Mexican Feast and Motivation Monday

Hello! Last night I had dinner with the fam and we had a Mexican feast!

It was a celebration for my brother and my mom We had beans, rice, nopales, carne asada, chicken sausages (courtesy of me) and GUACAMOLE for days. God bless it.

mexican feast (800x800)

There was also cheesecake and ice cream, but no pics because I was busy. Eatin.

This morning I woke up bright and early for a run. Before I left I enjoyed some delicious banana chia pudding (recipe coming in a bit).

banana chia pudding (800x450)

And hydrated like it was my job…

a lot of drinks (800x450)

I’m trying to switch around my schedule a bit so that I can fit in a few non-running workouts every week. So I did a longer than normal run today with my Marika handheld. I just realized this weekend pocket fits my big ‘ol phone!!! I think it’s similar to this model on Amazon, but I can’t tell exactly. For reference, my phone is old and tragic and I need a new one, but it’s a droid and bigger than an iphone so if you have an iphone.

handheld water bottle (450x800)

I’ve been filling it up with FitMixer Liquid Aminos since I’m outta Nuun. *I do some kind of electrolyte / sports drink on runs higher than 8 miles. On super hot days I may also add a lil sum sum to my water on 6 miles too.

Breakfast of Monicans. Eggs. Oats. Cat tail.

breakfast eggs and oatmeal (800x450)

I have been putting hummus on EVERYTHING lately. I just can’t get enough and I’m taking it as a sign that my body has a chickpea deficiency. I put a huge dollop of Sabra hummus on my eggs this morning and it took it to a whole other level. Try it.

hummus on eggs (800x800)

Motivation Monday

show up dont give up running motivation marathon training

Are you motivated today? Get there. Some times all you can do is make sure you SHOW UP.

I am actually super super motivated after the IDEA Conference! I want to include more group fit classes and clean up my messy eating habits. I think I’m going to start sprouting my own nuts, which I’m excited about. Nerd alert. Yes, I know.

Question: On a scale of 1 to 10/the most perfect eater fitness peep – how Motivated are you to workout and eat right today?

I’m an 7.6, not perfect but I feel good about my efforts.  


  1. Sarah G. says

    I am totally going home and making guacamole tonight – immediamente!

    p.s. totally needed the “show up” reminder today. I am exhausted from a weekend of traveling and was considering skipping out on my workout tonight but now I feel a little more motivated to at least show up and do what I can. Thanks!

  2. says

    after being really motivated and completing 3 straight weeks of journaling my eats and tracking the ole’ caloric intake (and losing 3.5 lbs) I declared today a calorie-countingless day =) I just needed a break. Tomorrow i’ll get back on the wagon. It’s amazing how easily 7 danish butter cookies went down today. But I feel wonderful having made the choice =) I had steamed brussel sprouts and a turkey sausage dipped in mustard last night for dinner. I bet that woulda tasted better dipped in hummus!

  3. Amy Ramos says

    Today, I am about a 7. I decided to sleep in instead of go to my boot camp class. Now I am regretting. I plan to do a yoga DVD when I get home after work.
    You know what is really good? some hummus on crackers with jam! Try it, it is soooooo good.

      • Whitney says

        I don’t wear my wedding rings when I workout either.. just feels weird. Doesn’t mean you aren’t still married!!!! :)

        • says

          My husband and I actually picked out a second “running” ring. A simple, plain band, because sometimes my diamond one (don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful!) bothers me when I’m running. Just a thought, if you miss it :)

  4. Tara says

    today I am an 8-I did a long bike ride on Sat, and a 4 mile run yesterday so today I am resting before hitting it again tomorrow (starting my half marathon training this week so motivation is THERE!)

    And unless there is pizza in my conversation, I am usually on track for eating healthy!

  5. april says

    i love hummus on my eggs, but i’ve never thought to combine that with ketchup. yum – the best of both worlds! if i’m constantly craving avocados/guacamole, does that mean my body has an avocado deficiency? :)

  6. Emily says

    Not very motivated. :) I ran 20 miles yesterday evening, and while I will most likely make healthy eating choices, I don’t want to. I want to eat cheeseburgers and nachos. Ha.

  7. Erica D says

    I’m on a 10 in the eating healthy department today. I try to follow the clean eating 80/20 rule and totally used up my 20% this weekend at our hometown festival so it’s time to jump back on the clean eating band wagon.

  8. says

    I’d say I’m an 8. I eat mostly healthy selections with a few treats here and there. I more try to rate myself if I got enough fiber for the day or not. I’m ever trying to get more fiber into my diet and less sugar!

  9. says

    Monica, I want to eat some real Mexican carne asada cooked by your mom. She lives in between us. Invite me over one of these days.

    If you are ever up the Pasadena way on a Thursday night you should take the 2 back to back group exercise classes I teach, 6:30 PM Spinning and 7:30 PM Yoga for Athletes at Breakthru Fitness. I’ll leave a free pass for you or any of your readers if they want to take them.

    Are you gonna run the Mt. Baldy Run 2 the Top race with me on Labor Day? I haven’t killed you yet :)

  10. says

    I’m a 9. Had a nice recharging weekend and I’m ready to hit it hard.

    However, calling it a 9 because I am saving a banana split oreo as pre-workout fuel. That’s totally like a gel or shot block, right? :)

    Also got some hatch green chili hummus that is AMAZING and I need to ration it so the whole thing doesn’t get eaten tonight. :)

  11. says

    I’m at an 8.5-ish. I went kayaking today and was walking around to get to the kayak and to get to the food after the kayak… and then back to the car. So far the eating has been pretty on track, which is awesome considering the lunch out! Woo! Winner winner, chicken dinner! Seriously. Chicken for dinner tonight. 😀

  12. Nicole says

    I NEEDED to read this today. I am coming up on the end of my workday and was talking myself out of getting to the gym tonight. But now, I will SHOW UP and GET AFTER IT!

    Thanks for the public service announcement Monica!

  13. says

    Pretty high, between 8 and 9 coz my cough is easing and I’m getting more hours of zzz time compared to last week (where I was up every 2 hours due to the hacking).

  14. says

    I feel like an 8 right now… but I’ve been off my healthy path for almost a month.. I ditched almost all my healthy habits out of frustration, including my health & fitness blogs.. I’m catching up on some right now which seems to be giving me more motivation. :)

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