Packing for a Destination Marathon or Half Marathon


Hello! I have several out-of-town half and full marathons coming up in the next few months. Traveling is awesome, but can be stressful too – especially when a race is involved! Even if you are not trekking across the country for a race, odds are you’re taking a long drive or staying overnight in a hotel to make it easy. Since I’ve already run 13 races in 2013, I have this … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday My Mission in Life…


Time for another round of Confession Thursday. Can someone please forward this to God? Thanks. Confession… 1. I cannot run without a visor so I got a little too excited about my new Run Happy Visor from Brooks. Between that and all the iced coffee I was drinking this morning I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I have way too much energy for a normal person. 2. I went to … [Read more...]