Friday Favorites and a Discount for CrossTrain ID

CrossTrain ID Giveaway winners:

  1. Carol
  2. Tom T.
  3. TartanJogger
  4. Jenny Claire
  5. Laura Baker

I’ll email the winners for further info.

If you didn’t win, you can get 15% OFF a CrossTrain ID with code: RER15OFF

Friday Favorites!

Fitness Fashion Friday is back with some Moving Comfort Gear. I am digging it! Full review and giveaway coming soon!

fitness fashion friday moving comfort (800x800)

Watermelon love. I want to redecorate my life kitchen.

watermelon love (800x800)

These nuts have changed my life:

blue diamond almonds (450x800)

Buns! I need to create a line of hair products for redheads though – there are no bobby pins or rubberbands that match me!

red hair bun (800x800)

(RunEatRepeat on Instagram)

I am off on a fact finding mission this weekend, trying to find out where I am with my running so I know how to change my training before Long Beach, which is only 7 weeks away! Ah!! I walked a lot at RnRSD and I don’t know if I was having a bad day or just have a lot of work to do (probably both). Run run run :)

Now please go to  CrossTrain ID and get your emergency ID! Code: RER15OFF

Question: What is your favorite thing this week?


  1. Candice says

    Those nuts look good! I just discovered the Balsamic and Sea Salt Almonds in the bulk bins at Sprouts. Major crack! Yum :)

  2. Kerri A says

    I LOVE that bun!! And YES!!!!!! Please come up with a line of hair products for redheads!!! I always go with brown, but we totally need something that matches better!!! Genius!

  3. Tara says

    Cute bun!
    my favorite thing this week was bumping into my 7yr old niece at the store last night. I was so excited to see her, I may have freaked her out a bit, haa!! (I mean, I just saw her Tues, and had a sleep over with her Monday!)

  4. Amy says

    Go to a dance store for red headed hair elastics and pins- that’s where I get my daughter’s and they match perfectly!!

  5. says

    your bun looks so fun!!! i wish my hair were longer so i could do that!!

    favorite thing: my cookies and cream UMP protein i tried out this week. it’s like a cookies and cream milkshake for dessert every night!

  6. Robin says

    I am 35, a mother of two, and when I read “These nuts have changed my life” my first thought was “that’s what she said”. That is all.

  7. Sarah B says

    I would buy all of your hair stuff if you made it for redheads. I have auburn hair – not quite ginger, definitely not brown. It matches approximately 0 hair accessories. Tough life. Hahahaha :)

  8. says

    In unrelated creeper news: I noticed that winner Tartanjogger commented on SR’s blog. I love seeing the same people from one blog to another!

  9. Suzanne says

    My favorite thing this week is cocoa roast almonds! Question for you, have you tried the new brooks infiniti shorts? I went to buy more yesterday and I was told they have a new style but they don’t have the liner around the legs, which I really like because they don’t creep up.

  10. says

    you have such pretty hair! i love buns too. they’re so simple and easy, but look so much more “put together” than normal pony tails.

    i love that flavor! the toasted coconut and the wasabi flavors are a couple of my favorite snacks.

    thanks for the code! i’ve been meaning to get an ID for a while now.

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