifies me!

  12. says

    Those are great running tips. I tend to get complacent when I run. I do try to go out at different times and vary my route a bit, but it gets tough because if I venture too far away from home, it can get sketchy.

    I do always carry a RoadID. I have the kind that strap on to my shoelaces or I’ll wear a RoadID bracelet.

    Hopefully we’ll all stay safe out there!

  13. emily says

    i recently got pepper spray and run with it all the time and i feel a lot safer while out – i always try to remember it bcos i don’t want to wish i had brought it if i were to need it!

  14. says

    I also do not wear headphones so I can hear things around me – can’t tell you how many people have no idea I am coming up from behind them.. AND watch out for dogs! I was attacked years ago by a dog on a leash that got away from it’s owner…

  15. says

    You don’t change your running route? I swear I change my daily otherwise i go nuts! I always tell someone when and where I’m going running too, just to make sure they have an idea of when I should be home!

  16. says

    I’ve been travelling and moving around a lot over the last few months, so I nearly always run a different route. When I don’t know an area I always stick with busier streets and never run on trails when I’m alone.

    My husband is always worried about me, so I make sure I tell him when I’ll be back.

  17. says

    I never thought about changing my route or forcing myself to pay attention – I try to force myself to zone out to get my mind off the pain of running. Good tips to consider!

  18. says

    I went for a ride this morning and told my husband what time I’d be done so to expect a text. He said that if I was even five minutes late he was selling my stuff 😉

    I need to get a Road ID. They’re so inexpensive but I’ve been dragging my feet.

  19. says

    I randomly thought last night that I need to switch up my running routine. It was 9:30pm and getting a little dark and I heard rustling alongside me…sped up VERY quickly! Turned out it was a deer. Not a stalker. Relieved!

  20. says

    Before I run, my mother calls to say, “You’re not running are you?”
    After the run, I am required to call from the house phone to say I’m still alive. I like the route I use though because it avoids traffic and busy intersections and has a lot of people on it so it feels like a safer route all around.

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