(Avoiding) Getting Sick after a Marathon


I ran for over three and a half hours this weekend. (Yes I realize that’s not something normal people do but it’s kinda something I’m into.) Then, I got on a plane full of recycled air and germs and peanuts.   Not exactly an ideal situation for my immune system!   I knew that running a marathon weakens your immune system and body in general, but I was … [Read more...]

Where to Stay and Eat in Santa Rosa


Hello! I got back into the running game today and did a 10 miler in 1:30. Also – I ran with my favorite running buddy, SkinnyRunner who doesn’t mind my ridic poses. I didn’t tell you, but I went to acupuncture on Monday after the race for my ankle tightness.  I told my doc about the race and how I was kinda sad about it. He put a few needles along my heart meridian to … [Read more...]