IDEA World Fitness Conference and Expo Day Two

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The IDEA conference is an annual fitness conference for fitness and wellness professionals. This is my first year attending and I was completely amazed by all of it. There are over ten sessions at a time over the course of four days on all kinda of fitness/wellness related topics. Attendees can choose to learn new TRX moves, take a kick-boxing class with a celeb or listen to a lecture on leafy greens – just to give you an idea of the range!

This year the conference was in Los Angeles. I stayed at the Standard Hotel in Downtown – it’s super modern.

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It was good I was solo since you can full on watch someone shower and there is no cover.

the standard hotel in los angeles (800x450)

the standard hotel in la (800x450)

(IDEA is the name of the organization, but #IDEAWORLD was the hashtag so I keep going back and forth.)

The conference was at the Los Angeles Convention center, about a mile from my hotel.

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It’s right next to LA Live and all the good stuff.

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I forgot to tell ya, on day one StuftMama and I were twins. Reebok sent us a bunch of gear to wear and chose the same thing!

reebok gear at idea fit conference with stuftmama (450x800)

Fitnessista and I were shakin’ it all weekend. On the first day we took a quick dance class at the Reebok stage and on day two we took the most amazing ZUMBA class. <- This woke me up – I miss Zumba so much. I am going to start going again asap!!

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Day two started early with a short run in LA with StuftMama Kristin.

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Then, I grabbed iced coffee…

double strength iced offee (450x800)

and oatmeal to enjoy during my first session – sticking to a healthy non-diet.

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healthy foods idea fit session (800x450)

idea world conference sessions (450x800)

I also spent some time in the injury prevention workshop. I stepped in right in time to learn a few moves to open the hips. It was great!

avoiding injury session at idea fit (800x450)

Snack time! The sessions are pretty jam packed with information and back-to-back so it’s important to pack a lot of snacks for the IDEA conference. I didn’t know this before and grabbed a few things from the store Friday morning. Most of my snacks are not pictured.

snacks at idea world conference (450x800)

I also enjoyed some great samples from the expo in between sessions too Smile

idea world expo (800x450)


taste place in la (800x450)

lunch in la for idea conference (800x450)

My next session was Perfecting Performance Fueling – Pre and Post Workout. This was the best nutrition session of the whole weekend! A lot of the sessions reiterated information that I know, but this was addressed alkaline foods and non-dairy options for fueling close to workout time for people who have issues with that.

healthy cooking stage at idea world (450x800)

Teri Gentes made cashew cream for us too! She also touted the benefits of sprouting your own nuts and making a snack pack with them.

performance fueling session at idea fit (800x450)

Then, Fitnessista and I hit up the ZUMBA Mexican Dance Party session and it was a BLAST. Fun fun fun!

fitnessista zumba style fun (800x450)

After a walk around the expo I started to feel a little ‘eh’ and grabbed a Kombucha. I think I was dehydrated from the day. There are water stations all over, but I still usually drink more at home.

kombucha (450x800)

Julie from PBFingers left early, but here is the rest of the Fitfluential/Reebok group – New Reebok Friend RER, Shannon from BadAssFitness, Stuftmama, Reebok friend, Reebok friend and Gina the Fitnessista.

reebok stage at idea fit (800x450)

Question: Have you ever taken Zumba? Like dance fitness classes?

I realized I really really miss Zumba.

Disclaimer: I attended IDEA Fit through my partnership with Fitfluential and Reebok. All opinions are my own, but everyone should love Zumba. It rocks.


  1. says

    Zumba is a lot of fun and a great sweaty workout. For those fundraising, I had a Zumbathon for TNT and made over $600. It was 2 hours of fun, sweat and all for a great cause.

  2. says

    I love Zumba! I went at my old gym, but after my move, I wasn’t able to find one that was in my budget/schedule. I did find Kazaxe, though, which is basically zumba on steroids. Hurts so good!! And is SO much fun! Right now I am nursing a stupid-toe-injury, hoping to get back to that (and running and walking) next week or so!

  3. Kelly M says

    I love Zumba and all dance fitness classes. I’ve gotten out of them and have been doing other workouts instead. Like you, though, I think it’s time to get back into it! So much fun!

  4. says

    I’ve never tried Zumba or a dance fitness class, for that matter. I’ve danced before… like 1st through 7th grade, but haven’t since. I’m probably super uncoordinated so it’s probably better that I don’t make a fool of myself.

  5. says

    I take a dance fitness class called Pulse. It use to be Zumba but now it is all current hip hop music so they changed the name. I LOVE IT!! I am not a class person (or a morning person) but I haul my behind out of bed early every Saturday for this one. I can’t get enough. Such an amazing workout!

  6. says

    This conference looks like so much fun! I love zumba too, and I did it in college. But now that I’m not living at my college anymore I don’t have a place to go that offers it! I am hoping the next gym I go to will have it!

  7. says

    Being my super awkward, un-coordianted self, I tend to stick to running, but I think it’s time to try a zumba class! Who cares if I look like a fool :)

  8. Shannon says

    Sounds like such a fun and educational time. Zumba is a fun alternative to my usual work out. Recently I also found at the same place where I take water aerobics a water zumba class! Yes ~ crazy fun right? One hour of water aerobic then right afterwards one hour water zumba, once a week fun time!

  9. Kristy says

    Zumba is a lot of fun…it doesn’t feel much like working out to me because I always enjoy myself. I also like Dance With Me classes at my 24 Hour Fitness.
    By the way, you look great.

  10. says

    My very first experience with Zumba at my (then) gym was great and she was an awesome instructor. But she left and the girl that replaced her sucked. I now go to a different gym and sadly I don’t care for that instructor either. Thus it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Zumba :(

  11. Katie D. says

    I LOVE zumba!! It is so fun. It is the one workout that always leaves me with a smile on my face, no matter how crappy my day has been!

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