Beach to Beacon 10k Race Recap


Here is my Beach to Beacon 10k Recap! Excuse the delay I made a video while running the race and could not fix some of it so the video is still weird, but I’m rollin’ with it. Beach to Beacon 10k is a race started by US Olympic Marathon Goal Medalist Joan Benoit-Samuelson. It is the largest road race in Maine with 6,000 runners! And it’s really difficult to get into – it … [Read more...]

Fun at the OC Fair


Hello! I’m back in SoCal. I made it home super late last night and started my day with a long run. I didn’t keep the pace I wanted, but it was pretty good considering I had been on a plane for 7 hours the night before. That can really dehydrate you, but I felt good. I went to the OC Fair yesterday with my fam. FYI the LA County Fair is > the OC Fair. We were on the … [Read more...]