Fun at the OC Fair

Hello! I’m back in SoCal. I made it home super late last night and started my day with a long run. I didn’t keep the pace I wanted, but it was pretty good considering I had been on a plane for 7 hours the night before. That can really dehydrate you, but I felt good.

long run (450x800)

I went to the OC Fair yesterday with my fam. FYI the LA County Fair is > the OC Fair.

oc fair 2013 (800x450)

We were on the lookout for the most ridiculous food and ding ding ding = a bacon wrapped turkey leg was it this year!

bacon covered turkey leg stand at fair (450x800)

I went to grab drinks and when I got back it already looked like this. It’s one pound of bacon around a turkey leg. This is not healthy, but sometimes you gotta live it up.

bacon covered turkey leg (800x450)

They had a Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter and Bacon wrapped Banana too! But I went with the OG version. Plus kettle corn for days Smile

oc fair (800x800)

Now I am in desperate need of a detox. My 80/20 balance has been slipping to 80% unhealthy / 20% healthy instead of the other way around and I have to get back to center. I still believe in intuitive eating but eating a whole bag of kettle corn isn’t listening to my body. IE takes conscious effort and I’ve been slipping.

Plus, I really want to step away from fake sugar. I definitely don’t eat it in moderation AND I am addicted to it at this point which makes eating intuitively really difficult. Since a lot of sugar subs are sweeter than ‘real’ sugar my taste buds have been programed to want more. I’m not really doing a ‘detox’. I just want to retrain my taste buds to remember that the sweetness of fruit is delicious and I don’t need 6 Diet DPs on the daily. I will use stevia to sweeten food and just try to check in with myself a little better. The end.

Workout Motivation Monday!

running motivation quote

I still have my B2B race recap coming! See you in a bit!

Never Have I Ever Game results... the ONE thing from that list that I did =

Never Have I Ever… been to Maine!

Never Have I Ever… eaten a whole pizza in one sitting

Never Have I Ever… done a keg stand

Never Have I Ever… ate a snail

Never Have I Ever… been drunk at the mall Yep, I have after Wine in the Woods in Maryland. 

Never Have I Ever… picked up a hitchhiker

Truthfully, eating a whole pizza & picking up a hitchhiker are on my bucket list though! Busted.

Question: What are your Monday Mini-Goals for this week?

My goal is not to drink diet soda.


    • Emily says

      This actually is not a terrible idea. Since I stopped drinking diet soda every single day, when I want a soda every once and a while, I can splurge and have a regular Coke. A regular Coke is so delicious and satisfying that I only need one can or glass bottle (preferred) and I’m good. I enjoy it and move on. That’s actually what IE is. That type of eating (eat a satisfying amount and then move on) doesn’t seem to be practiced on this blog at all.

      • says

        Emily, your tone comes off a little harsh. Maybe that isn’t what you intended, but give Monica a break. She put herself out there, completely and honestly. That is what her loyal readers love about her. She doesn’t claim to be perfect, nor has she called herself an Intuitive Eating expert. If you have had your fill of Run Eat Repeat, please move on.

  1. says

    I was once told that if you can go sugar-free (i.e. candy/treat-free) for three days, your body stops craving it. Works for me every time I try it but I generally don’t drink pop and I don’t have sugar in my coffee, which already makes it easier. Good luck!

  2. says

    Oh my a bacon wrapped turkey leg sounds hilarious. Not sure I could handle that;) but hey, you’re right you only live once – might as well try it out.
    I think it’s great you realize that you slipped back a little on the 80/20 thing. Sometimes it happens, but as long as you accept it and move past it that’s the important thing.

  3. says

    Mini goal for the week = no eating after dinner unless its just some fruit. I have been HORRIBLE with snacking lately. That plus being injured = me having fluffed out over the last 4 months. I am DONE.

    • says

      Great goal, I too tend to have the late night snack or beer (or 4). So mini goal this week is not to drink beer…until the weekend of course.

      • says

        I hear you! One glass of wine always turns into the majority of the bottle. Woops. Also taking a sabbatical from booze for the month. Want to be ready when the Dr hopefullly tells me I can start running Sept 1!

  4. Katie D. says

    My mini goal is to break a sweat 6 days this week! A sprained ankle (which is almost mended) is not a reason to do NOTHING! I can do arms, abs/core, walk, some kick boxing DVD (with mods), etc. But nope, I lay on the couch, icing my ankle, watching TV and having a drink. Great for relaxation, not great for my booty!

  5. says

    I feel like I am in that same boat with you. It is so easy to let a couple of reckless weekends spill over and take over your life. Gotta get back to eating right. My Monday goal, cut all bad for you carbs.

  6. says

    I’m trying to detox from fake sugar too, but it’s so hard sometimes. I’m too lazy to make my own fruit water. I need a personal chef 😀

      • Tara says

        I use to use splenda for everything.
        I decided to stop worrying about all the substitute stuff and just go back to the natural sugar, in the raw.
        I will put it in a salt/pepper grinder to get it grainy if needed, but I figured If I am going to eat whole foods, I should eat whole sugar : )

  7. says

    My goals are 4 days of yoga, finish painting baseboards (boo), and psychologically prepare myself for the end of summer break on Friday.

