How to look good in a bikini – Without working out

monica in a bikini

Disclaimer: I don’t have the best body. I am not a model (nor a model citizen). I am just a normal girl with imperfections (read: cellulite), jiggle, flaws and self conscious thoughts. But, I’ve come to embrace my time in a bathing suit with these tips. First - I stopped waiting to get to goal weight to enjoy my life. The years are passing and this is as good as it gets, … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Banana Dreams


It’s Confession Thursday! Time for me to come clean about all my dirty little secrets (or at least the ones I’m willing to write about on the internet)… Confession… 1. I feel like I’ve been eating bananas like a crazy person mono so I didn’t buy any more at the store this week. Then, I had a dream about them last night. I have a problem. 2. Sometimes I loiter around the … [Read more...]