Skinny Peach Crisp for One


I am obsessed with the south. Unfortunately, my southern accent isn’t coming along too great no matter how many times I watch Gone With the Wind. (It should be noted I wrote “Gone with the Wine”.) I dream of being a southern belle instead of SoCal accordion. A long time ago someone told me, “You’re a peach!” as a compliment and I thought it was very southern and cute. … [Read more...]

New York Marathon Training Mid-Week Accountability Run


Happy Wednesday! I started my day with my mid-week run. Most of us get our long runs in okay because they’re on the weekend, but those mid-week runs can be pushed aside a little easier. I get it, we’re busy. But my ING NYC Marathon Training friends are going to try and keep ya honest. Each Monday on the Runner’s Nation Facebook Page we’re taking turns sharing our mid-week … [Read more...]