Never Have I Ever with a Monican


This California girl is on her way to Maine! Outside of trips to Boston and NYC I have never explored New England – I really know nada about this part of the world. Hey, don’t judge - in CA you’re raised thinking the rest of the world doesn’t exist… (source) I packed my lunch in a tupperware I was going to throw away anyway, so I ate it and tossed it. Worked … [Read more...]

July Favorites and Traveling to Maine


Happy Thursday! I have a little confession on this fine day – I got Yogurtland ‘just because’ yesterday. I don’t normally go solo, or on a random week day but I really really wanted ice cream after Sunday’s race but never got it. So, I have been thinking about it every since. Craving satisfied! It’s August! So here is a quick recap of my favorite Run, Eat and Repeat from … [Read more...]