Just the Tip Tuesday–Your Second Favorite


Hi! I spent some time with my favorite lil person today and we got ice cream and went back to school shopping. It was fun Since I have a tiny black heart I am all about playing favorites so I can keep track of who/what I like at any given time. So, today’s Just the Tip is about my second favorite something, but I have another food tip first… You can pass on Muller … [Read more...]

Five Things to Do After your Half Marathon or Marathon


Hello! I woke up expecting some major “DOMS” today, but nope! There is a big difference between “racing” and just aiming to finish a race for me. I raced Santa Rosa and am feeling great considering the effort! (DOMS = delayed onset muscle soreness after a hard workout.) Per the usual “post-marathon plan” I’m taking today as a rest day with a little walk and some stretching at … [Read more...]