Never Have I Ever with a Monican

This California girl is on her way to Maine!

balance in a hectic life (769x577)

Outside of trips to Boston and NYC I have never explored New England – I really know nada about this part of the world.

Hey, don’t judge – in CA you’re raised thinking the rest of the world doesn’t exist…

how california sees america(source)

I packed my lunch in a tupperware I was going to throw away anyway, so I ate it and tossed it. Worked great!


(RER on Instagram)

Now I’m sipping on a free Chardonnay because the flight attendant guy was in a good mood! SCORE!!! (My phone was off per FAA rules so no pic.)

Ahhhh, it feels like vacation when I have an adult beverage heading out of town, is that just me?


Since I’m drinking, you should be drinking. And since I feel like I’m on a fun trip – let’s play a little drinking game!

Never Have I Ever

Rules: I say something I have never done. If you have done it you drink. If you’re at work you have to drink water. Sorry. If you’re at home pour a stiff one and get at it.

Never Have I Ever… been to Maine!

Never Have I Ever… eaten a whole pizza in one sitting

Never Have I Ever… done a keg stand

Never Have I Ever… ate a snail

Never Have I Ever… been drunk at the mall

Never Have I Ever… picked up a hitchhiker

Okay- I HAVE done one of those things!

Do you know which one?? Guess in the comments and tell me how many times you would have to drink with my list!

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  1. Anne C says

    Is it drunk at the mall? I’d have to drink twice- I have been drunk at a mall (which is dangerous bc you buy everything!) and I have eaten a whole pizza (thin crust)!

  2. Jen says

    I am going to guess that you have been drunk in the mall? And I have done all of those things except eat snails. I hope you have a blast in Maine! I go camping on the ocean there every September. It’s paradise for me.

  3. Jessica H. says

    I would be with you on two of those (Maine and the mall). My guess is that you’ve been drunk at the mall as well!

  4. Kez says

    I’ve done three of these…the shame.

    I’m going to bet eaten a whole pizza, because not all pizzas are big enough to leave leftovers or to share.

  5. Katie Coleman says

    Only thing I haven’t done is eat a snail!!! Gah!! Eh, what the hell..every day is an adventure, right??

  6. says

    I guess eating a whole pizza in one sitting!

    I would take one drink: I’ve eaten a snail. I seriously don’t get why they’re considered a delicacy. Not delicious!

  7. Monica says

    Oh man this post was funny. That map is hilarious.
    I’m torn between eating a whole pizza and a keg stand, but I think I’m going with the pizza. I haven’t been reading your blog for that long, so curious to see if I’m right. I would have had one or two drinks, I have eaten a whole pizza and not sure about drunk in a mall-college is a bit of a blur. Oh wait THREE drinks-lol!

  8. says

    I had to giggle at your comment about being raised in CA and thus thinking that the rest of the world doesn’t exist, which was then followed by your picture of the continent of North America – kinda reinforces the stereotype the rest of the world has about Americans – i.e. many don’t realise anything exists outside their continent! 😉 Just joshin’!! Three drinks from Down Under – cheers, cheers and cheers! :)

  9. Kim says

    I have eaten a snail! And I’ve been drunk at the mall hehe.. I’m guessing you ate an entire pizza once!! Am I right?

  10. Annie says

    Who has never eaten a whole pizza? If you never have, well I don’t know if I admire you or feel sorry for you lol

  11. says

    I am laughing because here in New York, you are kinda raised to think nothing outside of this area exists either! Such sheltered lives we live lol…oh, and I would be drinking for all of them except for the fact that I have been to Maine!

  12. Tara says

    I am going to say you went to the mall drunk.
    Have a great time. I love Maine, I am a New England girl, raised on the beaches of NE!

    Got drunk one night doing keg stands on vacation in Maine, so we went to the mall and I was soo hungry, I ate an entire pizza!
    On the way home we picked up a hitchhiker on their way to the beach.

    No snail eating!

  13. says

    I would be so sober off your list. I have never done any of those! I think you may have ate a pizza in one setting orrrr did a keg stand lol. & booooooo to that Map! I live where the old ppl are oh noooooo! I’m trying to escape though lol

  14. Mallory says

    I know you have been drunk at the mall before!! LOL I know your blog way too well for not knowing you :) I would bet $$ on this!

  15. says

    Does it count if I got drunk at one of the mall restaurants?

    If so I would have to drink twice! I live in New England the states are too small not to venture into all of them at some point in your life.

    Hope you have fun in Maine it is a beautiful state!

  16. says

    oooh boy, I’ve eaten a whole (personal) pizza in one sitting, done a keg stand, been drunk at the mall, and been the hitchhiker though I’ve never picked one up. I don’t like this game because my lack of good decision making makes me lose.

  17. amanda says

    I’d be offended about your New England comments (as a born & raised RI’er and current CT resident), but I pretty much think there is no life outside of New England (especially Cali), sorry! :)

  18. chandra says

    I have done 4 of those 6 things. Maybe 5, I’m not sure if I’ve eaten a snail??

    PS: Thank you x10000000 for the dbay shout out last week! I meant to comment, but I’m an ahole… Hope you have a great trip in Maine!! Eat some Lobstah and I’ll call you this week!

  19. Jade O. says

    Bleh…there’s ONE of those that I haven’t done…whoops! I guess I needed a drink anyhow! Good thing the mall is closed!

  20. Ella says

    I would drink once – for having done a keg stand. Ah, college. My guess is that you picked up a hitchhiker.

  21. Catie says

    I’d have to drink twice…drunk at a mall and have done a keg stand.

    I’m guessing you’ve been drunk at a mall? Hasn’t everyone!?!

    PS – that map totally makes me laugh, even though I live in Kansas and am about the furthest thing you can be from a religious nutball. We do have our fair share of them here though.

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