Where to Stay and Eat in Santa Rosa

Hello! I got back into the running game today and did a 10 miler in 1:30.

10 miles garmin (800x800)

Also – I ran with my favorite running buddy, SkinnyRunner who doesn’t mind my ridic poses.

skinnyrunner and runeatrepeat 10 miles (800x800)

I didn’t tell you, but I went to acupuncture on Monday after the race for my ankle tightness.  I told my doc about the race and how I was kinda sad about it. He put a few needles along my heart meridian to help with those emotions and one of my heart points shot energy through my arm in this crazy way! I think my tiny lil black heart was holding onto stuff. That helped and so did this run Smile

Ahhhhh! Deep breath.

When I got back I ate food and caught up on Honey Boo Boo.

food food food (800x450)

Yesterday I ate most of a watermelon. I would have eaten the whole thing but I had to share it at a potluck. Luckily, no one attacked it like I did.

watermelon for me (800x800)

Santa Rosa – where to stay and eat

The Santa Rosa Marathon was kinda last minute for me so I was late to book a room. I’ve been to the area twice before on job-hunting trips with Ben. One time we stayed at the Marriot and I highly recommend that for location/price/quality.

This time I was trying to keep it as cheap as possible since it was a flight plus rental car plus hotel plus a lot of food because I eat enough for 4 teenage boys. So, did the whole internet thing and found the Redwood Inn was only 1 mile from the start! Score!!

But it’s a bit run-down. Nothing that I mind, but I know some of you are fancy pants out there. I’m not fancy huh. red wood inn (800x450)

This is also a mini-kitchen. I think this hotel is also used as short term living situations for migrant workers. They were playing mariachi music and selling tamales in the parking lot. I felt right at home Smile  Si Se Puede!

red wood inn kitchen in santa rosa (800x450)

Eating in Santa Rosa…

The first morning we had breakfast at Parkside Café. We got there just before the rush – looks like that place is hoppin!

parkside cafe (800x450)

Great great menu! Their special was a lamb hash. They also had mimosas and bloody marys (I opted out).

lamb hash for breakfast (800x450)

There are also lots of vineyards for wine drinking and picnics and such.

santa rosa vineyards (800x450)

But the best meal of the trip was at Lola’s Grocery Store. There is a taqueria attached to the store with amazing Mexican food! Ben got the super burrito and I stole some to confirm it was super. Confirmed.

lolas burritos

I got a salad (bacon on the side is what’s in that paper thinger) and a side of beans. I wasn’t in the mood for my victory lap meal right after the race but this was perfection.

epic salad at lolas

The last time we went to Santa Rosa we ate at the Diners Drive-ins and Dives place – Willie Birds. Walked by it on the way to breakfast…

willie birds restaurant (800x450)

Reader Katie rocked the Santa Rosa Half Marathon! Awesome! Did anyone else run? Share your thoughts on the race in the comments!

katie keen runs sr (240x320)

Other news: Girls on the Run LA is looking for coaches. Check out the site for more info.

Sheena is looking for a runner for Ragnar Napa Valley Sept 20-21. Leave a comment if you are interested and she’ll contact you for more information.

Question: What’s your favorite meal to eat out?

I don’t like spending a lot on breakfast, so dinner.


  1. says

    Now I am craving a burrito. Ha. When am I not craving Mexican food. :) The food looks yummy. I really want to run Santa Rosa next year. As long as it doesn’t fall on the same date as my art show again. I’ll be sure to cut up the watermelon in my fridge when I get home.

  2. says

    That’s awesome that you got acupuncture. I’m an acupuncturist btw. Anyways, my favorite meal to eat out is probably a big, late lunch!

  3. Sarah C. says

    Wait, why are you sad about your marathon time from the weekend? I thought it was faster than expected? I’m confused. Plus, you run like a cheetah compared to me, so I’m really impressed.

    • Claire says

      I’m confused too. I also thought you were surprised in a good way by your time on the weekend. Especially since you were paced to your 3.36, and yet ran this 3.37 all by yourself when you weren’t feeling like you were having a particularly speedy day. I would have thought getting so close to a significant PR would be cause for celebration about the fact your huge improvement over the past few months is no fluke, and you are now consistently faster. The only possible reason for sadness that I can think of is that you were so close to a BQ. Please respond, as a runner with similar times to you I just can’t figure this out.

      • says

        Yeah, it’s just a bummer to be that close to a BQ but still so far away. It’s a confusing feeling. I have a lot of work ahead of me to get faster and in that moment I was emotional about it.

      • Mal says

        Honestly I feel like the majority of your runs (at least the ones you post) are kind of junk miles. You get in the distance, but you rarely do speedwork or tempo runs or anything that could help you get faster. Am I way off here? I don’t see how running “Tensday Tuesday” or whatever at your 8:30/9 mile pace is helping you at all. Obviously you can run long distances. Why not incorporate short speedy runs in?

  4. Molly says

    Just started following your blog a few weeks ago and I love your posts! Always a perfect combination of interesting and fun! :) I saw in your FAQ that you’re pescetarian 99% of the time and I was wondering if you still follow that? I’ve considered becoming one, but I’m also a heavy runner and I’m not sure how my body would respond since I also eat chicken and turkey on a regular basis. Do you have any suggestions?

    • says

      Hello Molly! I actually don’t really follow that anymore. I’ve been running a lot more this year and eating a lot more chicken and turkey to help keep up my strength and keep my hunger in check.

  5. says

    I’m a fan of dinner, of course, but I really like drinks and dessert too. Instead of having two dozen cupcakes around the house tempting me after baking, sometimes it just makes more sense to cough up a couple books at a bakery.

  6. says

    Dinner as well; I like to take my time over dinner – chit chat, savour my meal. The other meals eg breakfast or lunch or tea break – I usually worry about my next appointment/errand/work to get back to etc.

  7. Sarah G. says

    I think lunch would have to be my favorite meal to eat out. Simply because I can’t even remember the last time I had a lunch date with someone – I just never have time! It would be a special treat to be able to grab lunch and a coffee with my mom or hubs one of the days :)

  8. Lexi says

    I ran the Santa Rosa half marathon! I live locally and it’s a race I do every year. Unfortunately the half marathon didn’t start on time (it ran about 15-20 mins late) and then all of a sudden the gun went off, no heads up or anything… Kinda frustrating otherwise a good race. Good job on your time!

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