Breaking Bad Finale and September Highlights


How’s your day going? First off – Breaking Bad. What did you think about it?! I was sad about the whole interaction with Walt and Skylar. They must still love each other on some level. I was happy for Jesse though! Lydia – did you see that coming? (I wish we could actually discuss these things!) (source) Dessert while watching… Moving on. I started my morning with a … [Read more...]

Olympic Gold Medalist Sanya Richards Ross Tips on How to Get Faster


Hello and Happy Monday! I got home super late on Friday night, slept, woke up Saturday to run and then rushed to my mom’s for the baby shower. So, I am barely catching up on all the work, emails and deadlines that are way past due. And that’s why I haven’t told you about the coolest thing ever – I chatted it up with the AMAZING Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards Ross the … [Read more...]

Baby Animal Themed Baby Shower


My parents threw my brother and sister-in-law an amazing animal themed baby shower yesterday. It was a coed-Mexican-baby shower-animal-fiesta. And it was a BLAST in a tequila shot glass! Michael and Heather are having a girl so there was more pink and than blue at the shower, but it wasn’t overdone. We stuck to animals and pastels with pink table covers and accents. I … [Read more...]

Florida Favorites on Friday


Hello from the sky! No, I’m not blogging from Heaven (although I will when I get there so you know what’s the deal with the running paths and fro-yo situation. I hope all the races are downhill, but that’s not the point of the post.) Let me try that again… Hello! I am blogging from a plane on the way back to California. Yes, I’m leaving this paradise for another, not fair. But … [Read more...]

Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Muffin versus Pumpkin Pie Donut


Hello from Florida! It’s my last day here so I got up early for a run and eat (aka Dunkin Donuts stop). I didn’t see any manatees this morning though. I guess I’m going to have to come back. I ran 9 miles and walked a mile cool down to DD. I’ve been here since last Friday and already feel like a regular here. I think this is all part of Ben’s plan to get me to move here. … [Read more...]

Turkey Trot Training Program


Thanksgiving is about 60 days away! It’s my favorite day of the year. But it’s also a day surrounded by delicious FOOD and sometimes it opens the flood gates to a “feast fest” until Christmas. I don’t want to gain 10 pounds this holiday season, do you? Actually, it would be kind of nice to show up on Thanksgiving a little more fit and toned! Maybe even a little HOT to … [Read more...]

Protein Packed Pumpkin Spice Frap Recipe


Fall is here! Well, actually the rain is here is Florida. Loud and proud. I almost drowned on my run today. I didn’t even take my Garmin because it was raining so much I didn’t want to chance it. So, I have no idea how much I did. Back to eating…  Fall / pumpkin season has arrived. And with it comes all of blogland freaking the heck out over Pumpkin. Pumpkin Lattes! Pumpkin … [Read more...]

Marathon Training– What’s Your Fueling Plan?


This year I made it a point to work on my marathon nutrition. I posted about Marathon Fueling  - What to eat for marathon training here. This week on the ING Runner’s Nation Facebook page we’re talking fueling. Check it out to chime in. Knowing when and how to fuel during a marathon (or half marathon) is a key part of training. Figuring out what your body needs during a … [Read more...]

Running Zig-Zag


When I first went online to meet a ‘marriage material’ kinda guy I only had to two requirements – he had to be big and he had to be from a warm climate. (I don’t like feeling like I have to protect you in a dark alley & I hate being cold.) Anyway. I got my wish and here I am in Florida listening to Flo Rida. But, be careful what you wish for ladies because it’s all … [Read more...]

Shopping for a Treadmill


I don’t know if I’ve ever told my running story in a post, so this might be news to you but I started walking/running on a treadmill. I bought a treadmill with my own college part-time job money and used it for over a year before I ever ventured outside. (Story for another day.) I ended up running that treadmill into the ground and having the motor replaced! Thank you … [Read more...]

What’s Your Race Day Nightmare? and the BEST Nike Running Ad


Hello from Florida! I knew I was not going to have time/liquid in my body to run 20 miles in ‘one go’ so I planned to do a back to back long run while I’m here. (Two longish runs on consecutive days, but not as long as a standard LR for the distance.) So, yesterday I did 15 and today I made it to 14. Eh. It wasn’t a great run, but it was 89 degrees and 70% humidity. CRAZY. … [Read more...]

That Time I Saw a Manatee and fell in Love


I wasn’t feeling great last night after the red eye and long day, so I didn’t set an alarm for this morning. I wanted to let my body wake up when it was ready. So, I got a super late start on my long run – 8:30am. Not horrific, well not horrific unless you’re in Florida and it’s 89 degrees 60% humidity. So yeah. It’s gorgeous, but brutal here. My run was rough, but I did it. … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites from Florida


Hello! I took a red eye last night and made it to Florida early this morning. Red eyes are rough, living with a red head is rougher. But I digress. I slept a few hours on the flight, but it wasn’t great sleep. So as soon as I got to Ben’s fam’s house we ate and took a nap. I love that my peeps always know how to roll out the welcome watermelon wagon! Then, I needed a … [Read more...]

Feed Your Better–Better Snacking Showdown


September is self improvement month and Oroweat has challenged me to share something that I am trying to better in my life. If you have been reading for more than two days you may have realized I am a bad snacker. “Bad” as in I snack a lot, I snack mindlessly, I get chip crumbs everywhere, I hoard snacks in my purse… I could go on but I’m sure you’re reading this while you … [Read more...]

National Run to Work Day


Happy Thursday! This morning I did 6 miles with Striding Mom around my usual route and one of the familiar faces that I always wave to said, “You brought someone this time!”. He was excited I found a friend Yesterday afternoon I hung out with my Grams. I need to do this more <3 This morning I messed around with a Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe – it came out delicious! Now … [Read more...]