Just the Tip Tuesday – Two Meals in One


Happy Tuesday! How’s it going with you? Today was a running rest day so I took a little walk and then made eggs and toast. I’m still pumped after IDEA Fit so I wanted to try a new group fitness class today. I did fat burning pilates and it was just okay, but mostly because it’s not my style. I probably will not go back to that class, but I will make it a point to get to … [Read more...]

Summer Running Update


Last week I went over my race schedule for the rest of 2013 and had a nervous breakdown. Okay, not exactly - unless ‘nervous breakdown’ means staring at the calendar while stress eating granola out of the package. Don’t judge.   But, I do have FIVE more marathons on the schedule for the rest of the year. And I have NEVER run that much in my life. So, I am trying to … [Read more...]