    One perk to weaning yourself off soda is that it saves some serious cash- I calculated that since cutting back we spend about $45/month less.

  8. jodea @ says

    I’m trying to get back to IE but my signals are all out of whack too. It’s tough.

  9. says

    My sugar cravings get out of hand too. Especially when I tend to to 80% unhealthy on my vacation then coming back and trying to go back to the normal 80% healthy and all I want is SUGAR lol. Hopefully you do well with your goal this week. Mine is to stick with this carb cycling I’m doing. I’m doing it for 3 weeks.

  10. says

    My goal is to workout this weekend, despite having so many plans! Lately on the weekends I have been skipping out on my workouts which is terrible because Fridays are my off Day. I have a pig roast that starts at 12:00 on Saturday which there will be a lot of fun had! My goal is to do a boot camp class in the morning Saturday and actually get my long run in on Sunday! BTW That fair looks like so much fun! :)


  11. Mer says

    Ahhhh…Diet DP. Also my downfall. I try not to keep it at my house, but when I visit my parents’, they always stock up and I drink it when I buy lunch at work. Good luck!

  12. says

    I’ve given up soda many times since college (I gave it up for lent one year and off and on have been cutting myself off since). Since I moved in with my fiance, we’ve never kept it in the house and I’ve never really wanted it (wine, now that’s a different story). We went to the farmer’s market this weekend after my long run, and I saw a diet coke and completely downed it. Now — all i can think about is soda. WTH.

  13. says

    I cut out diet drinks 7 months ago and have never been happier. It was ohhhh so hard but now I just have a DC once in awhile when I’m super stressed and feel like I “need” it…then I feel sick and remember why it’s so bad for you! haha.

    Sugar is so hard to control, though. I’ve never been a “one cookie and I’m done” type girl, so it’s a hard battle. I commend you for always trying to get back on the balance bandwagon…you’re a real person who makes goals, succeeds, struggles, fails, and then starts over without making a big deal out of it. I really admire that!

  14. Whitney says

    I quit drinking soda about 2 years ago and have never felt better. I went cold turkey and definitely had a caffeine headache for about 4 days but was all good after that. I will have a sip every once in a while of my husband’s but it does not appeal to me anymore. Artificial sweeteners are so bad for you. You can do it!!! :)

  15. Sarah G. says

    Bacon-wrapped ANYTHING is good in my book!

    My goals for this week are to begin my bootcamp classes (tonight is my first one! Eeek!) and eat as cleanly as possible. I also have to somehow figure out how I will fit in my 13 mile long run on Saturday before I do a 7-hour drive to NY…

  16. says

    Aww I miss my state fair back in NC – my husband used to go every year and even though we didn’t eat a whole lot there we would just people watch! I know how it can be trying to find the healthy balance – you will get there just focus on one small change at a time!

  17. says

    My Monday Mini Goal is to watch what I eat. I’m in a 6-week long training program for work which means 3-4 lunches out with co-workers a week making it much harder to eat clean. I bring my own lunch but hate being “that girl” who insists on eating something else so I’ve failed to speak up quite a few times. Good luck with getting back to the “real” 80/20!

  18. says

    Mini goal for this week is to run Monday thru Friday doing 4-3-5-4-3. Saturday is an off day and then Sunday I am doing the Double Road Race. You run a 10K first, take a break and then run a 5K. First time for this but it sounds like fun.

    My husband & I went to our State Fair (Indiana) on Friday. We shared an elephant ear, a small bag of Kettle Corn and a strawberry lemonade.
    So. Good!

  19. says

    I’ve been drinking diet soda everyday for about a month. I’ve stayed the same weight but can totally see a difference around the waistband. Need to give it up. Maybe 2 a week. One everyday is adding up for me and I hate reg. soda. Diet = love. Darn. Wish we could always have it all

  20. says

    1) I want that chocolate peanut butter bacon banana thing. That sounds insanely delicious.

    2) My mini-goal for the week is NOT TO ORDER TAKEOUT. I work in a restaurant and already eat unhealthily enough on the days I have a free meal at work, so why I feel like I need to come home and justify NOT cooking is beyond me.

  21. says

    Mini goal – enjoy the Eid celebs with friends; it’s gonna be fun and the food will be uber delicious since some of the dishes are usually prepared for Eid rather than all year round.

  22. says

    I’m totally feeling you on my 80/20 balance being off. I just realized that I’m totally stress eating because of work and I have no idea how to keep that in check at the moment. My workouts are off and I’m eating chocolate like it’s nobody’s business (but my own?).

    I’m interested to see how you’ll get back into the swing of real 80/20. Basically what I’m saying is, will you be my life coach?

  23. Christine says

    My monday mini-goal was to work out – which I did. Good thing, since I also had an iced cappucino, and a bowl of ice cream to boot! My suggestion instead of the diet or regular soda is to have club soda – you get the fizziness without the calories or fake sugar! It’s my go to treat on a hot day.

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