Overnight Mango-Oats Recipe


Some like it hot. I do. I like it nice and HOT - as in the weather. And so I went back in time and made sure my ancestors lived in a warm climate. Enter: Mexico, which later turned into California, which is where I was born and raised. Or something like that, I’m bad with maps. (source) Since it’s summer and all hot oatmeal doesn’t go great with the hot weather. Plus, who … [Read more...]

Do You Run Every Day?


Hello! How’s your week going? Mine is busy since I was away from my computer for a few days last weekend exploring Maine. It was awesome, but the emails piled up And I’m headed to the IDEA conference in LA tomorrow so I want to get it together before I go! I’ve been going back and forth with running and eating posts on RER lately and haven’t done too many life casting … [Read more...]