Sleepy Sunday

I don’t know what my deal is, but I am like Vegas today – and not just because I’m covered in orange fur. I just wanted to sleep all day.

sleepy cat (800x450)

It’s really weird but I actually woke up this morning and my first thought was, “I’m tired!”. I didn’t have the best sleep, which I think is because I had an iced coffee on the way to San Diego yesterday. It probably kept me from getting some good Zzzzs. Noted.

Truth-be-told, it’s taken all my effort not to Google “why am I tired, am I going to die??!?!” today. I think I’m in denial.

i'm totally a hypochondriac

But the show must continue so I tried my best to be productive today. I made a meal plan for the week…

meal planning for the week (800x450)

Which includes this Skillet Lasagna the company Cook Simple sent me a while back. I cooked it up with turkey ground meat and it’s really good!

cooking gluten free lasagna (450x800)

I took a walk (to Yogurtland). I had had had to try the new Lemon Cookie flavor. I’m not normally a lemon dessert girl, but this was delicious!

froyo for sure (450x800)

And now I’m trying to sort through some emails and travel details before it’s time for Breaking Bad.

Question: What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

I had dinner at the FANCY Top of the Fish Market in San Diego last night. It was too dark to take pictures, but it was amazing! Dessert was a decadent Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mousse bar. You don’t even know.


  1. Laura says

    Mmmm, peanut butter desserts are my fav! Actually had a peanut butter pizookie at BJs, yum!

    And Breaking Bad, hell yes!

  2. says

    I didn’t think Aaron Paul was on the show enough tonight, but then again, is he ever???

    I had so much great food this weekend- a delicious sandwich from a local deli, ice cream made from liquid nitrogen, and this weird little buffalo chicken crescent role from I recipe that I found on Pinterest.

  3. says

    Its probably because it was uncomfortably hot at night. I slept like crap this weekend. until I got smart and turned on the air conditioner.

    as for the lemon cookie… i didn’t get it cuz i wanted lemon but not the cookie. now I have to go back if you say it was good. i ended up getting the apricot tart and raspberry tart. the latter was delicious. 😉

  4. Denise says

    Best food this weekend… Crab that we caught this afternoon in our crab pots off Puget Sound… and tomorrow it will be the salmon we caught today.

    Best food I made myself… blackberry jam from the berries I picked. I didn’t eat the cobbler but I’ll just assume that was good, too.

  5. says

    Yesterday’s birthday dinner for my sis where we had Chocolate Dream cake (no, I couldn’t have made that up!) after a fab Japanese dinner. Blog post and pics coming up but here’s a sneak from my twitter (@ramblings_sue).

  6. says

    I had two cups of coffee early Saturday evening. I’m not usually a big coffee drinker and it made me really hyper! I got home and ended up finishing off my ironing pile and changing my bed linen. On a Saturday night. Then I sat there unable to relax all evening and thinking about work. Not good!

    The best thing I ate was a chorizo and kale broth. Here comes Fall!

  7. says

    How do you cope with sticking to your meal plan when you are always here, there and everywhere? I always seem to be the same and end up out lots in the week which messes up my plan, I give up and end up eating scraps of food in the fridge and dried pasta all week just to get a meal together! :(

  8. Kristi says

    Not for nothing, but the times in life I felt tired like that – like my body was made of concrete – yeah, those were first trimester times. Eat thing I ate this weekend? My husband made amazing guacamole and I paired it with an ice cold beer!

  9. says

    Yogurtland was easily my favorite thing about California. Best thing I ate this weekend? A greek salad. A salad?! Is she nuts… but seriously the chicken was grilled to perfection and everything was sooo fresh and delicious.

  10. says

    I ate at The Local Taco in Brentwood this weekend. The food was OK, the company was FANTASTIC. That’s what makes a meal good, anyway :-)

    Oh, and I had to get some Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch because it was on sale buy one, get one free at my grocery store!

    One day last week I woke up to the alarm and my first thought was, “I could sleep all day. Can I take a nap now?” Alas, I got up and didn’t nap :-(

  11. says

    I made these garlic bean burgers for dinner last night. They were so good and made from scratch. Perfect! I even got fancy and toasted the buns a bit. Aside from cooking dinner, I also had a tired Sunday. Sunday tends to be my stay home all day day.

  12. says

    The best thing I hate was Subway last night at 9:00 pm. Usually I don’t eat that late but after a huge running week the husband and I were both hungry and decided to listen to our bodies. It doesn’t happen often but boy was it DELICIOUS!

  13. says

    I had delicious verdes enchiladas with avocado and pork carnitas!!! Soooo delicious. I use the same meal planning sheets – love them! They help so much during the school year, as a master’s student I have no time to be trying to figure out what to eat everyday and some days I’m bringing breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner all to campus!

  14. says

    I had a pretty lazy Sunday too (though I did get out to get groceries). Does the lemon cookie flavor mean the carrot cake is gone? Sadface.

    Best thing I ate – I had a pretty amazing greek salad on Saturday night. The dressing made just a typical salad delicious!

  15. Sarah G. says

    I really wish there were a Yogurtland in walking distance from me!

    Best thing I ate was delicious pepperoni pizza from this local place by my mom’s last night. My hubs doesn’t like pepperoni (weirdo) so the only time I get it is when mom and I have pizza night! Haha

  16. says

    Pesto gnocchi with chicken, olives and fresh cherry tomatoes. Seriously to DIE for. I considered it carbo loading for my long run the next day, and it was the best decision I made all weekend. So happy I passed on the salad…

  17. says

    I made apple butter in my slow cooker this weekend! It was so good that I used it as a glaze for a pork roast last night. A very good food weekend, for sure : )

    PS: Hope you rediscover your tiger blood soon!

    -Emily K

  18. Nicole says

    The best thing I ate all weekend was the Soy-glazed Salmon at Salt Creek Grille…it came with Bok Choy and Brown Rice Pilaf…..I wanted to order another! (I rarely say that when it comes to anything other than desserts!)

  19. says

    The best thing I ate this weekend was lobster we brought home from Maine to share with my in-laws. We finished it with a giant peanut butter cup from our favorite candy shop in Maine.

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