Just the Tip Tuesday–Your Second Favorite

Hi! I spent some time with my favorite lil person today and we got ice cream and went back to school shopping. It was fun.

dipped cone with matt (800x800)

Since I have a tiny black heart I am all about playing favorites so I can keep track of who/what I like at any given time.

i loe you

So, today’s Just the Tip is about my second favorite something, but I have another food tip first…

You can pass on Muller yogurt. That commercial with the pretty girl eating delicious strawberry yogurt suckered me in and I bought it. But, it’s not greek yogurt so it seems super runny and just okay. Save your money.

muller corner yogurt (450x800)

But, do buy Trader Joe’s Almond Butter (salted of course)! They must have reformulated the recipe or something (you know, the recipe for smashing almonds and putting them in a jar) – I don’t know. But it’s better than before and I dig it.

tj's almond butter is new and improved (800x800)

My final tip is to always have your 2nd favorite bar in your bag. If I have my favorite bar in my bag I eat it randomly (maybe that’s because my 1st fave is Snickers, but who knows). My second favorite is more likely to last until I’m actually hungry. What a concept.

just the tip your second favorite bar (450x800)

Question: What’s your favorite thing today?

Dipped cone.


  1. Linda says

    Re: The bar in the bag tip. Makes no sense and yet, TOTALLY makes sense. If I put my favorite bar in there, I’ll eat it randomly just.. because.. it’s delicious? But second favorite? I save it until I am starving and ready to eat my arm. Healthy.

  2. says

    my favorite thing is that after 9 days of my blog’s back end not working and me trying everything possible to get it working, it finally miraculously fixed itself today!!!!
    I had a dipped cone yesterday! I was eating it outside my office bldg and some stranger said “you can tell how much you love that cone by the way you’re eating it”. LOL! Then my boss came out to smoke a cigarette and I was busted!

    • says

      As a bank teller I just want to say congratulations! Those can be tricky! But we do like seeing our customers. No lie. I love chatting with my customers. So pop in every once in a while. We like to see your smiling face!

      • says

        My introverted self seeks out ways to avoid contact with strangers, Tess. Not really the stand-in-line-and-chat-with-the-teller type. I’ll tell all my extroverted friends that the app doesn’t work well, though, and send them your way. :)

  3. Maura says

    You need to retry Muller Greek! You bought the regular yogurt, not the Greek one — the Greek one is AMAZING.

  4. says

    Ughhhhh I had a muller yogurt for the first time the other day and I read the ingredients after I ate it – TILAPIA!!!! I eat fish, so I’m not sure why I was so disturbed, but I was. Fish does not belong in my yogurt.

  5. says

    Homemade rice krispie treat I just ate. Nomnomnom. I think my wife sprinkles crack into her rice krispies because they are so much better than any others that I have had.

  6. says

    That second favorite bar idea is brilliant. Straight up brilliant. Why have I never thought of that? It just made me think of the fact that I really like Picky Bars for fueling. Part of my love for them is that while I like the taste, they’re not crazy sweet, so I don’t want to inhale them all the time.

  7. says

    My favorite thing of the day… finding out that sometimes it is okay to use all- purpose flour instead of whole wheat when making waffles. After trying 3x times, I finally got my waffles right.

  8. says

    I love the ‘bring your second favourite bar’ idea. I’m definitely more likely to wait until I’m hungry if it’s not something I’m super crazy excited about eating!

  9. says

    I LOVE dipped cones. As a kid, I would always get a chocolate/vanilla ice cream twist, dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. I’m drooling just thinking about it :)

  10. says

    Second favorite bar is a genius idea. I alway try to stash snacks and then end up eating them because they are delicious instead of because I’m hungry and no other food is easily accessible.

  11. says

    Favorite thing today is Click Protein powder. I just put it in my gym bag to drink after I finish my workout later and shower at the gym to go to an interview. Gotta get in my caffeine and protein at the same time – it’s awesome!

  12. says

    I’ve never had muller’s regular yogurt, but I LOVE their Greek yogurt! Maybe they don’t carry it where you live? If they do, I highly recommend it. Their raspberry Greek yogurt is delicious! :)

  13. Sarah G. says

    Don’t nix Muller just yet! You have their regular yogurt there in the picture but their Greek yogurt is fabulous!! Try the caramelized almond… I promise you will not regret it.

    My favorite thing today is actually two things – the last bit of homemade honey-roasted chickpeas I’m munching on now, and the leftovers from last night’s dinner I will be munching on in a couple hours. Wait a minute… I think I’m seeing a pattern…

  14. says

    OK — so I actually think the 2nd favorite bar in your bag trick is brilliant. My favorite bars are the Chunky PB ThinkThin bars (PLEASE try then and thank me later). They are like candy with protein, if I have one around, it doesn’t wait until I’m hungry, you’re absolutely right.

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