Salsa Stuffed Peppers Recipe


Back in the early days of RER I was a big proponent of Meatless Mexican Mondays. But as I have changed over the last 5+ years, my views on life, liberty and the pursuit have changed. Aaaaand… I eat more meat. The end. So even though this Mexican inspired dish isn’t meatless, it’s still healthy. Maybe I should start a Healthy Mexican Monday… Hmmm. My trip to … [Read more...]

New Tunes Tuesday–Running Playlist


Hello! After some very rigorous research I can confidently share that the new Trader Joe’s cold brewed iced coffee is good! It is concentrated so you are supposed to mix it with one part iced coffee, two parts milk or water. I made it with Silk Almond Milk and some stevia. Amazing. I have been getting bored on my longer runs and am in desperate need of a new playlist. As … [Read more...]