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1. Do you think Intuitive Eating really works? Or should I count calories again?

2. Can I run a half marathon in 2 months?

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  1. says

    um….. I feel like you read my last blog post and did this for me. HAHA! Perfect timing- for real. Thanks for your thoughtful answers.

    Also- weird side note- but your eye makeup looks super pretty! :)

  2. Mallory says

    Good IE tips. It’s something I’m trying out these days and I feel so much better!! I have found that focusing on strength training and not cardio is helping me with it, but I can’t figure out why? Maybe just an emphasis on getting stronger vs burning calories goes hand in hand with it? Idk

    also, is a taper really necessary for a half marathon distance? I don’t really think it is

    • says

      Yes, I think taper is important for half marathons. It’s crucial if you’re trying to PR for sure! Everyone is different so some people may do fine without it, but for the most part I think it’s beneficial.

  3. Kayla says

    Right when you said the question was super long……I had a feeling it might be mine! Thanks for the IE tips! You’re right, I haven’t given it a chance. I’m always looking for a quick fix!

    I’m ready to give it a good try….hopefully I stick with it and trust the process!

  4. says

    Ha, I could have written the IE question, too. It worked for me a few years ago but then a few pounds crept back on and I made the mistake of weighing myself and freaked out and went back to calorie counting and have been back on the diet treadmill the past two years. I need to get back to IE. it’s not a quick fix but I miss not worrying about food and trusting my body! Thanks for a great post.

    • says

      I totally agree! Marathon training in particular really throws me off. I am HUNGRYx100 the day after a long run. I just go with it most of the time. It’s important to check in with yourself regularly and see what you need.

  5. says

    Hey Monica! Since you have experience with running marathons, do you think it’s crucial to stick to a training plan? I’m training for my first marathon (I’m in week 11 of 18) and I’m having a hard time sticking to it every single day. This week I skipped a 5 miler and have done a couple other adjustments for my own sanity! What are your thoughts?

  6. says

    Intuitive eating sound…um…interesting?! My problem isn’t eating when I’m hungry but eating the right things (and amount) when I’m hungry. That rice krispie treat I just ate because I was hungry is probably not helping.

    • says

      True, but it’s better than eating a Rice Krispie treat because you’re lonely :) IE can help in situations like that when you reflect after you eat – do you feel better? energized? did it make you crash? If you only eat when you’re hungry you’re ahead of the game! Now it’s about paying attention to how the food makes you feel and fueling to feel great!

  7. Heather says

    I would love to read more info about IE. I could have written that question as well; I’ve heard about IE and want/need to give it a go, but am so fearful of what may happen.

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